May 30

Busy in the Classroom

We have been busy in the classroom and around school as we wrap up these last weeks of the school year.

In math we have been working really hard on repeated addition and arrays to represent multiplication. The students have been catching on pretty quickly, but are still in the practicing stage (even though some may have the multiplication tables memorized). We have also been practicing breaking numbers apart up to 1000.

In English we are working on consolidating the strategies we have learned throughout the year and are using them when reading. We have also been working on our fluency through reader’s theatre. They have all been coming up with pretty interesting ideas when working with alliteration, rhythm and rhyming.

We have been exploring perspective and how people have different perspectives due to the experiences they have had. The students have been doing a great job looking at things from a variety of perspectives and showing their own perspective.

It’s been great having everyone back in the classroom and we’re looking at a strong finish to the end of the year.

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April 22

Book Sale – Please Help!

SCO BOOK Banner 1 20160414

Our class hasn’t collected many yet – please help us!

DONATE BOOKS TODAY – Help promote literacy in Vietnam.

We are collecting books NOW until April 29 for the upcoming annual Used Book Sale.

Homerooms with the most books donated win a PRIZE!

The Used Book Sale  is an opportunity for both kids and adults to purchase some ‘pre-loved’ books, in their native tongue (or another language!), at bargain prices. Kids’ books, adults’ books, fact or fiction, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, German, Swedish, French – we’re interested in books on any subject, in any language spoken within the UNIS Hanoi community. If it’s a book that someone else might enjoy, donate it by April 29!


We are actively looking for volunteers to help with book sorting (May 4 – 5) and book sales (May 6 – 7).  Click here to volunteer!

Questions?   Let us know!

Megan Todd and Kelly Kim, Used Book Sale Co-ordinators

Contact us at:

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April 15

States of Matter Assembly and Student Led Conferences

Here it is folks! The long-awaited, much anticipated assembly that the students performed at the assembly on Friday 1 April.

It was great to see you all at student led conferences. Here’s a little proof.

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April 2

The Week in Review

What a busy week!

In math we have been busy creating our toy carriers out of 2D shapes using the design cycle. The students have all been working hard, problem solving and building some amazing structures.

In English we introduced inferring this week and are publishing our procedural writings. Students have been using the clues in the text + what they already know to determine what the author might mean.

We are continuing to study matter, experimenting to find out how matter can change shape and form. The students were spectacular on stage, performing their skit about matter at the Friday assembly. Thank you for your help in getting them prepared. We did record the actual performance and will share it in another blog post.

We’ve also been busy preparing for student led conferences shortly after we get back from spring break. Until then, enjoy your week together.

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March 14

Weeks in Review

We have been very busy in the classroom with lots of learning going on.

  • In Math we have been working hard on measuring volume (how much space something takes up) and determining fractions. We have been measuring, ordering and breaking apart items to determine their volume.
  • We have been learning about the states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and how they can change. We have figured out what the forms of matter are, how they are different and how we can change them.
  • In English the students have been introduced to procedural (how to) texts. They are determining the parts and the types of a procedural text (recipes, how to, directions, etc.).
  • We have also been reviewing how to work together with the addition of 3 new students within the last few weeks. Here you can see the cup challenge. Every student had to help and build the tower of cups without touching them. They were given 4 strings attached to a rubber band and had to figure out how to use that to help them stack the cups.

We are continuing to build on our knowledge of solids, liquids and gases and are finishing up on volume and fractions. we will also begin working with shapes, so please do help if you can with any sort of cardboard pieces you can send in with your child. Thank you for your support!


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February 19

Area, iTime and Info… oh my!

We’ve been busy determining area this week in math. The students used a variety of non-standard measurement tools (such as square tiles) to measure the surface area of an object. Check it out!

iTime: We have just begun iTime in the classroom. What is it, you ask? It is short for Inquiry Time – a time when students have the opportunity to explore and ask questions about a topic that interests them. We began with a small challenge today and, as we continue, will find the students working more independently. In order to do this, we are collecting clean recyclables from you. This could be empty paper towel rolls, egg cartons, pieces of plastic packaging, etc. So please send them in.

Student Council: Next week we will be choosing our student council representatives. Each class will elect 1 boy and 1 girl to represent the class at the student council. If your child is interested, please help them prepare a statement or speech to share with the class.

Next week I will be gone from Tuesday-Friday for professional development. I will continue to check emails when possible and will pass messages along as necessary. The substitute will be Ms. Tammy and Ms. Hang will also still be here.

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February 1

What a Week: 25-29 January

We were busy this week collecting donations for the Tet Bags of Love and we sure collected! Thank you to all of you for your fantastic donations. There will be some warm and well fed people thanks to your generosity.

During literacy this week we focused on punctuation in our reading and writing. For this we tried the Punctuation Walk. Ask your child to explain what they had to do when encountering a full stop (.) or question mark (!).


  • Áo đại – all children are asked to wear their Áo đại on Friday 5 February in celebration of the Vietnamese Tet Holiday.
  • Please help your child to return the interview questions they were to ask over this last weekend. They should have brought the paper home on Friday.
  • Tet Holiday – the week of 6-14 February. Please send an email if you will be gone during school time before or after these holiday dates.

Thank you for your support! Conferences have been well attended so far and I look forward to meeting with the rest of you on Wednesday!


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January 22

Our Week in Review

We had a busy week full of learning. We focused on telling time using “past” and “to” and to the quarter hour. We divided the clock into 4 pieces to understand quarters and began practicing. While working on time, we also practiced counting by 5s to make telling time easier.

During UoI we talked about special and important events and experiences that have happened in our lives. We shared this with others to see similarities and differences. Please talk with your child about special and important events or experiences from their lives.

REMINDER: Please bring in your Tet Bag donations by Wednesday 27 January! Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!

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December 18

Happy Break!

Wishing you the very best for this winter break and a happy new year!

We had a great last week before the winter break. Students worked really hard completing their transportation reports and finishing up the transport dioramas. We also practiced our mental subtraction strategies, such as: counting back, fact families, using 100s, 10s, and 1s to show the subtraction.

Click your child’s name below to see their presentation on their diorama:















*If not listed above, your child has not yet completed the diorama due to absence.

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December 14


**Today we are bringing home our math assessments covering data handling. Please review these with your child and have your child show you what they know and how they figured it out. Then sign and return it tomorrow. Thank you for your support with this.

This week we are finishing up our dioramas and adding the final touches and transport system pieces. They are really starting to shine.

We will also be continuing on with non-fiction texts, exploring the features and determining what the important message is in each story read.

In math we will be focusing on our mental math strategies in addition and subtraction, using them to complete more challenging problems.

Today we also talked about our wishes for our friends, family and the world. Ask your child what their wishes are and come take a look at them hanging in the window.

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