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The UNIS Tin Tuc Newshub is a space for our UNIS Hanoi community members to view the wonderful things that are happening in our campus through our classroom and division blogs. Check out our recent posts below:

  • UNIS Hanoi's Teaspoons of Change Movement December 7, 2018
    UNIS Hanoi was delighted to host d'Arcy Lunn, founder of the Teaspoons of Change movement which promotes small actions by lots of people to achieve BIG change to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. d'Arcy met with students, teachers and parents over his two day visit at school. Over 50 parents, students and teachers participated in the famil
  • The 'Nutella Protest' Group's Spoon of Change December 7, 2018
    The ES "Nutella Protest" group wrote a letter and spoke to some Middle School students about the proposed use of Nutella at Winterfest. This was a response to their learning about the issues involved with palm oil and orangutan habitat destruction. They was then received an immediate response from the Middle School service learning group running th
  • Admissions Notices December 7, 2018
    Are you planning on leaving? Please submit an Admissions Withdrawal Form indicating the last day of attendance for your child/ren. This will help us to transition new students into school as early as possible for the second semester of this academic year. Do you have other siblings for whom you would like to apply? Admissions for the 2019-2020 school year wi
  • Keeping your UN Day Memories! December 7, 2018
    UN Day stays as the best day of the year when every members of UNIS Hanoi community joins in to celebrate our diverse culture and friendship. Enjoy the photo special from UN Day celebration on November 30 taken by photographers Trung Cao and Phong Lê. UN Day Assembly and Morning Activities [gallery columns="5" ids="1535,1536,1537,1538,1539
  • Take Us Home! December 7, 2018
    We certainly hope you enjoyed the UN Day Community Lunch and we would like to THANK YOU again for all your delicious food contributions! Now we have some lonely left-over plates, dishes and containers that are wanting to return home. Please stop by the Advancement Office (Building 7 Room 102 upstairs) to be reunited with your long lost dishes! We will keep y
  • Rice and Clothing Drive for Sapa December 7, 2018
    The Sapa Helping Hands service group is organising a rice drive and a clothing drive for the children in the rural area schools in Sapa. The rice and clothes collected will then be transported to Sapa to help providing lunch and warm clothes to the school children. Please join the Sapa Helping Hands by donating rice and clothes from now until the end of Janu
  • Student Success through the Lens of Learning Support December 7, 2018
    On Monday December 3, there was a well attended parent coffee morning looking at Student Success through the lens of Learning Support.  The Student Success Team (SST) model at UNIS Hnaoi is a multidisciplinary team approach to establishing support for a student and providing a coordinated system of care to ensure student success. Parents as partners are seen
  • Our Alumni December 7, 2018
    Preyanka Clark Prakash (Class of 2000) wrote to proudly share about Bloomtown, the palm oil-free, vegan, cruelty-free body and skincare company she and her husband, Medwin Culmer, started in the UK. Palm oil is an ingredient hidden in many mainstream beauty and food products. After witnessing first-hand the environmental devastation caused by palm oil cultiv
  • From the Head of School November 30, 2018
    Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our UN Day celebrations and Community Lunch! I was happy to meet so many of our community on such a special day which involved so many of our students, and was made possible by the hard work of so many volunteers, faculty and staff. Thank you all! I would like to take this opportunity to share with those of you w
  • A Snapshot of Learning at UNIS Hanoi - 3 December November 30, 2018
    Dear Parents, Join us for a coffee morning for parents of learning support students, and other interested community members (Discovery to Grade 12). We will talk about what learning support services are available at UNIS Hanoi, introduce the Student Success Teams (SST) and provide an opportunity for parents to connect, share experiences and network. December


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