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The UNIS Tin Tuc Newshub is a space for our UNIS Hanoi community members to view the wonderful things that are happening in our campus through our classroom and division blogs. Check out our recent posts below:

  • From the Head of School February 15, 2019
    Join me on Tuesday February 19 at 8.15 for the Community Meeting.  In this meeting, we will be sharing some of the results of the Parent Community Survey and involve you in making sense of the data for our school planning. We will also share important updates on a number of areas, including our Air Quality Index monitoring and action plan. I hope you enjoy r
  • Amazing Arts Auction is on Show February 15, 2019
    Don't miss the Amazing Arts Auction with over 130 original artworks donated by our students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. This is on show from February 15 to March 1 at noon and it could be yours! HOW DOES IT WORK? The concept is simple... students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni have donated a piece of art they have created for the auction a
  • Student Enrolment 2019-2020 February 15, 2019
    Enrolment for students returning in the 2019-2020 school year is underway and should be completed by 29 March 2019. Parents are required to make payment of the required tuition deposit for each child who will return to school next year and complete enrolment through the Parent Portal. Through this online process, families can review household and emergency c
  • From the Head of School February 1, 2019
    As we celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Pig in Vietnam I would like to take this opportunity to wish your family a new year filled with good health, happiness and success. [embed]https://youtu.be/7dqq7FgMrNg[/embed] We are committed to your children’s success and working in partnership with you and all our parents is important to us. You chose UNIS Ha
  • Amazing Arts Auction - WE NEED YOU February 1, 2019
    Our annual Amazing Arts Auction is just around the corner… and our students are filling the wallspace with beautiful artworks, but we still have many blank spaces for community artists to fill! Are you an expert or budding artist? Do you know an artist who would donate a work of art? Do you have a piece of artwork at home that you would like to donate? Every
  • Calling for interest and needs for Mother Tongue* French Learning February 1, 2019
    Dear Parents, In order to continue supporting the community to develop students’ mother tongues, we would like to call for your needs and interest. As a starting point, we now collect the number of students whose French is at a high proficiency level or native level. Please note that Mother Tongue language programme is organised and sponsored by parents. Par
  • Help our students to shape their future career journeys on Careers Day February 1, 2019
    We are looking forward to another fun and enlightening Careers Day for our Grade 10 students, which will take place on the afternoon of Thursday, March 14. Last year’s Careers Day featured an amazing lineup of professionals working in medicine, energy, marketing, arts and design, sports, technology and industry, education, hospitality and cuisine, research,
  • Student Success through the Lens of Learning Support February 1, 2019
    On Monday, 3 December, there was a well attended parent coffee morning looking at Student Success through the lens of Learning Support. The Student Success Team (SST) model at UNIS Hanoi is a multidisciplinary team approach to establishing support for a student and providing a coordinated system of care to ensure student success. Parents as partners are seen
  • Emergency Contacts in Hanoi February 1, 2019
    While UNIS Hanoi is considered to ba a safe and vibrant city, it is however always important to be prepared in case of an emergency. We have distributed Emergency Cards to our community members upon enrollment at the school. Digital copies are available on the School Health Centre website. Hard copies are available for pickup in the School Health Centre. The
  • Tech Hacks to Simplify your Life! February 1, 2019
    Do you have problems syncing the school calendar to your personal device? Are you struggling to figure out how to publish your personal information in the Community Directory? Then this session is for you! Join this session to learn about time-saving tech shortcuts to better organise your life! Get tips from our school tech pros and an opportunity to get ans


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