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The UNIS Tin Tuc Newshub is a space for our UNIS Hanoi community members to view the wonderful things that are happening in our campus through our classroom and division blogs. Check out our recent posts below:

  • Time for a well deserved break... March 27, 2020
    If I think back to the day before our Tet Holiday, I am not sure any of us could have foreseen the impact of the “Coronavirus”. At that time, the crisis response team was meeting to discuss the implications of the virus on our co-curricular programme and the possibility of tournaments and festivals in China being cancelled. Two months later, we are now at th
  • Remote Library Service Continues! March 27, 2020
    Students in Elementary School right up to High School can still enjoy access to school library books thanks to an improved remote borrowing service. The School’s formidable team of librarians have devised an innovative way to ensure students get their hands on books they want. Especially during these unprecedented times.  During the first eight weeks of dist
  • Families Come Together to Boost Community Spirits March 27, 2020
    Our world turned upside down on Monday February 3, when the Vietnamese Government, mandated all school campuses to close. Apart from a brief window on campus for High School, lessons have been delivered remotely ever since. Now two months on, students and parents have come together to renew the UNIS Hanoi spirit of community with a week long campaign of appr
  • Art Lessons Become a Family Affair! March 27, 2020
    Moms and Dads, brothers and sisters are no longer sitting on the sidelines watching their Elementary family members have all the fun in Art lessons! Now families are joining in on the lessons and producing art for the teacher to see and grade too! Elementary School Art Teachers, Emma Hamilton and Vicki Wilson-Jiwatram have received a number of art pieces, cr
  • Distance Learning Offers Insight into Life after High School for Grade 12s March 27, 2020
    Grade 12 students have been letting their teachers know that the distance learning experience has inadvertently prepared them for life after High School.  Students such as Emma Héloïse Dufour-Nogueira say that the past two months of learning from home has been a ‘nice simulation for university’. She added, “After we graduate from High School, everything will
  • Sharing our Gratitude... March 20, 2020
    This is a time of rapid change creating uncertainty and anxiety for many of us. As we face distance from our core communities and deal with the emotions of the quick departure of friends, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you.  While much is beyond our control, we can take care of each other and of ourselves.This week, our faculty have been foc
  • UNIS Hanoi’s PHE Team Launches Wellness Site March 20, 2020
    The School’s Physical Health Education (PHE) team has launched a new Wellness resource site for the benefit of everyone in the UNIS Hanoi community.  The Wellness Site can be accessed via libguides and is a one-stop-shop for videos, articles and websites relating to physical and mental wellness.  Theron Tate, a Middle and High School PHE teacher said, “Since
  • Explore the Theatre Digitally! March 20, 2020
    Students of all ages can watch some of the world’s finest productions online thanks to UNIS Hanoi’s Digital Theatre Plus subscription.  This exclusive resource is a great way for students to get a dose of culture and arts into their distance learning schedule. Not only can students choose from performances of plays by William Shakespeare, Andrew Bovell and Y
  • A new Global Virtual Reality! March 20, 2020
    With school closures announced around the world and more than 890.5 million students impacted, developing meaningful distance learning programmes has never been more important for schools and educators. In response to the global need for educators to collaborate and learn new skills to support their students, UNIS Hanoi and Saigon South International School
  • Our Alumni March 20, 2020
    Dung Anh To Nguyen (Class of 2011) is working at An Phat Holdings, a company that offers bio-degradable, compostable packaging solutions through a brand called AnEco. Recently in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak Dung Anh and the company delivered 3,000 compostable paper cups to sponsor a quarantined living quarter in Truc Bach, Ha Noi. Dung Anh said, "We w


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