Non-Fiction Books

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When your child encounters a difficult word in a non-fiction book, he can ask himself these questions.

1. Does the book tell what the word means?

2. Does the rest of the page help?

3. Do the pictures help?

4. Is there a glossary?

5. If you still do not know, ask for help.



Good readers ask for the meaning of unknown words.

Tips for ParentsWhat is Greedy

When your child is reading a book, remind him that good readers ask for the meaning of words they do not know.                                                                          

What is greedy?


Good readers use strategies to read hard words.

Your child has been learning these strategies.

Tips for Parents 012

Tips for Parents

When your child reads his/her Take Home book, do not tell your child a hard word. Let your child try some strategies. You can help your child after he/she has
tried them.


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