Submit a Family Recipe for our School Cookbook!

Some Grade 12 parents and students are making a UNIS Hanoi cookbook, and we want it to be full of the community’s favorite recipes!  Our theme for the cookbook is Family Favorites for UN Day. UN Day is one of the most special days at UNIS Hanoi, and a big part of the celebration is the wonderful food that is brought in for the UN Day Lunch by our families.  

 The G12 Cookbook committee has received some amazing recipes from around the world, but we still want *YOURS*. Please submit your recipes through this form. The deadline is

September 25. If you cannot send via the google form, please send a scan/photo/email to

Below are some of the delicious submissions so far. What can your family add?

Australia: ANZAC biscuits, sweet & sour stir fry, vegetable, ricotta and spinach lasagna, & carrot cake Canada:  twisted sun-dried tomato & basil breaCzech Republic: sour cabbage soup, lentils sour style, & mixed roasted meat & vegetables  Denmark: raspberry slides, knaek bread, meatballs  Egypt: lentil soup Germany: fondue & Raclette India: chicken seekh kabab Indonesia: chicken satay Italy: pasta al pesto Japan: matcha butter cookies Mexico:  buñuelos de viento Nepal: momos Philippines: chicken adobo Sweden: cinnamon buns, gingerbread, meatballs, salmon salad, vegetarian bolognese, & hash browns, Romania: spicy meatballs Russia: borscht  Tanzania:  beans and rice UK: scones, chocolate torte, & shortcake USA: bruschetta-Franko Style, chocolate chunk cookies, poblano “crema” enchiladas (vegan), zucchini chocolate cake, dark chocolate tart with espresso cream, chile cheese casserole, Cowboy caviar, lemon bars, & Tollhouse pie, Vietnam: French creamy apple tart, shiitake mushroom with soya sauce (vegan), & pho.

We also have received a few great, easy to make for first year university students, like homemade yoghurt, granola, and banana breakfasts. 


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