Save the Date for the Annual Bus Tour for Parents!

The Hanoi Bus Tour is organized annually by parent volunteers of the School Community Organisation. This is a great opportunity for new and returning parents to get together, learn more about what is available in the city and have a chance to pick up an Ao Dai for your children.

This year, due to Covid-19 and the Government’s rule on social distancing, the SCO will hold different grade level tours to make the most of smaller divisional and class interactions. The provisional dates for the bus tour are as follows:

Lower Elementary School (LES): Tuesday, September 8

Middle and High Schools (MSHS): Wednesday, September 9

Upper Elementary School (UES): Thursday, September 10

All parents new and returning are welcome to participate in this fun and informative event!

SIGN UP HERE by Tuesday, September 1 to ensure a place on our buses!

For more information, please contact”

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