Meet your High School Parent Support Team!

Dear HS parents,

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are the new “HS parents support team”.

Pavla Jarkulischova: I´m the HS representative. It’s our family´s 8th year in Hanoi. I have 3 children, Johana who graduated from UNIS in 2018 and is now studying at a University in the Netherlands, Jachym in G11 and Jonatan in G7. My husband works at the Embassy of the Czech Republic. You can reach me at:

Sarah Garner: I’m grade 9 representative. I’m from the USA and my spouse is Dutch.  I have 3 children, Sander in G7, Iris in G9 and Madeleine in G11. We have been part of the UNIS community since 2006 and are looking forward to 2019-2020.  The grade 9 WhatsApp link for parents (to make sharing relevant information and asking questions among parents easy) is

Sandra Le Courtois: I’m grade 10 parent representative and apparently the newest member of the team. I have 2 children, Eva in G10 and Gaël in G7. We’re from Canada and it’s our second year in Hanoi and in UNIS. I’m very happy to join the team!

Johanna (Joh) Ponsen:  Your grade 11 parent representative. My husband Dale and I are Australian and we have 2 sons, both at UNIS Hanoi: Jeremy in Grade 11 and Adrian in Grade 8. This is our 9th year here at UNIS & in Hanoi (and, no, we never expected to be here that long!) and we have always enjoyed being an active part of the UNIS Hanoi Community. I was the ES Chair on the SCO Executive Committee for 3 years, have been Class/grade level parent many times, am on the ًUNIS Hanoi Sustainability Committee, and you may also find me substitute teaching in the Elementary School classrooms at UNIS. I’m always very happy to help answer questions, share information, point you in the right direction. Looking forward to another great year as part of this amazing community!

Please join the grade 11 WhatsApp Group:


Doreen Horsch: Guten Tag, my name is Doreen and together with Hien I am grade 12 representative. I am from Germany and my family and I have been living here for 4 years. My daughter Sophie is in G12 and my son Moritz is in G7. We liked UNIS since the first day. I’m looking forward to support all HS students, especially to make the last year for the 12th graders as easy as possible. I am happy to be a member of a great team!


Hien Nguyen: Hi, I am Hien and I´m together with Doreen grade 12 representative as well as Vietnamese Community MSHS representative. I have 2 children. My daughter Chi  graduated from UNIS in 2014. My son Chinh, is in grade 12. We have been with UNIS since 2000. I am very pleased to be a member of the team. Thank you!


As you may see, most of us have been living in Vietnam “forever” so it may look like we are super experienced women…..and yes, we would like to make you believe that we are!!! We are here to help, support, pass your suggestions, ideas, desires or complaints …. we really hope  you won´t have any….. to the UNIS leadership, and hopefully help you to have fun in another great school year at UNIS Hanoi at many SCO and school events! Please don’t hesitate to contact us when needed!


Other great ways to stay updated and connected in our community include joining the UNIS Hanoi MSHS Parents (Closed Facebook group) (there is also an ES Parents group) and  ‘liking’ the UNIS Hanoi Facebook Page


We are still looking for a G12 native English speaking representative, so please, if you have time and energy, don’t hesitate and join us!!! 


Best regards, 

Pavla, Sarah, Sandra, Joh, Doreen & Hien.


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