Annual General Meeting – This Tuesday!

Hello UNIS parents –

The SCO will host its year-end meeting on May 21. During the meeting, you’ll hear about all of the activities the SCO supported throughout the year and the great work of our SCO Committees and SCO Executive.
The year-end meeting is always a special one in that it is the time of the year when the SCO elects members to the SCO Executive and SCO Committees Coordinators. Please check out the SCO page on the UNIS Hanoi website here for a list of all of the SCO Executive and Committee positions. If you are interested in any of the positions or want to learn more, please email the SCO ( and we will be in touch. We encourage all to contribute to the SCO next year!
Finally, this year, the SCO Executive has been working hard to update the SCO Constitution which guides the work of the SCO. When we first started the year and were introduced to the Constitution, we realized that it was in need of updating. We will be voting on the new Constitution at the Annual General Meeting of the SCO (May 21). Please take a bit of time to review the new changes here. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.
The 2015 SCO Constitution is available on the SCO website for reference and comparison.
We hope to see many of you on Tuesday, May 21 at 8:30am in the Community Room in the Admin Building (B7-1-104).
Also be sure to join us on May 24 for Volunteer Appreciation Night! 
Register HERE by May 21
Thank you,
SCO Executive (Chris, Esther, Eun Mee, Garry, Sue)
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