“Love Our World” Spring Fair 2019 THANKS YOU!

To all that attended, volunteered and gave their time to make this event a success we thank you.
We had immense fun creating and learning from one another and deeply thank the Spring Fair 2019 committee, all cultural booth coordinators, small business participants, service learning groups, performers, the Advancement team (Emma Silva, Nathalie Grun and Huong Tran), the Operations and Security teams (Quach Mai Linh and Bang Tran) for all their efforts for an exceptional end result.
We are still calculating final figures which will be shared with the community in the next few weeks! In the spirit of growth, we as for all volunteers, cultural booth participants, performers, small businesses, service learning teams to take a moment and complete this simple feedback form.
If you would like to get involved next year, it is highly recommended!
Support your community, meet new people (and perhaps familiar ones) & have some fun at the same time!
And don’t forget to “Love Our World”!
Arushi Panagariya and Grace Smart
Spring Fair 2019 Coordinators
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