Spring Fair Sales Begin this Week!

UNIS Hanoi welcomes all of you to join the Spring Fair 2019 as we spread and share the love for our world!

Come join us for tons of lively music, stage shows, cuisines from around the world, plenty of games and fun surprises for all ages to enjoy, learn about other cultures and explore our beautiful world !

Let’s begin our journey at the Spring Fair 2019 on Sunday, 17th March from 11am – 3pm.

To “LOVE OUR WORLD” and show some care the SCO’s Teaspoon of Change is to organize an awareness creating, environmentally sustainable and fun-filled whole school fair!

Stay Connected to what’s going on by following our  Spring Fair page on Facebook!

Volunteer at the Spring Fair! Our volunteer schedule is open for sign-up! We need all the help we can get to make this event happen. Get your preferred time slot by signing up early!

Wristband Sales begin on March 7!

The Spring Fair will be using a cashless ticketing and payment system throughout the event. Wristbands will be available for purchase at the following locations:

  • The Shop (cash/campus card payment only)
  • Reception
  • In front of the library before and after school
  • Volunteers needed for Wristband Sales. . . Volunteer HERE

More Cultural Booths than ever before!!!

We are extremely excited to announce that we have the following cultural booths registered: Korea, Spain/Peru/Ecuador, Japan, Thailand, China, USA, India, Sri Lanka, Italy, Germany, Australia/New Zealand, Vietnam, Nordic Countries, Poland/Czech Republic, Canada, Africa and United Kingdom…bring and appetite and tupperware for take-way food!

We are looking for a culinary enthusiast to help MC our LIVE COOKING DEMO in the heart of the Cultural Booths. Just talk to our in-house parent chefs, ask questions and narrate as they share local cooking secrets!

Contact springfair@unishanoi.org to help out.

Bring your own bags and SHOP AROUND!

The SCO welcomes UNIS Hanoi parents, faculty, staff, MSHS students and alumni to promote their family-owned small businesses to over 4000 participants at the Spring Fair. This is a great way for our entrepreneurial community members to engage with the community!

Get ready to shop and more about at Copenhagen Delights, RossD Photography,  TAMGA Designs, Advantage Property Services, Cattan, Unicorn Kafe, Maaster, Bae Bae Giftstore, CunShop and Casways!

Contact our Spring Fair Coordinators if you have any questions at all. . .

Spring Fair Coordinator

Arushi Panagariya and Grace Smart  – SpringFair@unishanoi.org

Cultural Booth Coordinator

Iraj de Silva – FAIR_Cultural@unishanoi.org

SCO Treasurer

Eun Mee Lee – SCO_Treasurer@unishanoi.org

Facilities Coordinators

Francesco Pontalti and Garry Reichert – FAIR_Facilities@unishanoi.org

Small Business Coordinator

Aleksandra Brading – FAIR_SmallBusiness@unishanoi.org

Social Media Coordinator

Rupal Walia

Fun Corner Coordinator

Kacper Wozniak – FAIR_FunCorner@unishanoi.org

Sponsorship Coordinator

THIS COULD BE YOU! – FAIR_Sponsorship@unishanoi.org

Entertainment Coordinator

Bruna Nascimento and Yamina Tourki – FAIR_Entertainment@unishanoi.org

Volunteer Coordinator

Mayumi Masudo – FAIR_Volunteers@unishanoi.org

Design Coordinator

Akiko Nakano and Miho Motojima – springfair@unishanoi.org

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