Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day – November 20

Dear UNIS Parents,

 As you may know, Teacher Appreciation Day is globally observed in different ways and times. In Vietnam, Teacher Appreciation Day is November 20 and is one of the most important national dates in which students and their families plan extensively to practice and deliver performances, make little presents, buy flowers and even visit teachers’ homes in an expression of thanks for the role that teachers have played in their lives.

 At UNIS, the SCO is planning several Teacher Appreciation Events:

First, we are organising a pop-up spa along with some food for teachers to feel pampered on the actual Teacher Appreciation Day.

Second, we are coordinating with student councils from all divisions to encourage students to write notes to teachers as a way of showing appreciation. Small note cards will be available on the day for your child to write a short note to their teachers. Your help in encouraging your child to participate would really make this special.

Lastly, we are excited to try something new this year. In the spirit of community and fun, we are organizing opportunities for you to thank teachers through your many talents and interests. For example, if you are good at baking bread, you could offer to bake a loaf for a teacher, or teach a few teachers your secret recipe. If you know mountain biking trails near Hanoi, lead teachers on a ride during a weekend. If you want to simply bring dinner to a teacher during their crunch weeks at the end of the semester, they would surely appreciate it. And, since many teachers like to travel, consider offering conversation tips in your mother tongue. The event could be anything, from a one hour class to a home cooked meal delivered a way that is convenient.

 We want to inspire you, our parent community, to come up with fun, creative and interesting options for teachersTo inspire your thinking, we have listed a few ideas of potential activities to offer:

  • Ikebana flower arrangement 
  • Offer a Vietnamese culture lesson
  • Steps to organise your house
  • Make-up lessons
  • DIY lamp oil making
  • Beeswax wrapper making
  • Learn to perform a kick-turn in the pool
  • Mountain biking on banana tree island
  • Learn to juggle
  • Participate in a Japanese Tea ceremony
  • Deliver a home-made Indian dinner
  • Deliver snacks to teachers during the school day
  • Vietnamese language refresher – how to bargain at the market
  • Foreign language conversation – as prep for a holiday
  • Learn how to make the perfect Australian hamburger
  • Game Night: Learn to Play “Settlers of Catan”
  • Yoga, Pilates, or Self-defense class
  • Photography lessons around town
  • Secrets to baking
  • Trip to the pottery village
  • Organize a friendly soccer match

To make this happen, we have created a Google sign-up form where you can add information about the activity you are willing to offer. All of the activities will be compiled in a list and then we will create a separate sign-up for teachersWe are asking for parents to complete the Google sign-up form by next Sunday, November 18.

 Please note that we are not suggesting that this event occur on Teacher Appreciation Day. In fact, your activity could be organized for any day, time or place during this school year.

 Since this is our first year celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day in this way, it is likely that given the diverse interests of teachers and busy schedules, there could be activities for which teachers do not sign up. Please know that we appreciate your effort and the teachers do too! By simply offering your thanks in this way can go a long way to strengthening our community.

 Any specific questions can be directed to Chris Behr, sco_ms@unishanoi.org.

 Thank you for considering offering your talents, skill, time and effort to this upcoming Teacher Appreciation Day!

 From your SCO Executive Committee,

Chris, Esther, Eun Mee, Garry and Sue

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