It’s all about Strategy! Strategy! Strategy!

K2’s have been busy in PE lately. We have been trying to figure out how we can become better players in games.

We learned that to be a better player we need to be a thinker. Making a strategy or plan to use helps us. At first we thought our strategies were all about being fast and strong. But as we kept playing games we realized we needed more than that! Now we have so many strategies, and with each new game we play we learn more strategies!


Some of our strategies so far:
“Run when they aren’t looking at you!” – Sebastian (Game: Monster Invasion)
“Pretend you are going to go one way then go another!” – Flynn (Game: Zookeeper)
“First run straight, then a zigzag, then a circle and then straight again!” -Julian (Game: Who Let the Dogs Out)
“Wait until the Monster ball is coming towards me and then throw the ball!” – Eimear (Game: Monster Ball)
“Don’t run until after the people have thrown their ball, then run really really fast!”- Sarah (Game: Temple of Doom)
“I got all the balls and then throw them all at once!”- Ella P. (Game: Monster Ball)
“When someone comes towards me I turn around so they can’t take them (clothespeg)” -Andy (Game: Clothespeg Tag)
“Move my sushi up and down so they can’t get it” – Liam (Game: Sushi Ninja)

For more K2 Cool Awesome Strategies check out the windows of the ECC Gym!

Next time you see us ask us what our favourite strategy to use is! Even better- have us teach you the game and show you our strategy in action!