K1’s Climb to the TOP!

K1 children have completed their climbing unit. The unit was designed to challenge the students to take risks. They spent their time climbing on different structures around the school.

K1 children have now begun our manipulation unit: What can we do with a ball? The ideas we have already thought of are endless and we are enjoying trying to find new ways do things with a ball.


The children are excited to be back in the ECC gym for PE. Please remember to make sure your child brings a water bottle and wears their PE uniform on PE days (Skirts and dresses are not allowed as they are not safe).

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Skaters in Grade 4

The Grade 4 classes just finished 5 weeks of skateboarding, learning through the lens of the different elements in the cycle of mastery. Once they had mastered one skill on the skateboard there were always more to challenge them. It is great to see students out and about skating around Hoan Kiem lake and in Ciputra, what a great way to get around and exercise at the same time! If anyone is wanting a board for Christmas we recommend purchasing them from LB Skateshop in the old quarter.

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If you think that video was awesome wait until you see us!!!!

K2’s are becoming mighty Ninja Warriors in their current PE unit. The unit started with students being challenged to become risk-takers and try to complete different Ninja Warrior Courses. This week we have turned the tables and they are now constructing their very own courses to challenge their friends (and even some brave parents during Open Classrooms). Check out below and keep an eye on your child’s SeeSaw for more action!

Who will be the next UNIS Ninja Warrior? On Friday November 23rd from 2:30-3:00 Parents are welcome to come compete in a K2 created Ninja Warrior Course. Come, be a Risk-taker, test your skills, and see if you have what it takes to become the next UNIS Warrior!

Grade 5 Athletics

Grade 5 students have just completed their athletics unit and to showcase their learning they coached some of our Discovery and K2 students in different athletic events. To captivate the younger students, Grade 5’s have been exploring how they can use stories to explain and identify key teaching points of their athletic events. It was a great culmination of a unit, bringing students from across our school together to share and learn together! Well done Grade 5, K2 and Discovery students.

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G1 Bikes Reminder….

Hi Parents,

Just a reminder for next Monday (29th October) our bike riding unit is starting. We will be at the front gate from 7.45 – 8.30am to direct you to the storage area. We will have markers and tape so you can label your child’s bike and helmet. Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate shoes (sneakers) and the UNIS PE uniform to keep them safe on the bike.

Any questions, please ask! calbertson@unishanoi.org

Yours in Health,

ES PE Team.

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We need your help for our Bike unit in Grade 1!

Hi everyone,

We are introducing a bike riding unit for PE in Grade 1. We are in need of some extra bikes for the students that don’t own their own. The unit will last for four weeks, 29/10/18 – 21/11/18. We have a covered and locked storage area for the bikes while they are at school.
Please contact me, via email mmagowan@unishanoi.org, if you have a spare bike at home you’re willing for us to borrow. PE lessons for G1 are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so there is the option to bring it to school on Monday and home on Wednesday, or leave it at school for the whole 4 weeks.

K1s are ready to go!

K1s have learned all of the routines and agreements in PE. Which means we are ready for our next unit!

Starting after the break we will begin a Climbing Unit. Children will be encouraged to take risks and try climbing on different equipment around the school. While this may seems dangerous we are ready for K1’s to become courageous and challenge themselves.

Risky play is an important part of growing up. Research shows it helps build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in children. It helps develop social skills, and teaches children how to manage risks and keep themselves safe. For more information on Risky Play check out: Outsideplay.ca

As most of this unit will be outside students need the following on PE days:
Sport Shoes or Trainers (no sandals or crocs).
Pants, shorts or the school skort (No skirts or dresses
Water bottle

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