Elementary Swimming Switch

On Monday, May 6th the swimming schedule will change. Please refer to our Aquatics Blog for the time schedule: ES Swimming

On Swimming days, please make sure your child(ren) comes to school with:
Swimming Suit
Swim Cap

On PE days, please make sure your child(ren) comes to school with:
UNIS PE Uniform (Shirt, and shorts/skort)
Re-useable water bottle

March Madness…

Wow! So much fun things are happening in PE during the month of March!

1- ECC and ES Swimming

All ECC and ES swimming will start on Monday March 25th. Our swimming model has changed from previous years so for more info check out the Aquatics Blog or email Mr. Hamilton.

The ECC and ES Swimming Schedule can be found here: ECC/ES Swimming Schedule


Friday March 29th will be our Elementary Sports Morning so make sure to come cheer your child on! All students from Discovery to Grade 5 will be participating in various games and sporting activities.

Discovery and K1: Animal Antics Activities Day
Time: 8:40-10:45 am
Location: Covered courts in front of the Sports Centre

K2 to Grade 5: Fun Sports Morning
Time: 8:10- 11:15
Location: Large field behind the Sports Centre

Lunch for Grades 1 and 2 will be 11:40am, and Grades 3,4,5 will be 12:05. ECC (Discovery to K2 lunch) will remain at the regular time.

Please make sure your child comes to school with the following:

Trampolining units starting….

Next week 25th march) we will be starting our Trampolining unit in Grade 2 and G4. This will run at the same time as swimming.

Due to the surface of our tramps, the students need to wear clothing that covers their elbows, knees, and feet. We suggest a long sleeved top, 3/4 or full-length tights and socks.

Students should bring this outfit in a bag and they can leave it at school to change into before and after PE lessons.

Grade 2 – Monday & Wednesday: Trampolining. Thursday: Swimming

Grade 4 – Tuesday and Wednesday: Trampolining. Friday: Swimming

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions, please let us know.


Grade 3’s are looking at effective decision making (AGAIN! Ask them about their Invasion Game unit from before Winter Break) and what this looks like when playing T Ball. Students have unpacked the key roles of batters and fielders, developing their understanding of the multiple factors that affect their decisions and are now applying these to game situations within a T Ball tournament.


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Open Classrooms

Open classrooms are next week and we’d love to share what we are doing in PE with you. Please come any time on Thursday 14th and till lunchtime on Friday 15th. Classes will either be in the Sports Centre or on the grass field.

Adventure Challenge!

Grade 5 students have started their Adventure Challenge unit, which focuses on how being self-aware can help you and your team to work effectively. This is particularly important with students working in collaborative groups for PYP X. Students will reflect on how interactions can affect group dynamics, the importance of trust within a group, how we recognise when compromises are necessary and when to persist with an idea or change it.

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K2’s have got skills how about you?

K2’s wrapped up their gymnastic unit last week with some stellar sequences and skills. This week they have begun their Balls Unit. The focus will be on the many different techniques we use to manipulate a ball in different ways. Our techniques this week included:

Underhand Throwing and Rolling- Tick Tock Goes the Clock

Overarm Throwing: Tape Toe and Sticker Foot

Make sure to ask your child to show you how these techniques are done!


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K1’s and the Dragon’s Breath

K1’s have started their Adventure Challenge Unit this week. The unit will focus on cooperation skills and team work. Learning that working with others can be fun and productive, the children will become brave knights going on a quest to help the Princess. This week we finished knight training academy and have started our travel to the Dragon’s Cave. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to hear how the story and adventure is going.

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