K1s are ready to go!

K1s have learned all of the routines and agreements in PE. Which means we are ready for our next unit!

Starting after the break we will begin a Climbing Unit. Children will be encouraged to take risks and try climbing on different equipment around the school. While this may seems dangerous we are ready for K1’s to become courageous and challenge themselves.

Risky play is an important part of growing up. Research shows it helps build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in children. It helps develop social skills, and teaches children how to manage risks and keep themselves safe. For more information on Risky Play check out: Outsideplay.ca

As most of this unit will be outside students need the following on PE days:
Sport Shoes or Trainers (no sandals or crocs).
Pants, shorts or the school skort (No skirts or dresses
Water bottle

PE in the ECC!

Children in Discovery to K2 have just completed their first full week of PE this year! Lots of fun and learning was had by all! Discovery students enjoyed learning about all the fun ways they could move their bodies and manipulate different equipment. K1’s were busy learning about how to be safe in our shared space when playing games and K2’s began to question “What makes a game a game?”