This Week in 1B, March 15

Mystery Readers

Thank you to JuEun’s mom for coming and reading a wonderful story to us in Korean. We learned that she speaks Korean and English. We thought the book was so funny and we all loved it. Thank you again for joining our class.

This week we also had Kevin’s mom join us as our Mystery Reader. We learned that she can speak Slovak, Czech, German and English. Thank you for bringing all the books for us to look at how Slovak is written. We learned that Slovac is close to Polish. Thank you for sharing your story about the bear who got new pajamas and has wonderful dreams.

Wax Museum

Thank you to all of the parents and families who attended our Wax Museum today. The students did a phenomenal job as their significant person. We will have more photos in our blog next week, but here is our group one that we took before the museum doors opened.

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This Week in 1B, March 8

What a very busy week we have had in 1B. Here are a few of our highlights.

UOI Assembly Presentation

Our students did such a wonderful job presenting their two poems that they wrote for our assembly this week. They were risk takers and presented so well with our friends in 1D. Way to go, Poets! If you missed our assembly, here is the video of our poems.

Thank You Blue Dragon Sponsors

During our assembly today, we learned that our UNIS community raised $20,326 USD for Blue Dragon. Thank you to all of our parents, family members and larger community members for sponsoring us and raising so much money for a local charity. We learned that with this money Blue Dragon can send 60 local students to school. Yahoo!!!

UOI Green Screens

This week the students were able to create their green screen of their Significant Person. Here is a sneak peak into some Significant People….can you recognize Helen Keller, Neil Armstrong and Kate Sheppard? We hope to see all of you at the Wax Museum on March 15th beginning at 2:15pm. Please meet in front of the canteen.


During math this week, we have continued our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes. Each pair made a shape poster with the shape attributes on it. They also presented their findings with small groups and as a large group. The students are becoming shape experts at finding corners, sides, faces, edges and explaining the shape of the object.


Open Classrooms

We invite you to Open Classrooms next week. On Thursday, we welcome you to come for our math lesson beginning at 12:50pm and on Friday we invite you to the Wax Museum beginning at 2:15pm. Please come to learn more about what your child is learning about in Grade 1.


  • March 14 & 15, Open Classrooms, Please note that student presentations of their significant person will take the place of open classrooms on Friday, March 15th (14:15-15:00).
  • March 17, UNIS Spring Fair
  • April 19, Save the Date: Student-Led Conferences will take place on Friday, April 19th. (8am-4pm Grade 1 Conference Times Only)
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This Week in 1B, March 1

Mother Tongue Day

We have had a very busy few weeks in 1B. We celebrated Mother Tongue Day and some of our student presented at our assembly. What a great celebration of all the languages spoken at our school. We are lucky to go to school with such a diverse community!

Risk Takers

We’ve been giving the children lots of opportunities to present and speak in front of an audience lately. We have been talking about what makes a good speaker and here’s what we’ve come up with.

Good speakers…

  1. Are confident
  2. Speak clearly
  3. Use expression
  4. Have good volume
  5. Speak slowly
  6. Look at the audience

Your child’s script is being sent home today to practice for the wax museum. Please remind them of these success criteria as they practice with you at home.


So far about half of the children have brought in their costumes. All costumes need to be in by Monday so that we can do our green screens during the rest of the week. Please let me know if you are having troubles finding something for your child to wear.

Mystery Readers

This week we had the pleasure of having Pat and Garry, local bats, join us. They flew into our classroom and read us the book Superbat by Matt Carr. We learned that they first learned to squeak when they were baby bats and then their moms taught them how to speak English. It was so fun listening to their story and finding out more about a bat’s life in Hanoi. We even found out that they know Batman and they sometimes get to go to Batman’s cave. Thank you to Pat and Garry for coming to our class (Thanks Pat-Haydon’s dad, Theron and Garry-Stella’s dad Josh, for making reading so much fun!!!)


  • March 1-last day for ASAs. Session 3 begins Tuesday, March 12
  • March 3– Aquathlon – see the previous posts for details
  • March 11 – Professional Development day for teachers- no school for children
  • March 14 and 15– Open classrooms. More info to come next week
  • March 15 Wax Museum beginning at 2:15pm above the new canteen
  • March 17 – Spring Fair
  • March 29– last day before Spring break
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This Week in 1B, February 15th

100th Day of School

What fun we had on the 100th day of school! We made a number line from 1 to 100 and then we made a 100s square! It took lots of communicating with each other but we did it! We also had 100 (plus a few more) cupcakes. Thank you to the families that brought in cupcakes.

During the day, we counted our 100 items that we brought from home. Each math group counted their items in either 5’s or 10’s. It was so fun to see all of the different items that came to school. From 100 goldfish, 100 hair bands, 100 books, 100 pieces of paper, 100 goggly eyes, 100 lego pieces, 100 pistachios, 100 pirate’s booty, 100 stickers, 100 lollipops, 100 super balls, 100 bookmarks, 100 skittles and stickers. Thank you for helping your child bring in 100 items. It was so fun!!!


Mystery Reader

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Iris’s mom, Ms Anh. We learned that Ms Anh first learned Vietnamese when she lived in Vietnam and then when she was 6 years old her family moved to Norway. When she was in 5th Grade, she started to learn English. Ms Anh also studied in Italy, so she knows Italian too. She also understand Danish and can speak a bit too. What a fascinating history of language. Thank you for sharing your story with us in Norwegian. I wonder who will be next’s week Mystery Reader?


In math, along with continuing our number sense, we have been investigating 2 and 3D shapes. Here’s what we’ve discovered so far…

We had discussions with a buddy and then spent some time labelling the different shapes.



Monday, February 18th-Snack Sale. Please send 20,000 for some healthy snacks for your child.

Blue Dragon Walk-a-Thon Sheets & Donations-please send your donations into school by February 22nd. If you have lost your sheet, please feel free to turn in your money and we will find you another sheet. Thank you for all of your generous donations already!


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This Week in 1B, February 1

Celebrating TET

Chúc mừng năm mới!

We had a wonderful TET assembly led by our Vietnamese department this week. The students that are in Vietnamese class did an amazing job performing on stage. All of our Grade 1B students helped with the backdrop of the assembly. It was so beautiful. Please enjoy some photos of the assembly with Sammy, Uha, Lexie, Minh Huyen and JuEun, our 1B performers. We ended our celebration with the traditional dragon dance. What a fun day!


This week we have been focusing on Skip Counting in math class. We have been counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. When we counted by 2’s, the students worked with their math buddy to make a representation of their skip counting. They worked very hard on their towers of twos.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for taking time out of your day to come and talk to me at parent conferences. It is always time well spent discussing your children’s progress and goals. They are all making such great progress with the journeys they are on and it is great to be able to share the awesome things they are achieving. Well done, Grade 1B!

Market Day

Market Day was so much fun. The students were able to go around to various booths and buy or donate money to certain charities. They especially loved all the food, games and getting Mr Matt all wet! A big thank you to the Grade 4 students for making such a worthwhile event for charity.

Blue Dragosn Walk-a-thon

The Walk-a-thon was a huge success today. The children had a great time running around the track for our charity, Blue Dragon. We ran 223 laps today!!! Thank you to those parents who were able to help tally up our laps. I have sent the forms home with the amount of laps written on it. Please help your children to organize their money and send it in after TET. Thank you to those who have already sent money in.


I hope your week off is filled with wonderful family times, where ever you may be. Enjoy the down time. See you back at school on Monday the 11th of February.

Chúc mừng năm mới!


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This Week in 1B, January 25

Welcome New Students

This week we welcomed two new students to our class. Here is a photo of Kevin and his Grade 1 buddy, Korbin and Hwanhee and his Grade 1 buddies JuEun and Uha. Korbin, Uha and JuEun have done a fabulous job welcoming our new friends, showing them all around the school, sitting with them at lunch, helping to translate when necessary and playing with them during recess. What a fantastic community we have in 1B!


We have done lots of talking about the word ‘significant’ during UOI. The children have finishing up their Significant Moments posters and they look great. Please make sure you take a look when you come to the classroom for parent conferences.

As a provocation to our unit we attended a ‘wax museum’ of significant people (led by our administrators and fellow colleagues). The children got to move around the wax models and find out about the lives of several significant people. Here’s some questions you could ask your child to see what they retained.

  • Who was their favorite person?
  • What was the significant persons name?
  • Why are they significant?
  • What impact have they had on the world?

Ms Monica as Fiona Wood, an Australian woman who invented spray on skin for burn victims

Ms Michelle as Ada Lovelace, the first woman programer who invented robots and had to hide her identity because she was a woman

Ms Nitasha as Mother Teresa, an activist for peace and humanity

Ms McGee as Jane Goodall, an animal activist, researching chimpanzees

Mr Adrian as Edmund Hillary, a New Zealander who was the first person to climb Mt Everest

Mr Josh as Bill Gates who created the first computer and became the richest man in the world. Through his foundation with his wife, the Gates Foundation, he now is a philanthropist and has dedicated his life to helping poor people with vaccines to prevent diseases.

Mr Marc as Alexander Graham Bell who was an scientist and inventor (telephone, metal detector and kites that led to airplane inventions)

Mr Lush as Stephen Hawking, a scientist and author who had a disease called ALS

Ms Megan as JK Rowling, the author Harry Potter who was rejected by 12 publishing houses before Harry Potter was published. She also was required to use her initials instead of her birth name Joanne so her target audience of young boys would read a book not written by a woman.

Now it’s our turn! We have been reading some biographies about significant people and the children have been thinking about who they might like to become. If you haven’t already had a conversation about it at home please do. Your child might like to choose someone significant from their home country or some one they feel connected to through a talent or passion like music or art. We already have a list of several students choices. We will have made our decisions by the TET break so we can come back and start our research. Let me know via email if you have any questions!

Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon


January 30-Parent Teacher Conferences, no school for the students.  I am looking forward to meeting you all Wednesday next week for the parent conferences. This is a parent only event (please find a space for your child outside of school). Please make sure you have accessed, and read, your child’s report via Veracross before the conference so that I can answer any questions that you might have. Reports will go live on Monday the 28th.  Please remember there is no school for the children this day.

January 31st-Grade 4 Market Day-please send 60,000 VND for your child to buy something from the fair.

February 1Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon Please turn in your sponsorship sheets before next Friday.




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This Week in 1B, January 18

UOI Overview

Here is our new unit overview for Where We Are in Place and Time.

Blue Dragon Walk-a-Thon

Are you ready for this year’s Blue Dragon Walk-a-Thon? Well, you may not be, but our students are sure getting excited for it. Please read here for more information about this ES event.


Mystery Reader

Iris was the Mystery Reader in her former K2 class this week. She loved reading a special story to the Kindergarten friends and answering important questions about reading. Iris told the students about the importance of practicing reading everyday and sounding out unfamiliar words. Iris was a risk taker and did a fantastic job! Way to go, Iris.


  • Parent Teacher Conferences, January 30th
  • ES Walk-a-thon Friday, February 1st
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This Week in 1B, January 11

UOI How We Express Ourselves, Unit Overview

UOI Poetry Introduction

This week, we introduced our new Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. We will be looking at different forms of poetry and how we can use poetry to express ourselves. The students learned about the following forms of poetry in our Grade 1 rotation: cinquain, acrostic, rhyming/chant/rap, repetition and list poems. The students loved learning a little bit more about poetry and can not wait to start writing their own poems.


During our buddies this week, our students read their Animal Information Report from our Sharing the Planet Unit to their buddy. Their buddies were able to ask them questions about their animal that they researched. After, the students read books and learned some new math card games. Our students love their buddies and it is such a wonderful time to build community and connection with other ES students.

Grade 1 New Years Party

Some of you may have heard the Grade 1 had a New Years Party this week. The students took action on their own and created a party during Tuesday’s lunch recess (even the teachers did not know about it). It was amazing to see how a group of 80 students came together, made signs, hung balloons and streamers and all were together during recess. Our Grade 1 community is flourishing.


  • As we start our unit on Significant People, we would like to begin with each child’s history. Please email me 4 significant event photos of your child (birth, first bike, moved to Hanoi etc). The students will be making a timeline with their photos.
  • Please send in old socks (preferably adult size socks). We are going to be making photos.
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This Week in Grade 1B, December 14

Maker Space

This week we were invited to go to the new Elementary School’s Makers Space. Ms Michelle is the teacher that facilitates the space and she gave us a tour of this incredible space. We explored all of the materials, the lego wall and all of the recycled materials. We are looking forward to going to this space more when we get back from the holiday.

UOI-Information Books

The students have been very busy writing their information report books about an endangered animal. They have had to find the following things about their animal: habitat, animal group/classification, external features, diet/food and interesting facts. The books have been shared on Seesaw also.

Haydon’s Grandparents

Haydon’s grandparents came to visit our classroom all the way from the USA. They made cookies and we decorated them. We also made snowflakes to make our classroom look a bit more festive. Thank you to Haydon for sharing your family with us. We had such a wonderful time.

Mystery Reader

This week, we had Leo’s mom, Ms Tina, come in and read to us. We learned that Ms Tina speaks Greek, Spanish, English, Italian and a little bit of Vietnamese. She read us a very fascinating book about Greek Gods. We loved guessing each God and then learning more about them. Thank you for leaving the book in both Greek and English for us to explore and thank you for coming to our class.


  • Please talk to your child about a ‘Significant’ person. Someone that has done something important for this world (possibly connected to one of the SDG’s).
  • Have a wonderful and safe holiday. We hope that you enjoy family, friends, good cheer and some relaxation as we bring in the New Year. See you all back on Monday, January 7th, 2019!!!




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This Week in Grade 1B, December 7th

UN Day

Last Friday was such a wonderful day at UNIS. The students looked amazing in their costumes representing 10 different countries. The all school assembly began with our two flag bearers, Iris and Emma carrying the Norwegian and Polish flags. Way to go! We listened to some very important speeches, saw some dances, heard the Middle School and High School choir and the assembly ended with our One Voice song sung by 500 students. It certainly was a highlight for us. The day continued with our shared lunch and food from all over the world. A special thank you to Leo’s mom, Tina, for helping to organize all of the lunch food and the flow. Thank you to all of the parents for bringing food and sharing with all of us. Please enjoy some photos of our special day honoring the UN and all of our home countries.

More photos are on this link.

UOI-Students Taking Action

This week, the students have been talking about how to take action with their pledges from last week. Haydon came to school on Monday and said that he noticed that the MSHS students will be selling Nutella waffles at Winterfest tonight. He asked if anyone was interested in helping him communicate to the students that Nutella is not a good choice for the waffles. He enlisted Korbin, Rozie and Stella to help him. They made posters, sent an email to Mr Colin, UNIS Service Learning Coordinator, talked to the students and worked with thier Grade 4 buddies on writing another letter to the students. All of their effort this week was successful. The students are going to use chocolate sauce instead of Nutella tonight. A small teaspoon of change…

UOI-Teaspoon of Change

This week, UNIS had the pleasure of having “Teaspoons of Change” founder D’Arcy Lunn on campus. D’Arcy has a background in sustainability and positive peace studies, and has worked for UNICEF, Red Cross, International Institute on Peace Education, and is currently the global citizenship coordinator at JUMP! Foundation. For most of his time, he visits schools across the world (he is currently based in Adelaide, Australia) sharing the “Teaspoons of Change” model and helping school communities work towards sustainable solutions. D’Arcy spoke to our Grade 1 students about being small agents of change, one teaspoon at a time.

Mystery Reader

This week we had Marcos’ mom and dad, Ms Paula and Mr Brett, come and read to us. We found out that Ms Paula speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. Mr Brett speaks English, a little bit of Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese. Thank you for coming and reading to us in both Spanish and English. We loved your stories. It was even more special because it was Marcos’ birthday.


Please continue to have your child bring back his/her blue take home folder each day. The students are making so much progress in reading and we want that to continue. If you would like more books for the holidays, please let me know and I will send more home with your child.






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