Final Blog Post of the Year, June 7

Poetry Cafe

Thank you to all of the parents that came to our Poetry Cafe. The students did such an amazing job reading their favorite poem to the audience. Thank you for coming and supporting our 1B Poets!


End of Year Party

We had a wonderful end of the year party this week. Thank you so much for the gorgeous lacquer box and Body and Soul gift certificate. Ms Lam and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for sharing your children with us this year- it’s been such a fun year and they all have grown so much! Good luck to all those families who are off on new adventures and to those of you staying, Have a wonderful summer holiday and we will see you back at UNIS in August!

Gratitude Assembly

This week we were able to honor all of the UNIS staff that work behind the scenes: the cleaners, operations staff, canteen staff and security guards. Our Grade 1 friends wrote a poem in English and Vietnamese. Our students illustrated each poem and gave them to the operations staff. We also sang all of the staff a song. It was truly a wonderful Gratitude Assembly.

Moving Up Morning

Morning Up Morning this morning was great! We hope your child comes home buzzing about their new classmates and teacher. Here is a photo of each of the new classes and new teachers.

Special Guest

Today, Kojiro brought his puppy, Uno, to the gate and we got to meet him. We have been hearing all about Uno for the past few months. We LOVED meeting him. Thank you to Ms Mayumi , Kojiro’s mom, for bringing him to school for us to meet.



  • Please send in a recycled bag for your child on Monday. We will be sending home all of their books and creations next week.
  • Wed 12th June– Last day of school. Early dismissal at 12pm.  There will be no lunch that day so please supply your child with a large snack. Yearbooks will be distributed on this day as well.
  • Please send in all blue folders, take home readers and library books.
  • We are in need of some recycled materials. Please send in paper towel tubes, yogurt containers and small recyclable materials. Thank you.


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This Week in 1B, May 24

Thank You, Iris

Last Friday, we had a wonderful celebration. Iris and her family celebrate Syttende Mai, Norwegian Independence Day. Ms Kristin also has Norwegian heritage and celebrates the holiday. Iris read us information and brought ice cream, marshmallows and gummies to help us celebrate. One of the best things about UNIS is our diverse culture and it is wonderful when we can learn more about how families celebrate their home traditions. Thank you to Iris and her family for teaching us about Syttende Mai.


What a wonderful week in Grade 1. The students practiced a lot for their amazing Music Concert and Art Exhibition and it paid off. Thank you for coming and sharing in the wonderful morning. Here are some photos of the event:


  • May 31 Poetry Cafe 8:00-9:30am
  • May 31 Graduation, School finishes at 11:30am
  • June 4th End of the Year Class Party-Parents are invited to come at 3:00pm
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This Week in 1B, May 17


This week we are at the ‘conclusion’ stage of our Scientific Method process. The children have worked so hard to research their topic and today they got to share their knowledge with a buddy. It was an interesting process to see how well they shared and how well they could listen, understand their buddies learning and then put it into their own words when they recorded onto their Seesaw.



This week we started to learn about writing narrative stories. After listening to a story, the students had to work together to create a Story Map including characters, setting, the problem that occurred in the story and the solution to the problem. After they worked together with their partner, the students shared their work. Well done, 1B.

Mystery Reader

This week we had the pleasure of having Ms Megain, our ES Principal, come and read to us. We learned that Ms Megan speaks both English and Spanish. This made our students very excited, seeing that many of them speak Spanish too. We loved listening to the story about how we each can make a difference with our voices. Thank you, Ms Megan!

Book Donation Pizza Party

This week we celebrated our success in donating the most books for the UNIS book sale. It was so wonderful to have a special pizza lunch. A big thank to the SCO for treating us. We also received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from JuEun’s mom for being such generous students and readers.THANK YOU!!!

Teaspoons of Change

We had a small group of G1 students making a ‘Teaspoon of Change’ this week by picking up rubbish from around our school. They were spotted by some of our other teachers and asked to present at both the Grade 2-5 assembly and the D-1 assembly. What a wonderful example these students are setting for the rest of the school! Congratulations to Hwanhee for being an SDG Superhero and representing 1B!!!

Board Games

A message from Grade 4…


  • May 22nd NEW DATE & TIME Gymnastics performance at 10:30-11-meet in the Sports Center
  • May 23: 9am-10:30am – K2 and G1 Music Concert and Art Exhibition for the parents
    • Coffee and tea will be available for parents in the Center for the Arts from 8.30-9am
    • The music concert will run from 9-10am
    • If you have not sent in your child’s concert clothes, please do so by Monday. They will need them Monday morning for the dress rehearsal.  UNIS performing arts shirt-royal blue can be purchased in the UNIS store and black pants. 
  • May 31 Poetry Cafe 8:30-9:30am
  • May 31 Graduation, School finishes at 11:30am


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This Week in 1B, May 10


This week in UOI, we have been learning about and using the scientific method to explore more about light and sound. We thought about what we wanted to learn more about and wrote a question and a hypothesis. We then split into 5 groups and investigated and researched our hypothesis. The groups researched vibrations, reflective light, sounds different materials make, circuits and instruments. 

My group went into the MSHS music classroom and learned about how the trumpet, flute, piccolo, xylophone, drums, piano and saxophone make sound. We learned about the different pitches each instrument makes and how some instruments have different parts to them. Mr Luke, the UNIS band teacher, was so informative and helpful in teaching us about these instruments. We look forward to exploring with them more.


Snack Sale

As a Nut and Allergy Aware campus, we require all snacks to include a list of ingredients. When it is your turn to be a contributing class, we encourage that each family supports the ES Snack Sale by providing:

  • 10 individual homemade snacks (the value of each treat should be at least 10,000VND)
  • Try your very best to minimize single-use plastics
  • A labeled container/dish with your child’s class and name
  • On the morning of the snack sale, please deliver the snacks BEFORE 8.10am to the designated tables in the ECC or ES Courtyard


  • Swimming only once a week until the end of the year, every MONDAY
  • May 13th Snack Sale-Grade 1 parents bring snacks and please have your child bring 20,000 VND for snacks
  • May 21st Gymnastics performance at 9am-meet in the Sports Center
  • May 23: 9am-10:30am – K2 and G1 Music Concert and Art Exhibition for the parents
    • Coffee and tea will be available for parents in the Center for the Arts from 8.30-9am
    • The music concert will run from 9-10am followed by a short comment from Ms Megan, ES Principal, and information regarding the art exhibition that begins immediately following the concert
    • Please send in your child’s concert by May 17th. UNIS performing arts shirt-royal blue can be purchased in the UNIS store and black pants. 
  • May 31 Poetry Cafe 8:30-9:30am
  • May 31 Graduation, School finishes at 11:30am
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This Week in 1B, May 3

Book Week

The students looked so great in their book character costumes yesterday. What a fun morning of reading, parading and listening to stories. Here are a few photos of our special day. Ask your child to show you Willy Wonka, Fancy Nancy, Little Red Riding Hood, Gerald, Dory Fantasmagory, Anne of Green Gables and even Captian Underpants (and so many more). 

We loved dressing up as our favorite character and sharing our books with our class!

We read with some K2 buddies after our parade. The students loved reading altogether.

We had two mystery readers this week: Ms Emily from K2 and Mr David from Grade 4. We enjoyed their stories immensely. Thank you for coming and sharing new books with us.

The Hufflepuff House was in full force on Thursday. The Grade 1 team wore special capes, rode our brooms and used our magic wands. 

We finished the week with a popcorn party because our class donated the most books in ECC for the book sale-483 to be exact! We were so happy to go to the book sale today and buy more books for our homes. Thank you to the SCO for all of their hard work.


Beginning next week, we will have swimming only on Mondays. Please continue to send in your child’s swimming gear on Mondays.


Save the Date-important dates for your diaries

  • Grade 4 & 5 musical Seussical the Musical Jr, May 16-18, tickets are on sale now
  • Gymnastics performance May 21st at 9am in the Gym-Grade 1 students will showcase their learning
  • Music concert Thursday, May 23rd in the Theater
  • Poetry Cafe Friday, May 31st 8:30-9:30am-1B will perform their poems for parents
  • Graduation – May 31st, School closes at 11:30am for all students



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This Week in 1B, April 26

Mystery Readers

We have had so many Mystery Readers these past few weeks. We had Iris’ grandparents come all the way from Denmark and read us a story about a girl having her first sleepover. We loved looking at all the pictures and listening to the words in Danish. Thank you for coming all the way to Hanoi!

Next, we had Ms McGee (UNIS Head of School) come and read to us. We learned that Ms McGee is from Canad and she speaks English and French. She read us her favorite book that she used to read to her daughters about a special dog. Thank you, Ms McGee for sharing a fantastic story with us. We also liked talking with you about the possibility of getting a class pet. We will work on our proposal for you.

This week, we had Hwanhee’s mom come and share a story about a dog that turned into a dinosaur. We learned that Hwanhee’s mom speaks Chinese, Korean, English and a little bit of Vietnamese. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We really loved it.



This week the Grade 5 students put on their PYPX. We were able to attend the assembly and visit the exhibition booths to learn more about the student’s passions. We learned so many new things about the SDG’s. A highlight was seeing Kevin’s sister taking action against plastic in the ocean. The Grade 5 students did an amazing job and worked so hard on this project. Here are a few or our reflections:

  • Rozie-I learned that over 200 people die in dirty water.
  • Iris-it is better to walk, bike or scooter to school because cars and motorbikes cause pollution.
  • Stella-I learned that in NZ this guy killed over 50 people with a gun. We need to not allow people to have guns.
  • Sarah-It is not a good idea to swim in dirty water or drink dirty water because you get bubbles on your skin and one day you will die.
  • Uha-I learned that sun, water and wind can make energy.
  • Jasper-I learned that smoke and fossil fuels are bad for our bodies and we depend on good air for us to live.
  • Leo-I learned that global warming destroys trees.
  • Sammy-I learned many kinds of animals eat plastic because it smells like food. They eat all the trash, especially whales, and then they die.
  • Tri Dung-Boys are richer than girls because boys are paid more than girls.
  • Koji-I learned that buses are better than cars because more people can ride the bus.
  • Haydon-I learned that I can make reusable bags out of a t-shirt.
  • Reina-It is not good to eat animals because if a fish eats plastic and then if people eat that fish, we are eating plastic. Yuck!


  • Book week costume reminder: Thursday 2nd of May. Please support in finding (or making!) a costume of a favorite book character along with a copy of the book.
  • We hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday. See you back at school on Thursday, May 2nd. 
  • Friday, May 3rd, please have your child wear blue. We have a MRISA assembly for the volleyball tournament.
  • Save the Date-important dates for your diaries
    • Grade 4 & 5 musical Seussical the Musical Jr, May 16-18, tickets go on sale next week.
    • Gymnastics performance May 21st at 9am in the Gym-Grade 1 students will showcase their learning
    • Music concert Thursday, May 23rd in the Theater
    • Poetry Cafe Friday, May 31st 8:30-9:30am-1B will perform their poems for parents
    • Graduation – May 31st, School closes at 11:30am for all students
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This Week in 1B, April 12

APAC Soccer

The students loved supporting UNIS, the team that it is our hearts, and also loved cheering for our Grade 1 team, Canadian Academy Falcons. We made signs, flags and banners. We even got to meet the team and ask them a few questions. If you have some time, there are more soccer games on Saturday, including the championship game.


  • Save the Date: Student-Led Conferences will take place on Friday, April 19th. (8am-4pm Grade 1 Conference Times Only).
  • No school on Monday in honor of Hung King Day.
  • Book week costume reminder: Thursday and Friday the 2nd/3rd of May. Please support in finding (or making!) a costume of a favorite book character along with a copy of the book.


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This Week in 1B, March 29th

Welcome to Spring Break! I hope you are able to enjoy the 5 days with your children and get a small break yourselves.

This week we have been exploring all things light and sound! We had a Grade 1 Maker Day on Tuesday. I’m sure you enjoyed hearing their recounts about the day on their Seesaw portfolios.


We started altogether in the Maker Space to discuss our day and the four stations that we explored.

We then went back to our classroom to tinker with speakers, headphones, a lamp and a Bee-Bot. We were able to take these items apart to see if we could find out how sound was made.

We then went into Ms Anna’s class to learn how to make light circuits.

We then went to Ms Sue’s room to learn more about how sound is made with different objects like robots, paper cups and glass water bottles.

Then we finished in Ms Penny’s room and explored darkness with torches/flashlights, disco ball, light projector and different types of instruments.

After we were finished we had so many wonderings to add to our Wonder Wall. We can’t wait to see where things go when we get back from our holiday.


This week,  we went to Mr Luke’s band class to learn about the different instruments. Ask your child what instruments they learned about and the kinds of sounds they made.

Sports Day

What a great morning we had at Sports Day today. It was touch and go all week if we were going to have it, but the field dried off from the morning rain and it was a huge success. All of the students did such an awesome job of working together, trying his/her best and having so much fun playing all of the different games. A big thank you to the PE teachers for creating such an exciting and fun experience for all of us.



  • School starts back again Monday 8th April
  • Student Led Conferences are on April 19th from 8-4. More information to follow after the break.
  • Swimming continues to be on Monday and Wednesday after the break for another 5 weeks.



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This Week in 1B, March 22

UOI: Wax Museum

We were so incredibly proud of the children last week at the wax museum. I’m sure you were as blown away as we were by the research skills, writing skills, the organization of costumes and props, all the practicing of their script with parents and parents, presentation skills and the confidence that you saw from all of our students on the day of the Wax Museum. All of their hard work paid off and they were also so proud of their work. Thank you to all of the parents that attended and for all of your support with the entire process. Here are a few pictures from our special day.


After the Wax Museum, it was time to reflect. Mr Josh, PYP Coordinator, asked each class to bring in 2 students to the office to reflect. Stella and Marcos were our 1B representatives. Mr Josh asked them lots of questions about our Wax Museum. Some of the questions included:

  • What did you enjoy most about this unit?
  • What are the important things that you learned?
  • What did this unit help you become really good at?
  • Why was this unit important?
  • What tips do you have for the K2 students that might do this unit next year?

Reflecting on our units is an integral part of the learning journey. After Stella and Marcos shared with Mr Josh, we came back to the class and had a whole group reflection. Here are some of our responses:

After the Wax Museum…

  • Rozie- I felt proud of myself because I did so much work for it.
  • Marcos-I felt tired because I stood up a lot.
  • Sarah-I felt happy because my mom and dad came.
  • Leo-I felt happy because the audience liked my wax museum. I also felt sad because we are not going to the wax museum again.
  • Kevin-I felt good because my grandpa came to see me.
  • Jasper-I felt tired because so many people came to my speech (like 50 or 60 people) and my voice was tired and my legs hurt.
  • Haydon-I felt happy because I liked how people were listening to me.
  • Koji-I felt happy because everyone came and everyone clapped.
  • Stella-I felt funny and crazy because I was thinking about doing it again.
  • Sammy-I felt normal because it was over and no one else is coming.
  • Hwanhee-I felt good because I got to wear Cristian Ronaldo’s soccer shirt.
  • Korbin-I felt happy because everybody was clapping.
  • Reina-I felt proud because so many people came.
  • Emma-I felt excited because my mom came.

I was a clear communicator…

  • Minh Huyen-when I was looking at the audience.
  • Uha-when I read my script.
  • Lexie-when I spoke slowly and loudly.
  • JuEun-when I was speaking clearly.
  • Rozie-when I read with a lot of expression.
  • Haydon-when I focused.
  • Marcos-when I spoke loudly.

We ended our reflection on the students writing and drawing this final reflection in their UOI books. They were very thoughtful and intentional about how they are going to help change the world.  In the future, I would like to be significant by being…

New UOI Unit: How the World Works; Sound and Light Affect our Lives in Many Ways

We kicked this unit off with a fun provocation in the theatre. We gathered together as a grade and experienced lots of different sounds and lights. We had to think about how they made us feel and what effect they had on us. Ask your child what sounds they heard and what lights they saw. Here is one example of a ‘Rock and Roll’ song and how our students reacted to it.


UOI and Math

This week, we finished our Significant Person timeline. After we drew our significant person, the students wrote the date and then had to figure out which year their person was born in comparison to the other significant people in our class. We made a human timeline and then had to place it on the timeline. It was a wonderful lesson that involved a lot of discussions, comparisons, negotiating and math skills. Please come take a look at our timeline in our class.


UN World Poetry Day

On Thursday, we celebrated UN World Poetry Day with our buddies. We wrote ‘I WIsh’ poems dedicated to the SDG’s. Here is a sample of one of the poems that we wrote.


  • March 25-Swimming begins during PE classes. Swimming will be on Mondays and Wednesdays for the next 5 weeks. Regular PE classes will be on Tuesdays. 
  • April 19-Save the Date: Student-Led Conferences will take place on Friday, April 19th. Conferences are normally from 10am-6pm, however, the G1 teaching team will be presenting at a conference in Ho Chi Minh City and are flying out Friday night. So the G1 conferences will be held from 8am-4pm. All other grades will be from 10am-6pm.  More details to come soon.


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This Week in 1B, March 15

Mystery Readers

Thank you to JuEun’s mom for coming and reading a wonderful story to us in Korean. We learned that she speaks Korean and English. We thought the book was so funny and we all loved it. Thank you again for joining our class.

This week we also had Kevin’s mom join us as our Mystery Reader. We learned that she can speak Slovak, Czech, German and English. Thank you for bringing all the books for us to look at how Slovak is written. We learned that Slovac is close to Polish. Thank you for sharing your story about the bear who got new pajamas and has wonderful dreams.

Wax Museum

Thank you to all of the parents and families who attended our Wax Museum today. The students did a phenomenal job as their significant person. We will have more photos in our blog next week, but here is our group one that we took before the museum doors opened.

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