This Week in Grade 1B, December 14

Maker Space

This week we were invited to go to the new Elementary School’s Makers Space. Ms Michelle is the teacher that facilitates the space and she gave us a tour of this incredible space. We explored all of the materials, the lego wall and all of the recycled materials. We are looking forward to going to this space more when we get back from the holiday.

UOI-Information Books

The students have been very busy writing their information report books about an endangered animal. They have had to find the following things about their animal: habitat, animal group/classification, external features, diet/food and interesting facts. The books have been shared on Seesaw also.

Haydon’s Grandparents

Haydon’s grandparents came to visit our classroom all the way from the USA. They made cookies and we decorated them. We also made snowflakes to make our classroom look a bit more festive. Thank you to Haydon for sharing your family with us. We had such a wonderful time.

Mystery Reader

This week, we had Leo’s mom, Ms Tina, come in and read to us. We learned that Ms Tina speaks Greek, Spanish, English, Italian and a little bit of Vietnamese. She read us a very fascinating book about Greek Gods. We loved guessing each God and then learning more about them. Thank you for leaving the book in both Greek and English for us to explore and thank you for coming to our class.


  • Please talk to your child about a ‘Significant’ person. Someone that has done something important for this world (possibly connected to one of the SDG’s).
  • Have a wonderful and safe holiday. We hope that you enjoy family, friends, good cheer and some relaxation as we bring in the New Year. See you all back on Monday, January 7th, 2019!!!




This Week in Grade 1B, December 7th

UN Day

Last Friday was such a wonderful day at UNIS. The students looked amazing in their costumes representing 10 different countries. The all school assembly began with our two flag bearers, Iris and Emma carrying the Norwegian and Polish flags. Way to go! We listened to some very important speeches, saw some dances, heard the Middle School and High School choir and the assembly ended with our One Voice song sung by 500 students. It certainly was a highlight for us. The day continued with our shared lunch and food from all over the world. A special thank you to Leo’s mom, Tina, for helping to organize all of the lunch food and the flow. Thank you to all of the parents for bringing food and sharing with all of us. Please enjoy some photos of our special day honoring the UN and all of our home countries.

More photos are on this link.

UOI-Students Taking Action

This week, the students have been talking about how to take action with their pledges from last week. Haydon came to school on Monday and said that he noticed that the MSHS students will be selling Nutella waffles at Winterfest tonight. He asked if anyone was interested in helping him communicate to the students that Nutella is not a good choice for the waffles. He enlisted Korbin, Rozie and Stella to help him. They made posters, sent an email to Mr Colin, UNIS Service Learning Coordinator, talked to the students and worked with thier Grade 4 buddies on writing another letter to the students. All of their effort this week was successful. The students are going to use chocolate sauce instead of Nutella tonight. A small teaspoon of change…

UOI-Teaspoon of Change

This week, UNIS had the pleasure of having “Teaspoons of Change” founder D’Arcy Lunn on campus. D’Arcy has a background in sustainability and positive peace studies, and has worked for UNICEF, Red Cross, International Institute on Peace Education, and is currently the global citizenship coordinator at JUMP! Foundation. For most of his time, he visits schools across the world (he is currently based in Adelaide, Australia) sharing the “Teaspoons of Change” model and helping school communities work towards sustainable solutions. D’Arcy spoke to our Grade 1 students about being small agents of change, one teaspoon at a time.

Mystery Reader

This week we had Marcos’ mom and dad, Ms Paula and Mr Brett, come and read to us. We found out that Ms Paula speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese. Mr Brett speaks English, a little bit of Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese. Thank you for coming and reading to us in both Spanish and English. We loved your stories. It was even more special because it was Marcos’ birthday.


Please continue to have your child bring back his/her blue take home folder each day. The students are making so much progress in reading and we want that to continue. If you would like more books for the holidays, please let me know and I will send more home with your child.






This Week in 1B, November 30th

SDG Week

This week we have focused much of our learning on the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals). We have concentrated on #14 Life Below Water and #15 Life on Land. The students were able to gain more understanding about these goals as we rotated to each Grade 1 classroom.

#14 Life Below Water

During our rotation of learning about life below water, we met Blake, UNIS Grade 4 student, who created the group The Last Straw. He is advocating for restaurants in Hanoi not to offer plastic straws anymore. He has had such great success. The students have learned to Refuse the Straw!

#15 Life on Land

We read two different books about trees The Lorax by Dr Seuss and The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. We discussed how cutting down trees is very hard for all of the animals in the forest.  We also watched a video about orangutans. The students loved the video and have all decided to not eat Nutella (due to large quantity of palm oil in Nutella). When we discussed Palm Oil, we learned that many companies are making Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Please look for this symbol on your chips, cookies, shampoo, soap products. The students are learning about how to be responsible citizens in the world.

My Pledge Video…

We ended our week with making a pledge of what we will do help the earth. Here is our Grade 1 video.


Mystery Reader

This week we had the pleasure of having Rosie’s dad, Mr Scott, come and read to us. He read us a very funny story about a bunny that tricked us in the end. We learned that Mr Scott speaks English, Spanish, Polish, a little bit of Vietnamese and he speaks SMURF. Thank you for coming and sharing your story with us.


This Week in 1B, November 22

Teacher Appreciation Day

Thank you for all of the cards, presents, flowers and special gifts of acknowledgement for us on Teacher Appreciation day. It was so lovely to receive such kind things from you and your children. Thank you for making our day!!!


This week in Math, we have been working on organizing and taking an inventory of our classroom materials. Students worked with their math buddy to determine the quantities of various items found in the classroom. We then determined that we could use more efficient counting strategies for our items. We finished with counting our items in groups of 10 and finding out how many tens were in a group and how many loose ones were in the group.

Mystery Reader

This week we had Reina’s mom, Ms Rumi, come and read to us. We learned that Ms Rumi speaks Japanese, Indonesian, English and a little bit of Vietnamese. Thank you for sharing your book with us. Reina was so happy to see her mom and brother come into our class.

“A Plastic Ocean” Movie Showing
Movie Trailer:  A Plastic Ocean 
What:  “A Plastic Ocean” documentary – FREE community screening
WhenTuesday 27th November, 5.00pm (running time – 1 hour 42 minutes)
Who:  UNIS Hanoi students, families, teachers – 7 years +
Where:  Theatre, Centre for Arts, B10
Why:  To raise awareness of the issue of pollution being created by single use plastics and what we can do to help. Theatre will open at 4.50pm – free seating.


  • Friday, November 30th-UN Day. Please have your child wear his or her costume from a country that they identify with. Please sign up for food for our shared lunch.
  • Do you have any extra adult sized socks in your drawers at home? We are wanting to make some puppets and are in need of some socks. Please send them along to school. Thank you in advance for your donation.


This Week in 1B, November 16

Open Classrooms

Thank you to all of the parents that came to our Open Classrooms this week. We really appreciate you being in our classroom and being an active part of your child’s learning.

UOI-Curious Kid Field Trip

What a fantastic trip to Curious Kid. This was our provocation into our new Unit of Inquiry called Sharing the Planet. We were able to touch, feed and play with many of the animals. We saw hedgehogs, guinea pigs, a tortoise, fish, a ferret, bearded dragons, a rat, mice, some turtles (including the one that Jasper donated, named Spoty) and sugar gliders. The students LOVED the trip. Here are some photos of our trip and the website of Curious Kid if you would like to go to Curious Kid ( It is a wonderful place to explore animals and more.

UOI-Sharing the Planet Overview


During language, we have been learning about being researchers. Students were put in pairs and had to research one of the animals that we met at Curious Kid. They had to find the following: habitat, classification, external features and the food that their animal eats. The students were using Google for the first time in class and learned to much about their animals.

Mystery Readers

We have been busy with are Mystery Readers lately. Last week, Kojiro’s mom, Ms Mayumi, came and read to us in Japanese. We learned that she speaks Japanese, English and a little bit of Vietnamese. Thank you for sharing your fun story with us.

Stella, Reina and Rozie were the Mystery Readers for their former K2 classroom this week. They were risk takers and read so well to their K2 friends. They told the students that in order to become better readers, you need to read everyday. They also said that it is ok to read the same book again and again to get better at reading all of the words. Stella, Reina and Rozie were very inspirational to their younger friends. Way to go!!!

This week we had Sarah’s mom, Ms Lan, as our Mystery Reader. We loved the story of the bear and all of his adventures. We learned that Sarah’s mom speaks Vietnamese, English and a little bit of German. Thank you for coming and sharing your book with us. Sarah was so happy to see you walk in the door!

Language-Word Families

We have been talking about words and how they are part of a family. This week we learned about the PLAY family. The words in the play family have to have the same meaning and structure. The students love building words with bases (play) and adding prefixes and suffixes.


This week as we continue our learning about our new UOI, Sharing the Planet, we had the pleasure of having Mr Scott (Maisey’s dad from ID) come in and talk to us about our human impact on the environment. He is the Director of Wildlife Trafficking.  One of the ways that we could help the environment is to reduce single use plastics. The students were very excited to report that they are doing a lot of these things at home already. What else can you add to your family’s routine to cut down on single use plastic?

Ms Lam’s Birthday Thanks

Ms Lam was so excited about her birthday and the special cupcakes from our room parent, Ms Tina and all of the parents. Thank you for our kindness and generosity.


  • November 30th-UN Day Please send your child to school in your home country’s costume. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  • December 7th: Winterfest
  • December 8 & 9 : Grade 2/3 Musical Production at UNIS

This Week in 1B, November 2


This week during UOI, Korbin’s mom, Ms Jessie, came and shared with us her knowledge about nutrition. Jessie is a nutritionist and had our students play a guessing game with healthy foods. The students were blindfolded and had to guess the food. Another student in the group had to draw the item and another student had to write the item. The students got to taste test healthy food including cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, starfruit, raisins, grapes, beans and corn. The students LOVED the lesson. Thank you to Jessie for coming and making a difference with our unit. We really appreciate all of your time and energy that you put into the lesson. It was so much fun!

Math Meeting

Thank you to the parents that attended our math meeting this week. Our Grade 1B had the most parents attend the session. We hope that you walked away with some practical things that you can be doing at home to help our child with math. I am happy to share some of our ideas, please let me know if you are interested.

Math Exploration

This week was all about Halloween. We did a 3 Act Math Task on Halloween candy. The students had to make an estimate about how many pieces of candy and then group the candy into piles to count. They had to both draw their thinking and write a number sentence to go with their picture. At the end, each student was able to eat a piece of candy! Math is so much fun.

Halloween Fun

On Wednesday, the students were able to dress up in a Halloween costume. The students had fun talking about his/her costume and talking about how they have or will celebrate this holiday. Happy Halloween!!!


This week we started our bike unit in PE. The students have been amazing risk takers and riding all over campus. They are all super excited that they get to learn how to ride a 2 wheeled bike, learn about the safety rules of biking and increase their current skills. Thank you to Mr Matt and Ms Clare, our PE teachers, for a wonderful first week of wheels!

Mystery Reader

This week we had Ms Lene, Emma’s mom, come and read us a book in Danish. We loved listening to the story about the mice and all of their friends. We learned that Ms Lene speaks Danish, Polish, English, Spanish and a little bit of Vietnamese. Wow, that is so amazing! Thank you for sharing our story with us.

Makers Space


November 9-Curious Kids Field Trip-please send a packed lunch for our child. We will be eating lunch at Curious Kids before we leave to come back to school.


This Week in 1B, October 26


Our field trip to Fivimart was great fun! The children loved the autonomy of having their own shopping lists and paying for their own groceries. I’m sure you were impressed with the healthy snacks that they created! We really enjoyed eating them! Thank you to Jasper’s mom, JuEun’s mom, Rozie’s mom, Korbin’s mom and Leo’s mom. A special thanks to Leo’s mom that went to a few more shops to find the things that we could not find at Fivimart. Here are a few photos from the trip and making day. They each made wonderful choices for our healthy snacks and are learning so much about making balanced choices in our UOI.


As part of our How We Organize Ourselves unit, we have begun to learn about the library circulation system with Ms Monica. We made a flow chart about the system and then became real librarians as we returned the books and set them back on the shelves in the right places. We will continue this learning for 4 to 5 weeks during our library time.

Mystery Reader

This week has been a very big week of birthdays for us. In the past week, we have celebrated Haydon, Jasper, Lexie, Kojiro and Minh Huyen. This week during our Mystery Reader time, Lexie’s parents surprised her and were the Mystery Readers and brought special cupcakes for us to help Lexie celebrate her birthday. We wish all of our new 7 year olds a very Happy Birthday. Lexie’s parents read two books to us, two of Lexie’s favorites. We learned that Lexie’s mom, Ms Asia, learned English and Vietnamese growing up in America. We also learned that Lexie’s dad learned English (or New Zealand-ish as he called it) as his first language too. Thank you for coming and reading the special books to us and for bringing Jack, Lexie’s younger brother.

Grade 9 Puppet Show

This week we were invited by the UNIS Grade 9 Middle School Drama class to be the audience for 4 puppet shows (only 2 classes in the entire school were selected to attend these shows and we were one of them). The older students adapted traditional fairy tales and made their own puppets. Our students really enjoyed each of the short puppet shows and they loved seeing the puppets and learning about how they were made. The Grade 9 students have decided to gift us the puppets and we know that our students will create many more puppets and stories for your entertainment.


Join us for an informal and interactive conversation about the mathematics’ development at your child’s grade level on Wednesday, October 31st at 8:30am. We will discuss the what and why’s about mathematics instruction and how learning can be supported outside of school. We hope to see you there!


  • Math Coffee Morning -October 31st –  8.30-9.30 in the creative space
  • November 1 & 2-UNIS will be closed to students. Teachers will participate in IB workshops.
  • Snack sale – Monday 29th. Please bring 20,000 VND
  • PE Bike Unit- begins Monday 29th. Please organize for your child’s bike to be brought to school. See PE blog for more details.


This Week in Grade 1B, October 19

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a relaxing week off the normal school schedule. It’s been great to hear the children’s holiday adventures and to see them all again after a week off.

UOI Hygiene Experiment

We did another experiment on hygiene. We had the students rub some oil on their hands and then go wash their hands. After they washed them, we used a fluorescent light to see how many germs (oil) were still on their hands. We were amazed by how we need to wash our hands more carefully and more often.

UOI Bread Experiment

We are in week 3 of our bread experiment. The students are excited each day to see how the bread has transformed. We are working our scientific process of coming up with a hypothesis, and then asking lots of questions. That is followed up by conducting our experiment and then recording our observations. Once we are finished, we will make some conclusions of what we know. We are learning so much about hygiene through this experiment.


Mystery Reader

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming a Mystery Reader from very far away. Haydon’s Grandma, GiGi, was visiting Haydon and his family and she came and read a book to us. Haydon’s Grandma is from the USA. She even stayed for one of our math lessons. Thank you for coming, GiGi and reading a fun Superheros book to us.


Goodbye to Tate

The last Friday before the holiday, we had a special party for Tate. Tate and his family have moved back to the United States of America. We had a special afternoon snack (all food that Tate requested), gave him our special book that we made for him and Tate wore his new UNIS t-shirt with all of our special goodbye wishes on them. Tate was very excited to go back to America and we wish he and his family all the best during this transition time.

Global Math Week

This week was Global Math week so we celebrated with our buddies by teaching each other a new math game called Exploding Dots. It was great to see the children being communicators and sharing their learning with others. Here are some of our reflections.

  • JuEun-It was fun because we can play a math game with our buddies.
  • Leo-I liked the game because the dots were exploding.
  • Tri Dung-It was awesome because I can make big numbers.
  • Stella-It was fun because we worked together.
  • Iris-It was fun because we saw so many friends doing math together (six classes).
  • Marcos-It was challenging because we forgot some of the rules.
  • Sammy- I liked it because we go all the way to 50.
  • Lexie-It was challenging because me and my buddy were counting separately. Then we worked together and it was easier.
  • Haydon-It was challenging because we did more than 90.
  • Rozie-I forgot to write the codes for my exploding dots.
  • Iris-It was fun because we got all the way to 50.


Field trip

On Monday, we are going on our Fivimart field trip. The children are excited to be independent shoppers with their own shopping lists and money! Please make sure your child comes to school with sensible shoes and a rain jacket, if needed.


Next week is the last week of swimming. After that the children will move on to their biking unit. Please see the PE blog for information about bikes.

Math Coffee Morning

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the G1 Math Coffee morning. Wednesday 31st October, 8:30am in the Creative Space (it’s the room upstairs opposite the G4 classrooms, directly above the new maker space). Come along and learn some new games and understand how we teach math at UNIS.

This Week in Grade 1B, September 28


This week, we learned more about healthy choices. We learned that there are four main groups of food: Body Protectors (fruits and vegetables), Body Builders (protein), Energy Givers (carbohydrates) and Treats (ice cream, candy and things that have a lot of sugar and/or salt). We sorted food into different groups with 1A and learned a lot about these food groups.

Today we had Nude Snack with our K2 friends. We were looking at the SDG #12 Responsible Consumption and Sustainability. The students looked at their snacks and did such a great job of bringing healthy for their bodies and environment. Here are a few photos from our time together.

Mystery Reader

This week we were joined by Uha’s mom. We learned that Uha’s mom speaks Korean, English and a little bit of Vietnamese. She read us a story about two men. One was nice and one was not nice. The kind man had good fortune given to him, but the unkind man did not. Thank you for coming and sharing this wonderful story with us. We loved hearing your home language, Korean.


This week, we also had our buddies come and talk to us about games. Mr David told us some funny stories about some animal games (thank you Haydon for being his prop). Some of us made up our own game, some of us played games that we have in our class and some used many different materials to make up a new game. What a fun experience to learn and grow with our Grade 4 buddies.

Moon Festival

Last week during our Moon Festival, we made masks as part of our celebration. We finished our masks this week. Can you find your child?

Sharing our learning via Seesaw

This week we have been experimenting with our new e-portfolio platform, Seesaw, to share some learning experiences with you. Thank you to everyone who responded to the invitation to view your child’s e-portfolio. If you require further assistance please get in touch.

We encourage you to get involved in the process be sharing feedback with your child. In class, we try to give feedback that is kind, specific and helpful and hope that can you can do so too! Please see the image below for some ideas and feedback sentence starters that you can use when commenting to your child…


October 1st-Parent/Teacher Conferences on Monday. This is a PARENT ONLY event.

October 31st-Math Coffee Morning for Grade 1

This Week in 1B, Friday, September 21

UOI-Who We Are: Here is our new unit overview.


Since we are learning about making healthy choices, we had Chengcheng and Su Hyun from UNIS Grade 10 Health class come and join us to talk to us about making healthy drink choices. We learned that some drinks like soda, Milo, some bottled fruit juices have more sugar than candy. We learned that if you eat too much sugar, you could get cavities in your teeth and your heart could hurt. We also learned how to make banana and milk smoothies. Please ask your child about how you can make this nutritious drink at home. What a great connection that we were able to make with older UNIS students.


Mystery Reader

This week we had our first Mystery Reader come and join us. Minh Huyen’s mom Ms Min Cen came and read us a book in Chinese, her mother tongue. We also learned that Ms Min Cen speaks Vietnamese. Thank you for being our first Mystery Reader. We are looking forward to our next one next week. Please remember, do NOT tell your child that you are coming. We want it to be a surprise.

Moon Festival

On Thursday, we celebrated the Moon Festival. We learned many things about this very important holiday. Ms Lam led a lesson with all of the Grade 1 students about the special music, food, games, symbols and toys that are a part of the Moon Festival. We then had a fantastic assembly put on by our Vietnamese teachers, Grade 2, 4 and 5 students and local performers. We then had a yummy snack with mooncakes, fruit and special rice. We ended our day eating more moon cakes and painting special masks. We are still adding some detail to our masks, so you won’t see them until next week when we send them home. Thank you for helping your child wear his/her Ao Dai to school. This shows respect to our host country Vietnam. Please enjoy our photos.

Happy Moon Festival from Grade 1…


This week during our Math Problem Friday, we mixed our groups to be with 1A. The teams had to work on the following word problem: Captain Cardio did 7 jumping jacks and Speedy Steve did 6. How many jumping jacks did they do all together? We also did variations of this word problem for different groups. The students have to show their thinking by using pictures, words and numerals. When students use multiple ways to show their thinking, this helps strengthen math skills.

Global Goals Week
Next week is global goals week at UNIS.  During this week we put the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. As part of Global Goals week we will be having a Nude Food Day on Friday 28 September.  Put simply, nude food day means sending your child to school with a snack that contains no disposable packaging. For more information click here.
  • Swimming Starts on Monday-please pack swimsuit, towel, goggles (if needed) and swim cap for long hair for boys and girls. Swimming will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is the link for more information.
  • Nude Food Day, Friday 28 September-Please pack a snack without the use of plastic.
  • EAL Coffee Morning, Thursday 27 September
  • Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday 1 October-Parent only event, students no school
  • Math Coffee Morning, Wednesday 31 October