Enjoy the break!

What does your family value? Are you celebrating anything over the break? What do you do that is special? What traditions do you have? 

  • Please take 3-5 pictures to share as part of our Who We Are unit!


  • Do you read on a boat? Do you read near a moat? Do you read in a tree? Do you read by the sea? Please take a picture of your child reading over the holiday…I’ll print and add to our 3C Reads wall!

Farewell to Max and his wonderful family. Please stay in touch. You will be missed! 

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December 7

Questions to ask your child:

  • What have you learned about making efficient graphs? How have you become better at making graphs?
  • What are important features of graphs?
  • What kinds of things should you post on See Saw?
  • When you post on SeeSaw, what should you include in addition to just posting a picture of your work?
  • What might we do over the next month or so that can represent our values and beliefs?
  • What is Hanukkuh? How and why is it celebrated?
  • How can we show respect for our classmates? What are my strengths in this area? What do I need to work on?
  • What books have you read this week?
  • What books have Ms. Jenny read to you?
  • Have you changed your reading book this week? What books have you checked out from the library? (Parents, this is part of their weekly reading menu expectations….if your child is not bringing home books, please let me know!
  • What learner profile do you think you have shown most this week? Which one do you want to show more often?
  • What are some ways that people and organizations are trying to help animals?
  • How is a report organized? What topics are you going to tell about in your animal report?
  • How are you a global citizen? Are you part of the pollution or the solution?Reminders: Check out the G3 Learning Space for more details about what we’re working on and ideas how to support your child’s learning at home!
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