Week of 22nd of May, 2017


‘Step up Week’ is here for G5 students. Each G5 class will spend a day in middle school, following their G6 buddies around to classes and participating in general G6 curriculum and activities. This is also the time when G5 students get to tour MSHS and spend time asking questions to a carefully selected G6 panel of students. Both G5 & 6 teachers have worked towards making sure this is a productive and exciting time for G5 students. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

5A = Monday

5B = Tuesday

5D – Thursday

5C = Friday

Click here for the Middle School Parent presentation if you missed it.

We aren’t winding up to cross the finish line just yet?

G5 students are still working hard in lessons to ensure they gain the most out of the curriculum in the last few weeks of school. There are of course the odd distraction, but it is business as usual. We ask that you continue to support your child by asking them ‘what they have learned?’, ‘what goals have they set for themselves for next year?’ and ‘how has G5 changed their lives?’.

Grade 4 Market Day



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