Week 9 – 15th to 19th October

Welcome, 5B Community,


In UOI this week, 5B began the research and narrative construction components for their Migration Museum assessment. Students have been tasked with examining their migrant through the lens of the UOI’s key concepts: Causation (the reasons for the migration), Change (how migration results in change) and Perspective (the views related to human migration). Students have a rubric and supporting steps to support their story development. You will be invited to attend your child’s presentation set for the morning of the 30th of October. Please save this date as further information will come next week.


In literacy, this week we continue to explore new vocabulary through word inquiry and students have also been reviewing elements of writing that are needed to develop their narratives. The focus will remain centred around time connectives, emotive language and oral expression. Students are using their guided reading strategies as they research migration information.


In Math, we have been learning how to read decimal and fraction numbers, along with new symbols to represent known operations. Students have begun to explore how to use a number line to represent their understanding of part/whole and negative numbers. Students are also connecting to their UOI by finding and accurately reading data related to their migrant’s journey. This gives students the opportunity to apply their mathematical skills and understanding in context.

Home Learning

Reading responses are a required part of your child’s home learning and development of reading. Some students are making a considerable effort which is supporting their reading development. Please read your childs responses on their Seesaw platform and make a comment. Research shows that the effect of a parent’s engagement on their child’s learning is almost 6 times as much as the effect of schools. On top of this, studies have proven that when parents are involved in their child’s education, students tend to have more positive attitudes and behaviour, and achieve more overall, regardless of their socio-economic status or ethnic background.

Some of you may have noticed that the Chromebooks are beginning coming home this week. I have granted some students permission to continue their school work at home, if necessary. Students will only be permitted to take the Chromebooks home if they have school work to go on with. Please be reminded that students are not to use their Chromebooks for gaming.

Field Trip Tuesday

Please be reminded that on Tuesday the 23rd of October students will be attending a field trip to the  Vietnamese Women’s Museum. We will leave school at 8.30, and plan to be back by 11.30. Please ensure your child has returned their permission slip. They will need a hat, a snack, a water bottle and suitable walking shoes.

Dinner Time Talk

  • What perspectives might your migration story include?
  • How has Vietnam changed since the arrival of migrants into the community?
  • What is another symbol used to show multiplication when doing algebra?
  • What math game did your G2 buddies teach you this week?

The week that was:

School is Out

We’re so proud of Grade 5 and all they’ve accomplished this year.  It was lovely to celebrate their progress with you on Monday this past week.

Please find the Graduation Professional Photos in this link.  You may download the photos you like as you wish.

The Grade 5 teachers wish you a wonderful holiday.

Last Full Week of School!

The days leading up to the end of the school year are busy and full.

Here are a few essential reminders:

Grade Five Moving Up Ceremony – Monday, June 12 at 9:00 am


The ceremony will be followed by a cupcake celebration in your child’s homeroom.

Dress Code for the Ceremony:

 (students can bring a change of clothes to change into for the remainder of the day)

No shorts for either male or female.
Boys should wear collared shirts – tie is optional
Dark trousers if possible
Dark shoes (No flip flops or bright coloured running shoes)
Girls should remember to wear a pair of tights/leggings under short dresses or skirts; no bare stomachs.
Small heel is acceptable, but no high-heeled shoes.
Home Lunch on Monday, June 12
11.00 Early Lunch – Students need to bring lunch from home for this day only as we’ll be leaving early for our grade-wide celebration.
Summer Reading Program
Please take time to read the Summer Reading Program in preparation for Grade 6.  Your child is expected to read two English books over the holiday.  Complete details are in the document.
We look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning at 9:00 am.

Week of 22nd of May, 2017


‘Step up Week’ is here for G5 students. Each G5 class will spend a day in middle school, following their G6 buddies around to classes and participating in general G6 curriculum and activities. This is also the time when G5 students get to tour MSHS and spend time asking questions to a carefully selected G6 panel of students. Both G5 & 6 teachers have worked towards making sure this is a productive and exciting time for G5 students. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

5A = Monday

5B = Tuesday

5D – Thursday

5C = Friday

Click here for the Middle School Parent presentation if you missed it.

We aren’t winding up to cross the finish line just yet?

G5 students are still working hard in lessons to ensure they gain the most out of the curriculum in the last few weeks of school. There are of course the odd distraction, but it is business as usual. We ask that you continue to support your child by asking them ‘what they have learned?’, ‘what goals have they set for themselves for next year?’ and ‘how has G5 changed their lives?’.

Grade 4 Market Day



Week of May 15th

  • Transitions

This week Nurse Susan will visit for the second and final presentation on puberty. The students will also have time for questions in their own gender groups to clarify their knowledge.

Curriculum update for May and June.
Please click here.
  • Congratulations

Well done to all the students involved in The Jungle Book. All your commitment and effort has shown through in your amazing performances.

  • Library Books

All library books need to be returned by next Friday May 26th. After this date the library will be contacting any students that have not returned their books.

  • Early Warning place into your calendar . 

Grade 5 Moving Up to Middle School Ceremony will be held in the Centre For The Arts on Monday 12th June at 9am. More details to follow as date approaches.

  • Parent Evening for Grade 5  students moving Middle School

Tuesday 23rd May at 7pm

For more information contact the MS/HS Office




Week of May 8th

Transition Unit – Nurse Visits start next week

Here are the links to resources that are intended to guide conversations during this much-awaited Unit of Inquiry:
Wiki Resources for Parents
Nurse’s Slide
Our school nurse, Ms. Susan McComic, will begin her sessions with the students on May 15.

Also this week Mr Tom (Counselor) and Ms Michelle started to visit the Grade 5  classes as experts in the areas of transition and the responsible use of technology, as we move into the teenage years

When: Monday, May 15th
Time: Grades 2-3 are encouraged to arrive at 5:00 PM, grades 4-5 are encouraged to arrive at 6:00 PM (the evening will run like an open house with the flexibility available to come and go as families need to)
Location: Building 10, fine arts building
Thursday 18th and Friday 19th May at 6pm
Saturday 20th May Matinee at 2pm
Congratulations to all the Grade 5 students who will be performing.
Curriculum update for May and June.
Please click here.
Swim Meet and MAP tests!
A big congratulations to all of our wonderful Grade 5 students for their efforts at the Swim Meet and during the MAP tests. Have a well earned restful weekend.

Coming events Tomorrow and Monday

ES Swim Meet Friday May 12th 2017

Grade 4 and 5 students will be taking part in an exciting event – ES Swim Meet scheduled  on May 12th, Friday from 8:30 – 11:30.

When: Monday, May 15th
Time: Grades 2-3 are encouraged to arrive at 5:00 PM, grades 4-5 are encouraged to arrive at 6:00 PM (the evening will run like an open house with the flexibility available to come and go as families need to)
Location: Building 10, fine arts building

Week of May 3

This week was a short one, filled with many engaging and interactive events such as Book Week, our Transition Unit of Inquiry provocations, a field trip to International School of Vietnam’s Grade 5 Exhibition, and our Grade 5 Transition Coffee Morning.

It was a joy to see fifth graders, after a well-welcomed long weekend, enthusiastic about the last quarter of school!

Visit to ISV Grade 5 Exhibition

Thank you to parents who attended the Transition Coffee Morning!
Here are the links to resources that are intended to guide conversations during this much-awaited Unit of Inquiry:
Wiki Resources for Parents
Nurse’s Slide
Our school nurse, Ms. Susan McComic, will begin her sessions with the students on May 15.

MAP Test: Tuesday, May 9 – Thursday, May 11
Swim Gala: Friday, May 12, 8:20 – 11:35 Follow this link to learn more about UNIS ES Aquatics program
Snack sale: Wednesday, May 10

What is the Healthy Snack Sale?
Here is an extract from the email sent to contributing classes:
So if you’re free from 8.10 – 9.40 on the morning of an ES Snack Sale come by, hang around and help sell the snack to the kids and be part of the action!

Contributing Parents in Discover, Grade 5 and Homeroom 2D:
Thank you in advance for your contribution. You will be receiving a handout this week regarding the Snack Sale:

As a Nut and Allergy Aware campus, we require all snacks to include a list of ingredients. When it is your turn to be a contributing class, we encourage that each family supports the ES Snack Sale by providing:

10 individually wrapped homemade healthy snacks (the value of each treat should be at least 10,000VND)List of ingredients or snack recipe
A labeled container/dish with your child’s class and name
On the morning of the snack sale, please deliver the snacks BEFORE 8.10am to the designated tables in the ECC or ES Courtyard
If you have any questions, please contact the ES Snack Sale Coordinators: Seung Shin Lee, Aya Kuroda and Akiko Nakano at snacksale@unishanoi.org .

Book Week Mystery Readers – What a treat!

Week 31 – April 24 – 28

Congratulations to our Grade 5 students!

We could not be prouder of the Grade 5s, they rose to the occasion and demonstrated their knowledge, creativity and desire to make a positive impact on their world. We commend them not only for the strides they made in the seven weeks leading up to Exhibition but their growth in confidence and engagement over the two days presenting to the wider community. Congratulations on a job well done.

Thank you to parents for joining us and sharing on our learning.

Our next steps are to continue to encourage the children to take action and follow thorough on their passions.


Upcoming Events


Transitions Unit – We will begin our unit on Transitions the week beginning May 9th. This unit will be a collaboration between the Elementary School, Middle School, School Nurse and School Counsellor. Please join in learning about the various aspects of this unit, with a focus on physical and social/emotional changes by the School Nurse and Upper Elementary Counsellor. The Transition Coffee Morning will be held on May 5, 2017 at 8:30am.



On Going Action

Groups are still accepting donations as they continue on with their PYPX actions. Please donate:


We’re an exhibition group that works on the SDG goal, quality education, there are five people in our group: Dasha Lysaght, Kiran Nguyen, Isabelle He, Toby Fujii Bennet, and Thanh Giang Tran. We work on quality education, because it’s the SDG we’re the most passion about. We got together for the exhibition because we all had similar reasons to dislike how most people don’t have quality education.

We would like to donate some stationary to help the Dong Ngac school; for example; Vietnamese English dictionary’s, pencils, notebooks, sharpeners etc…  If you have any supplies at home that you could donate please send them in this week.

Many Thanks,

Toby, Kiran, Dasha, Isabelle, Giang.