Grade Four

Body Smart: Grade 4

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 covers three main topics:

  • Learn about safe touch and unsafe touch
  • Understand what kinds of touch we are comfortable with
  • Know what to do when we feel uncomfortable

Students create a ‘circle of trust’ as they consider safe and unsafe touch.

Human Continuum: 

In another activity students create a human continuum between the two points ‘I don’t like it’ and ‘I really like it’ as they rate their reaction to different real-life touch scenarios.

Finally, a simple message of “no, go, tell’ is shared.

Grade 4 Body Smart Lesson 1

Lesson 2Lesson 2 covers three main topics:

  • Create a ‘Tell Plan’ to be ready to communicate unsafe touch to trusted adults
  • Understand  being Body Smart through the shared reading of a key text
  • Reflect on the two Body Smart lessons using key questions

Students review the topics covered in the previous lesson and discussion time is allocated to more deeply consider “No, Go, Tell”. Students will use key questions to record their thoughts on their blogs under the following heading:

What does being Body Smart Mean to you?

Creating A Tell Plan: Can you identify trusted adults in your life that you can talk to if you need to?

Students will listen to a book read aloud that personalizes how students can say “no” via the story of a similarly aged girl. Finally, students will complete an exit card:








Lesson 3

Students review previous lessons and activities and the book “Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept”. Finally, students complete their reflection by completing an exit ticket, using the “I used to think, now I think” strategy.









Grade 4 Body Smart Lesson 2

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