Resources for Parents: Parenting in the Digital Age

Our recent parent coffee morning Parenting in the Digital Age presented parents with an opportunity to consider how they can act as guides as their children navigate the social media landscape.

As a follow-up to the session, we are pleased to share the following resources with our parent community. If you have any questions or would like to continue the conversation our ES counsellors, Dylan Meikle, Grades 3-5 ( and Kris Bezzerides, Discovery – Grade 2 ( are always eager to connect.

These are the presentation slides that were used to anchor our coffee morning:

Parenting in the Digital Age

This is the link to the recently published Children’s Mental Health Report:

2019 Children’s Mental Health Report: Social Media, Gaming and Mental Health

This 2019 Children’s Mental Health Report helps parents, professionals and policymakers understand the online lives of children and adolescents, and answer the question: How much is too much?

And finally, these are the original articles and research referred to throughout the presentation:

Fostering Inclusive Education Benefits all ES Learners

On Friday 27th September the regular ES Admin and Parent Coffee Morning focused on the topic of inclusion.

“UNIS Hanoi celebrates the talents and diversity of its students and acknowledges the right of every learner to be empowered and successful in his/her learning.”

Our coffee morning was well attended by both parents and UNIS faculty. One of the big realizations of the morning is that we are very fortunate at UNIS Hanoi in the Elementary School to be so well resourced in terms of our number of faculty dedicated to fostering inclusion in our classrooms, as demonstrated by the following graphic.

This graphic represents all of the specialist and professional lenses that we are able to ‘look through’ when considering the needs and individuality of our students.

Parents also heard that inclusive practices in the ES at UNIS Hanoi are achieved through:

  • Collaboration and respect of all stakeholders
  • Support though an ongoing process
  • Solution oriented approach, taking action together 
  • Shared responsibility

At the end of the initial presentation parents were able to approach members of the Student Success Team to say hello and ask questions, and our EAL coaches lead break-out sessions with interested parents.

The slides of the presentation are attached here in .pdf form. It was a pleasure to be able to connect with so many parents around the theme of inclusion.

An Open Door on Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences Day!

As the school counsellor for Grades 3-5 I’d like you to know that on the Elementary School Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences Day (September 30th) I will be available to parents on a drop-in basis. My room, as you may know, is upstairs near the bridge to the school library, room 102a. 

Given that students will be in attendance on Monday, you may feel that you would like to speak without your child present. Please know that I am always happy to take appointments at mutually convenient times. Please send an email to to arrange a time to meet.

To read more about the work counsellors do at UNIS Hanoi to support the social and emotional growth and development of all students, please visit this UNIS Hanoi webpage

Kindest regards, 

Dylan Meikle
Elementary School Counsellor, Grades 3-5

Students Made Their Marks on International Dot Day

Last week the ES Visual Art department celebrated International Dot Day, celebrating courage creativity and collaboration. Students from Discovery to Grade 5 created their own dots, in a range of media and with personal designs. These were then cut into quarters and re-arranged as a group artwork with their class, to create a collaborative quilt of dots.

Please come to visit the students’ Dot Day installation, in the Centre for the Arts corridor, outside rooms 111 and 108 on the first floor, to see how your children “made their mark” in the spirit of Peter H. Reynolds’ wonderful book “The Dot.”

Skateboarding Unit

Grades 2 and 4 will begin their skateboarding unit on October 1st. This unit will run until November 1st.

All students must wear sport shoes. If a student wears sandals, crocs, or other inappropriate footwear, they will not be able to participate in the skateboarding activities.

Students are allowed to bring their own skateboards, helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads for this unit.

Movement Composition Performances: September 25th

On Wednesday, September 25th, Grade 3 Students will be performing their final Movement Composition Performances for parents. As part of our inquiry into collaboration, students have been working in groups to design and perform a quality gymnastics routine.

Please join us for this learning showcase in the Sports Centre, please be prepared to join in some physical activity.

3A and 3B: 12:15-13:10

3C and 3D 13:10-14:00

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Learning about Life and Social Skills

On Tuesday September 17th 2019, UNIS Hanoi faculty from across the school participated in a special one-day workshop entitled An Introduction to Social Thinking.

The focus of this workshop, hosted at UNIS Hanoi by the Professional Learning Hub, was to explore life and social skills including self-regulation and social-emotional curriculum for students of all ages. The workshop was ably led by Dr. Pamela Crooke, and attended by a range of UNIS Hanoi faculty; counsellors, learning support teachers, teacher assistants and homeroom teachers. 

In the past six months, a group of D-12 UNIS Hanoi faculty have been meeting to develop understanding and agreements surrounding Social Thinking and how services at UNIS Hanoi can be developed to sustainably offer social education opportunities for our students. 

Social Thinking is a globally-respected D-12 methodology designed to help students develop social competencies to better understand themselves and others, foster relationships, and make larger meaning of the social world. Social Thinking offers a large range of resources and strategies to support students for whom the social world offers challenges.

Participants in the workshop were eager to learn more about how to help students avoid “the blurt,” become whole-body listeners, and understand their expected/unexpected behaviors.  

Dr Pamela Crooke is the Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Therapist at the Social Thinking Centre in Santa Clara, CA. She has served as a clinical faculty member of three universities and worked as a Speech/Language Pathologist in the Arizona public schools for 15 years. Pam is a prolific speaker both in North America and abroad, has co-authored (with Michelle Garcia Winner) five award winning books for individuals with autism, including the Autism Society of America Literary Book of the Year in 2012. Her full biography is found here.

Mission To Mars: Finding Water

                                            Mission To Mars: Finding Water
Our Grade 4 students are on their Adventure Challenge: Mission to Mars unit. On Monday we have a lesson where the students are likely to get very dirty, so please pack a spare change of clothes that you do not mind getting wet and muddy.

Thank you and have a lovely long weekend,

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