Grade 1: Wheels Unit

Dear Parents,

The Grade 1 Wheels Unit will begin on October 26.

1. We request that all students bring their bikes and helmets to school on October 26
from 7:45-8:30. Please bring them to Gate 4 (see map below). Upon arrival, your child will be directed by the PE staff to the storage location where all bikes will be stored. If your child cycles to school, they can park their bicycle at Gate 5, and they will walk their bicycle to PE class each day.

2. To help us have a successful unit, please remove any training wheels and ensure the
bicycle is in working condition. Here are some places you can visit to get your bicycle
serviced or to purchase a new bicycle:

3. To help us with organization, please put a label on your child’s bike and helmet that
includes your child’s name and homeroom. For example: Matthew Magowan 1D

4. The unit will end on November 20, and all bikes can be collected on that day from

5. Make sure your child’s bike is an appropriate size.

Any questions, please contact your child’s PE teacher:

Clare Albertson ( 1A and 1B
Shannon Schultz ( 1C
Matthew Magowan ( 1D

Clare, Matt and Shannon

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PE Skateboarding Unit Grade 2 and Grade 4

Dear Families,

Beginning on October 5th, students in Grade 2 and Grade 4 will be starting their skateboarding unit. This is often a highlight unit for students as it gives a lot of opportunities for safe risk taking and demonstrating self-regulation skills.

Students must wear sport shoes (no crocs or sandals) and proper gear for all lessons.

This year, due to Covid-19, we are requiring all students to bring in their own helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Here are some locations where you may be able to purchase the gear:

Decathlon Royal City

The GioiPatin (multiple locations in Hanoi)

Hanoi Skate Shop

You may also consider ordering from Lazada.

When sending the gear to school:

  • Write your child’s name and homeroom on each piece of equipment.
  • Put all items in a bag with your child’s name and homeroom.

We will store the gear at school, if you would like, or you may bring it home when your child needs the equipment for other activities.

Thank you for supporting us in making this unique opportunity a reality for our students. Please reach out to your child’s PE teacher if you have any questions or concerns about the gear or unit.

Shannon Schultz (2B, 2D, 4A, and 4D)

Matthew Magowan (2A, 2C, 4B, and 4C)

Elementary PE Department

Skateboarding Unit

Grades 2 and 4 will begin their skateboarding unit on October 1st. This unit will run until November 1st.

All students must wear sport shoes. If a student wears sandals, crocs, or other inappropriate footwear, they will not be able to participate in the skateboarding activities.

Students are allowed to bring their own skateboards, helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads for this unit.