Counselling Resources

Welcome to Elementary Counselling:

The Elementary School Counsellors

  • Respond to and support students experiencing social, emotional, and/or behavioral concerns
  • Conduct individual or small group counselling to address identified social and emotional issues
  • Partner with parents and teachers, to foster developmentally-appropriate teaching and parenting practices
  • Develop and deploy supportive programmes tailored to our population (e.g. parent workshops)
  • Teach age-appropriate counselling lessons that address topics such as staying safe (child safeguarding), self-regulation, conflict resolution, and identity


The Elementary Counsellors are pleased to provide our parent community the following resources:

Our Peer Support Programme (Helping Hands)

Transition: Welcoming New Students (Coming Soon)

Transition: Supporting Our Leaving Students

Being Safe: Lessons to Promote Safety and Student Safeguarding

Parenting For Agency: Articles and Ideas for Raising Independent Children

New Baby?

For more information about UNIS Counselling Department please visit our public website.

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