Arts Week – Did you #expressyourself ?

This week all of the Elementary students, from Discovery to Grade 5 participated in our first ever Arts Week. Even those still in Distance Learning were able to create art and sing or dance at home with their families. Below we share a short video that is a snapshot of a wonderful week.


The children also contributed art and music to our Virtual Exhibitions and Concerts through grade level Padlets.

Please click the links below to have a look at all of the wonderful ways our students expressed their own creativity.

Visual Art Exhibitions

Discovery and K1 Visual Art Padlet

K2 Visual Arts Padlet

Grade 1 Visual Arts Padlet

Grade 2 Visual Arts Padlet

Grade 3 Visual Arts Padlet

Grade 4 Visual Arts Padlet

Grade 5 Visual Arts Padlet

Musical Padlets

K2 Music Sharing

Grade 1 Music and Choir

Grade 2 Virtual Talent Show

Grade 3 Virtual Talent Show

Grade 4 Virtual Talent Show

Grade 5 Virtual Talent Show


ES Arts Week #expressyourself

From Monday 25th May to Friday 29th The Elementary School will be celebrating the Arts with a week of art and music challenges. This week is designed to allow further opportunities for creative expression and a celebration of the Visual Arts Exhibition and Music Virtual Talent shows. The week will include fun morning art or music activities where children can freely express their ideas, creativity and imagination. Our week is entitled #expressyourself.

Even though we will be looking at the Grade level art and music Padlets in school during this week we will share these at the end of the Arts Week so if you haven’t yet uploaded your favourite artwork and your best music performance find the link in the DL website and upload it now! Don’t miss your chance to express yourself through these virtual galleries.

We are excited to see what our young artists and musicians will create wether back on campus or continuing with Distance Learning.