May 17th – K1C

Dear parents,

This week we continued our inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme Sharing the planet with the central idea: Understanding living things helps us share our environment and resources.  The cicadas, beetles, frogs, butterflies, moths, spiders, fish, snails and other living things in the ECC are inspiring our inquiries.  They are independently drawing, cutting and creating these animals with collage materials and using them in their play. The children are incorporating specific vocabulary into their play – “chrysalis,” “antennae,” “thorax,” “abdomen,” “responsibility,” “insect,” “nectar,” etc.

Show and Tell was a big hit this week. The children described their baby photos, and then the other children described them now at 4 and 5 years old.  We talked about what is the same and different as we grow and change.  We also compared our development to the life cycle of other things, such as butterflies, which grow and change very differently to humans.

Please follow this link to see photos from this week.

Show and Tell

  • Show and Tell cancelled for next 2 weeks. We will be busy with concert rehearsals and many special events in the next 2 weeks.

Field Trip Form: Some of you that pick up your children from school signed a field trip permission form today. Monday, we will send permission slips home in backpacks for bus children. Please sign and return as soon as possible.

Coming up:

  • Friday May 24th: K1C visits 20/10 again. Please make sure to have your child’s concert attire to school in a labeled bag by next Wednesday.
  • Friday May 24th: Outdoor Classroom day.  Please ensure your child is wearing sunscreen to school on this day.  Please make sure s/he has a full change of clothes, a hat and a water bottle. (We will be joining in the fun a little late as we have the field trip in the morning)
  • Thursday May 30th: Discovery & K1 Music Concert at 9am
  • Friday May 31st:  Early Dismissal for High School Graduation.  Students leave at 11:30
  • Wednesday June 12th: Last day of school, early dismissal at noon

Have a fantastic weekend!

Deborah & Thu

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May 10th – K1C

Dear parents,

This year has been so fun building relationships with our 20/10 buddies. We spent the week reflecting on our journey and practicing for the assembly. And yesterday, was absolutely amazing. I was so proud of the children for welcoming 20/10 with open arms and really making it a day to remember.

It started off waiting for the bus at the front gate. Twenty four students and four teachers and admin came off the bus greeted with squeals of delight. We came back to the classroom for a quick play before the assembly.

Then the big moment arrived! Your children were so brave to get up on the big stage in front of an entire theater full of people! They were so excited and a bit nervous, but it was fantastic! And so touching when their buddies joined them in the song.

The rest of the day was full of activities. They got to play in the classroom and outside in the ECC. We joined in a really big shared lunch consisting of spaghetti, salad, bread and fruit. We went to a Music class with our buddies to practice the songs they will be singing in an upcoming concert at 20/10. Finally, we said our goodbyes and waved to the bus as our buddies departed.

Today, we watched the video of our assembly and reflected on our favorite parts of the day. We also started to make cards for all of the people that made the day a big success. We will finish those next week and deliver them to those people.

I will share the video that Ms. Nhan from the IT department filmed for us on your child’s Seesaw. Also, I am compiling photos and videos from several sources and have not yet received them all. I will connect them all to the link below when they are ready. I will email you when they are attached.

Photos from our day with 20/10!

IMPORTANT: Next week for Show & Tell, please email a picture of your child as a baby. We are beginning to talk about life cycles and this will tune them in to their own life cycle.

Have a lovely weekend,

Deborah & Thu

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May 3rd – K1C Important information!

Dear parents,

This has been a short week! The children had fun at the book parade yesterday with their buddies. There were many dressed up as their favorite book characters. After the parade, the children relaxed and read stories with their 3C buddies in the sports center.

The book sale was a great success today. So many good books to choose from! Please check your child’s backpack and read some new stories with them.


Please join us next Thursday for our K1C assembly. The assembly will take place in the theater at 9:25am Thursday morning. This is very special for us as our 20/10 buddies from the Vietnamese school will also be joining us for the entire morning.

Quick pics of the week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Deborah & Thu

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April 26th – K1C

Dear parents,

As we continue to tune in to our new unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme Sharing the planet with the central idea: Understanding living things helps us share our environment and resources, the children brainstormed a list of animals we might find in our UNIS community. Please look at the picture of the list on our google photos from this week. In the coming weeks, we will be going on bug hunts around campus and taking pictures of our findings. If you spot any interesting animals with your child over the long holiday, please take a picture and email it to me for the children to talk about. Also, if you have any pets at home, please send in a photo as well. We will be starting a vet clinic in the classroom and this will help to make connections.

There will be no Show & Tell next week due to the short week.

Next Thursday is Book Character Dress Up Day. Do the best you can to put together an outfit your child can wear to school to celebrate. They can also bring in the book. We are attending a special assembly with the elementary school where we will have a character parade and reading time with our G3 buddies.

Next Friday is the book sale. We will be going over as a class to buy books on this day so please send in money and a cloth bag to store the books your child purchases. Read the Tin Tuc for further details.

Next Friday is also an all school assembly for our MRISA team. Please send your child to school in UNIS blue to show school spirit.

Click here for our pictures from the week. Included is our visit to the PYPx exhibition, swimming, cutting fruit and vegetables and a great math activity on estimating books collected from my house for the book sale next week.

Have a happy holiday!

Deborah & Thu




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April 19th – K1C

Dear parents,

It has been such a short and crazy week with a holiday on Monday and Student Led Conferences today! It has also been strangely quiet with so many children off sick with fevers and coughs. I hope to see everyone on Monday.

Thank you to everyone who attended Student Led Conferences today. The children were so excited to role play the teacher and demonstrate how to participate in the different activities within the classroom and share their knowledge. It was a real sense of pride for them to be able to teach their parents something they may not already know. If you were not able to join today, please know that you are welcome anytime. Our doors are always open for parents to visit.

EARTH DAY is this Monday April 22nd. To celebrate this day, we are requesting that all snacks sent in that day are healthy and are not wrapped in any plastic that needs to be thrown away. We will also be practicing some other routines to help our earth that the children will hopefully share with you at home.

This week K1 hosted a company called the “Zo Paper Project”. They are a business which is preserving and developing the traditional paper making of Vietnam. The children were slowly and carefully guided through the process of paper making. They worked in pairs to create one sheet of paper apiece and were quite fascinated by the results.

Here are some pictures from the week.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Deborah & Thu


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April 12th – K1C

Dear parents,

I hope you all had a lovely week off with your child during the spring holiday. They are enjoying sharing their pictures that were sent in for Show & Tell.

This week we began to tune in to our new unit of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme Sharing the planet with the central idea: Understanding living things helps us share our environment and resources. We have a new fish tank in our room with some beautiful fish that the children love to observe and talk about. We have also cleaned up our garden in the back area of our classroom and have planted some new flowers and plants.

This week we prepared for the APAC soccer tournament by talking a lot about how teams work together both physically and mentally to achieve their goals. To show support for our UNIS team, the children created headbands with Felix the Phoenix on the front. As we have been exploring patterns this week, the children worked really hard to create a pattern of their own on their headband by carefully cutting out different shapes and gluing them on.

Please consider donating books to the UNIS Used Book Sale. You can send in any books in any language. Thank you for your support. Please check the Tin Tuc for more information.

As there are Student Led Conferences next Friday, please note that we will cancel Show & Tell and resume the following week.

Pictures from the week

Have a great long weekend!

Deborah & Thu

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Student Led Conferences

Dear Parents,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you with more detail about our ES Student-Led Conferences that take place on Friday 19th April, 2019.

There will be no regular school for Discovery – Grade 4 students on Friday 19th April while conferences are in process (as advertised in the UNIS Calendar).  Regular classes will resume on Monday 22nd April.
We invite you to sign up for a conference with your child via Veracross – from Wednesday 10th April – Tuesday 16th April. You will be asked to sign up for a 30-40 minute session in your child’s homeroom. Please allow another 30-40 minutes to visit specialist classrooms with your child. Visits to specialists will be on a drop-in basis and can be done either before or after the homeroom time. This is not a time for a parent-teacher conference, which you are welcome to schedule with your child’s teacher at any other time.

Available conference times for K1C are:

09.00am – 09.40am

10.00am – 10.40am
11.00am – 11.40am

Student Led Conferences have been used for many decades and their efficacy for promoting optimal student outcomes has been well documented over time.  At UNIS Hanoi, we believe that children are in charge of their learning and we give them many opportunities to know that they are capable and that they can influence what happens to them.

If you have never participated in a Student Led Conference you might be asking, “What is this all about?” Or “Why are children being included in conferences?” You might even be wondering when you are going to get a chance to “really talk” with the teacher about your child. We, too, have asked these questions and have spent a great deal of time researching and discussing the benefits to ensure that our teaching and learning is at the forefront of current educational theory and practice.

Conference structure:

  • Homeroom class (30-40 minutes) – Students will bring you into the classroom, give you a tour, involve you in a demonstration/ practical activity and will show you through their portfolio and/or a range of work samples.
  • Specialist classes (30-40 minutes) – students will have the opportunity to share work samples and demonstrate their skills in a variety of specialist areas.

Students’ digital portfolios are not intended to be collections of ‘perfect’ work – they are a record of a student’s learning journey – and might include first drafts, final drafts and personal reflections which aid the learning process.

During each conference time slot there will be up to 4 families in the classroom, creating a relaxed environment and giving you time to engage in some activities with your child. Each child and his/her parents will have conversations going on around them, but will still have enough privacy to conduct a personal conference.  Conferences may be conducted in English or in the child’s home language – whichever is best for both students and parents.

During conferences children and parents discuss all aspects of the learning together with openness and transparency so that children continue to feel empowered and responsible for their behavior and learning.

Your child will greatly appreciate your full attention and support during this conference.  For this reason, please do not bring younger siblings to conferences. We ask that school aged siblings wait in designated areas outside the classrooms, and that your own child care arrangements are made for young children and infants.

We look forward to your participation in these conferences with your child.

Kind regards,

Megan Brazil
Elementary School Principal  

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March 29th – K1C

Dear parents,

Sports day was a success! It was the perfect weather for the festivities and a great location under the covered courts. Discovery and K1 did a group dance together to start it off and then participated in a variety of activities throughout the morning.

The K2 Market Day was also a big hit. The children had fun buying such things as homemade cards, magic wands, robots, popcorn and lemonade just to name a few.

Our first swimming lesson took place on Tuesday. The kids were so excited to put on their swimming gear and hop into the pool with Ms. Nikki and Mr. Martin. They were very confident and had lots of fun. Please remember that swimming will take place every Tuesday so please send your child with a swimming suit, towel, goggles and a swimming cap (if long hair). Also, every child will swim unless a doctor note is provided.

We have also started looking closely at patterns. The children are creating them in their play and noticing them in their environment.

They are all very excited to go on holiday. For Show & Tell the week we get back, please email a picture from your holiday for your child to share. If you don’t leave Vietnam, just take a photo of something special you did during the week.

Please enjoy the pictures from this week. The children were very busy.

Have a fun holiday!

Deborah & Thu

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March 22nd – K1C

Dear parents,

The biggest event this week was the International Day of Happiness! Before K1 students arrived, the 10 Steps to Global Happiness were drawn on the ground with sidewalk chalk and paper smiley faces were put in all cubbies and on top of tables. The children arrived to Pharrell Williams’ song ‘Happy’ being played on the speaker, bubbles, and an option for face paint.

Then we were lucky enough to be joined by a very special guest, our Head of School Ms. Jane Mcgee! You can imagine the excitement from the children. It is not often we have guests and so this was very special. She read a book titled “Mable Murple”. Jane had a lovely rapport with the children and they were very engaged with the story. She was also complimentary of our children and classrooms.

The children brainstormed what makes them happy and how they can make others happy. They really put some thought into their responses. Please take a close look at the responses in the photos from the week. My apologies that I cannot add pictures directly on my page at the moment.

This week, we read a book titled ‘A Squiggly Story”. It’s about a boy who doesn’t believe he can write a story and so his sister shows him how. He then goes on to share his partially finished story at school for Show & Tell. His teacher and classmates then gave him ideas to finish his story. This has sparked an amazing amount of bookmaking, collaborating and learning from others in the classroom.

K1C also made a poster this week with their written names and then connected unifiix cubes representing the letters of their names. Then they did comparisons between their name and their peers noticing such things as letters that are similar, number of letters, uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces in names and names that are shorter or longer just to name a few.

Next week for Show & Tell, please help your child bring in an object to tell a story with. An example of this could be a puppet.

Important Dates:

  • Swimming begins next Tuesday Mar. 26th. It will be just one time per week until the end of the year. Children will need a swimming suit, towel, goggles and a swimming bag. Please also send them in shoes that are easy to get on and off. All children will swim every Tuesday unless they have a doctor’s note. More information can be found in the Tin Tuc.
  • K2 Market Day is next Tuesday Mar. 26th. Please send your child with 20,000VND to purchase treats and crafts made by K2 children.
  • Sports Day is next Friday Mar. 29th. Please remember to send your child with a snack, water bottle and hat.

Please find pictures from our week here.

Have a great weekend,

Deborah & Thu




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March 15th – K1C

Dear parents,

Thank you all for joining us for Open Classrooms this week. It’s exciting for the children to have you at school to share in their learning and it’s fun to capture the joy on their faces. It was great to see such fantastic parent participation as well.

The clay project that we did on both Open Classroom days was inspired by our recent inquiry into names. The children have begun to use comparative language to discuss longer names, shorter names, letter names, letter sounds and who has letters that are the same. This clay name piece will be fired in the art kiln after it dries and then sent home to hang in a special place.

This morning Camilla (Cami) the Counting Camel was introduced. She loves to sing her numbers and help children problem solve. Puppets are always a favorite with children and encourages deeper thinking.

We have added some new loose parts to different areas of the classroom and removed others so the children have been inspired to create different meaningful pieces and work more collaboratively together.

Next week, on March 20th, we will celebrate the International Day of Happiness. Our Head of School will be joining us on this day to read a story and share in the joy of K1. In honor of this special day, please have your child pick out something from home that makes them happy to share for Show & Tell. This could be a photo, a book, or even a family member (!).

Please enjoy these pictures of the week.

Have a great weekend,

Deborah & Thu


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