June 7

Greetings 5A Community,

This week, 5A have been busy rehearsing our Moving Up assembly, swimming in the G4 & G5 Swim Extravaganza, preparing their artifact for the identity assessment, and finishing up our math unit by modeling, identifying and labeling a range of 3D shapes.

We are very excited to present our moving up assembly on Monday morning (8.30am). After the moving up ceremony and group lunch, grade five will be ice skating. Please ensure your child has a comfortable change of clothes.

Students will start bringing home their personal items from school next week. Congratulations to 5A for returning all of their library books to the library on time. A reminder that students can (and should) borrow books for the holiday break. Please encourage your child to read, and log their reading time in the ‘Million Minutes’ holiday reading competition. They can log their reading by visiting the library website from any device.

Two of our very special 5A students will be leaving UNIS at the end of next week. If you see Amaya or Hannah over the next few days, please be sure to wish them all the best. 


  • TEDx Youth @ Hanoi Event; June 8th at 9:00 am – Here is the link to the ticket registration.
  • G5 Moving Up Celebration/Assembly 10th June at 8:30 am
  • Final Day of School for students is the 12th of June.

The week that was:

May 31

Greetings 5A Community,

As we draw a close to the academic year, 5A are beginning to gather items they can use to craft their transitions artifact. Students need to be creative in the way they construct an artifact that reflects the major transitions in their life. I have encouraged them to bring items they have collected over the years, photos, sports items like football boots or swim caps or even game pieces they have had since they were young. Next week students will spend most of their time creating an artifact that represents who they were and who they are now. I’m looking forward to sharing these with you on Monday the 10th of June at the G5 Moving Up Celebration/Assembly.

G5 Moving Up Celebration/Assembly

By now you should have received an invitation to attend this important event. It will start at 8:30 am in the Center for the Arts Theater. Once the assembly is over, students will do the traditional walk from ES to MS where they will be greeted by our MS Principal. From there, students will make their way back to their classes to share their artifacts with their families. There will be a morning tea (which our class parent has contacted you about) and the morning will come to a close at 10:10 am.

All students will need to dress in formal attire (special occasion dress) and will need a change of clothes for the event happening in the afternoon. Your child will bring home a permission slip on Monday, to attend an off-campus event to celebrate the end of the year. Please keep an eye out for the permission slip and return it to school by Thursday 6th June.

Students have also been asked to supply a photo of them as a baby, and one of themselves taken recently. If your child isn’t able to attend the school during the final week of school, please let me know as soon as possible. We would still like to celebrate your child, even if they aren’t going to attend, by showing their photos alongside their classmates.


  • Swimming House Relay Extravaganza: Thursday, 9.30 – 11am
  • TEDx Youth @ Hanoi Event; June 8th at 9:00 am – Here is the link to the ticket registration.
  • G5 Moving Up Celebration/Assembly 10th June at 8:30 am
  • Final Day of School for students is the 12th of June

The Week That Was

May 24

Greetings 5A Community,

This week students have been hard at work completing their end of year assessments in math and literacy. With just three weeks left until the summer break, we are counting down the days to middle school.

5A are very excited about their Step Up Day which is happening all day Monday. Students will shadow their Grade Six pen pal buddy for the day. They will follow their buddies timetable, attend all of their classes, and eat together with the other middle school students in the cafeteria. It is sure to be a nervous, yet very exciting day for them all.

In addition to the ongoing assessment, In math this week students have been inquiring into angles. We made our own protractors using our knowledge of regular 2D shapes. On Thursday, the class also investigated bearings by predicting the flight path of aeroplanes to predict if and when two planes might crash. Today the class enjoyed an outdoor math lesson where they took photos of Middle School street art around the campus, and identified the 2D shapes found within. You can see more of this work on today’s Seesaw post.

In literacy we have been examining the explanation text type. Students spent the early parts of the week reading and identifying the structural elements. Next week we will take a closer look at the grammatical features, before continuing some more explanation writing.

In UOI this week, the boys and girls were separated for two periods so that students could learn some of the more specific details involved with growing up as a boy or girl. In 5A, students have been working hard on their transition timelines. We have also had some lovely moments of sharing, with many students sharing baby photos and pictures of themselves growing up. We have a photo display of baby & toddler photos growing. It would be wonderful if all students could contribute a photo. They will be returned at the end of the unit. Next week we will begin the summative assessment for this unit which involves creating an artifact (with captions) that shows transitions they have made throughout their lives.  


  • HS Graduation 31st May 11:30 am Early Dismissal for D-G8
  • G4&G5 Swimming Festival Thursday 06 June 09.30-11.00 am
  • Grade 5 Moving Up Celebration & Assembly 10 June 08:30 – 10:05 am
  • Last day of school 12th June

The Week That Was

May 10

Greetings 5A Community,

There were a few disruptions to our schedule this week with MAP testing and special visitors to our classroom, but students once again managed the changes and challenges like champions.

Measure of Academic Progress – MAP

Unlike paper and pencil tests where all students are asked the same questions and spend a fixed amount of time taking the test, MAP testing means every student gets a unique set of test questions based on responses to previous questions. They also have as much time as they need to take the test. Your child’s MAP Growth results will be available online soon.

Here is a short article based on 12 common questions parents ask about the MAP Growth Test.

In math this week, we began our new inquiry into geometry. Students completed a geometry pre-assessment, before measuring out and putting together their own square meters using rulers and scrap paper. Next week we will continue to explore the concept of perimeter and area before taking a closer look at the features of 2d and 3d shapes. 

The math curriculum outcomes 5A are currently working on are:

  • Choose appropriate units of measurement for length, area, volume, capacity and mass  (ACMMG108)
  • Classify two-dimensional shapes and describe their features (2D) (Described in the NSW syllabus)
  • Compare, describe and name prisms and pyramids (3D) (Described in the NSW syllabus)
  • Connect three-dimensional objects with their nets and other two-dimensional representations (ACMMG111)
  • Estimate, measure and compare angles using degrees (ACMMG112)

In Literacy this week, week, students completed an explanatory pre-assessment for  our new text type. We have also started reading A Midsummer Nights Dream. Next week, students will be busy completing the final round of DRA reading tests.

Visitors to 5A

Nurse Susan came to talk to students about hygiene and how to look after their bodies. Next week, Nurse Susan will be back to explain how the reproductive system works in both males and females. 

Mr Dylan also came in to talk with us about ’emotional regulation’; how our emotions change or intensify, and how some students may experience new emotions. Students were given strategies to help them regulate, identify and communicate what they are feeling.

We also visited Ms Cathy’s K2 classroom on Monday and participated in a K2 lesson. This provocation to the Transition unit was designed to give students an understanding of how they have changed over time. During homeroom discussions, students identified changes to their lives such as freedom to make choices about what they learn, more responsibility for themselves and their belongings and friendships.

Next week Ms Michelle will visit us to discuss ‘digital footprints’ and that certain information should not be shared online, in order to keep students safe from online predators.

Parent Coffee Morning – Transitions UOI

This week the G5 team held a parent coffee morning to share information and resources about the Transitions unit. Thank you to those parents who attended. As discussed here is the slide show we used during the coffee morning.

Who We Are_Transitions coffee morning 2019 (May 10)


Seussical Jr. is on Sale Now

Thursday 16th,  Friday 17th and Saturday 18th – Get your tickets quick as they are selling fast.

Swimming switches to Thursday for 5A and 5B

Snack Sale Monday 13th May

Tuesday 14th – Youth Sports Festival

Wednesday 15th – Seussical Jr full day rehearsal

Greetings 5A Community,

Students spent this short week of school (2 days) self-assessing their understanding and skills throughout the PYP Exhibition: understanding of the central idea, thinking skills, research skills, communication skills, social skills and self-management skills. You can look forward to receiving their group and individual assessments next week.

Next week we will resume our normal classroom schedule and introduce new units in UOI, math and literacy. The unit of inquiry, Transitions, will involve physical, social and emotional changes. In math we will study Geometry, and in literacy we will read and write explanatory texts.

Beginning next week: Swimming switches to Friday for two periods.

Other Announcements:

4th May – Saturday of Service – Help maintain the momentum of PYPx and join in

7th, 8th, 9th May – Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing

10th May – Grade 5 Parent Coffee Morning – Transitions

April 26

Greetings 5a Community

What a wonderful week of learning through showcase, celebration and reflection. We are so proud of our Grade 5 community. The students rose to the occasion, demonstrating knowledge and a deep understanding to lead them toward meaningful action.

Thank you for being a part of our learning community. We appreciate the support, and hope you too were inspired to take action.

Here is the link to the final PYPx video on our website. Have a wonderful long weekend.


  • 29th & 30th April –  No school – Vietnamese Victory Days
  • 1st May – No school – International Labour Day
  • 2nd May – Book Week Character Parade!! 8:10 am in the Sports Centre Friday
  • 3rd May – MRISA assembly. Wear your UNIS gear to support our Volleyball teams.
  • 3rd May – Book Sale
  • 4th May – Saturday of Service – Help maintain the momentum of PYPx and join in
  • 10th May – Grade 5 Parent Coffee Morning – Transitions

April 19

Greetings 5A Community,

It’s been a very busy week, as we prepare for next week’s PYP Exhibition. Students spent all day today working on hard in their groups on their PYPx – preparing their speeches, taking action and putting together their presentation displays. Many thanks to those parents who came along to help out with the groups. 

A reminder for all parents to please complete the G5 PYP Exhibition After School Information Form to assist G5 teachers with planning for next Thursday’s Evening PYPx event.

We look forward to sharing our PYP Exhibition with you next week.

April 12

Greetings 5A Community,

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break. 5A have jumped straight back into their PYPx projects this week, and are now turning their research into action.

In Math, students have continued their study of probability by playing five card poker independently in small groups. On Thursday I introduced seven card poker, and next week we will play a couple more times to break up what is guaranteed to be a very busy PYPx week.  

In literacy on Monday we continued reading Romeo & Juliet. This week, I also introduced our new read aloud text, Holes by Louis Sacher. We have spent some time this week examining the characters and responding in writing to the new text.

In PYPx this week, groups have finished their information reports. The reports will be available to read in the library from April 18. Many of the reports are bilingual and are written about a wide range of topics. Field trips are coming to an end and student action is well underway. The hope is that by students taking action, they will become aware of how they can make a difference to issues that affect them and others within the world. Be sue to check out this weeks PYPx video, here

PYPx Sub-Committees

On top of their own PYPx inquiries, groups of students have volunteered to be on sub-committees to organise the Exhibition itself. These groups are in charge of invitations to families and other schools, organising assemblies, PYPx T-shirts and the parent evening. Much of this year’s PYPx has been handed over to the students, so that they have a voice in how they present their findings and actions.

PYPx Work Day

A reminder that next Friday is G5 PYPx work day. All G5 students are required all day. There is no student-led conference for G5. However, parents are welcome to pop into class and spend some time working with their child. Students will be busy with a range of tasks such as the assembly performance, taking action and building the exhibition stand for PYPx presentation day. It is a busy day in grade 5, and any assistance is greatly appreciated. There will not be any specialist subjects on this day,

PYPx Parent Evening Event

Keep the evening of the 25th open. An invitation to attend is due from the Student Sub-Committee shortly Be 

The Week that Was

Be sue to check out this weeks PYPx video, here

March 29

Greetings 5A Community,

This week we have been flat out busy working hard on our PYPx projects. It was a pleasure to take a break from it all this morning, and enjoy a couple of hours at Sports Day.

For PYPx, students have been hard at work all week researching and putting together their information reports. Many students have been out on field trips, or spoken with visitors to the school about their subject areas. After the spring break, you can expect your child to be busy taking action related to their topic.

In math this week, we have continued our examination of probability by learning how to play poker. Students now have a good understanding of the poker hand rankings, and the relative chance of making such hands when changing one, two or three cards with the dealer.

Be sure to check out the PYPx video for this week, on our PYPx website here.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

March 15

Greetings 5A Community,

Many thanks to those parents who made it along to the open classrooms this week. I am sorry if my absence disrupted your schedule.

In math this week, students continued visualising their thinking with fractions. They did this by utilising the ‘Claim’ ‘Support’ ‘Explain’ protocol when answering word problems about fractions. 

In literacy, students have been focused on reading articles related to their lines of inquiry. Ms Monica was in on Tuesday, to teach the class how to use the Cornell note taking system.

In UOI, students have spent a large part of the week researching their lines of inquiry and key questions. All students are expected to record Cornell notes in their PYPx journal. Many groups had their first mentor meeting, with mentors going over their lines of inquiry, key questions and providing guidance for their inquiries over the next week.

Calling for Experts or People with Connections

Students need to source a wide range of information in order for them to acquire accurate and timely information. Interviewing and field trips are encouraged, but we need your help to do this. If you are or know of anyone connected to an issue a group is researching, please contact me or your child’s coordinating teacher.

Finally, be sure to check out this week’s PYPx video on the Website.