Another Way for Students to Connect

As parents we often have deep, thoughtful conversations at home with our children. These chats are often a source of happiness for parents, as they allow us to appreciate our growing child’s thoughts on how they see and experience their world and self.

Sometimes, it becomes apparent that our child is dealing with an uncomfortable situation with peers at schools. In the normal excitement and hustle-bustle of school life it is possible that some students experience a negative interaction with a classmate or friend that isn’t immediately noticed by an adult.

Whilst it might be our protective instinct to offer to intervene on our child’s behalf, many parents know deep down that it is far better to teach their child to speak up and get help on their own. Naturally, building independence and confidence is important, but what can we do if our child is reluctant to speak to their teachers about their problem?

One solution offered to students in grades 3-5 at UNIS Hanoi is a special email address that students can write a message to. We know that some children prefer to write than speak for a variety of reasons, especially if they are feeling shy or unsure.

If you are eager for your child to speak up about an issue that is bothering them, whether it might be a argument with a friend that is unresolved or perhaps a more serious ongoing interpersonal concern, you can direct them to email

Emails sent to this address are treated confidentially, and follow-up by the right faculty member is ensured.

Kindest regards,

Dylan Meikle

ES Counsellor



Are You Leaving UNIS Hanoi Elementary School?

The act of arriving or leaving a community is always filled with challenges and opportunities. When we experience the transition cycle as it applies to moving in and out of a school, city and/or country, we might find discover ourselves feeling simultaneously overwhelmed and euphoric as we navigate the ups and downs associated with relocation.

As adults, we often feel a heavy responsibility when transitioning because relocating our families and children is an act that initiates impactful change. Whilst the vast majority of families in transition cope and thrive, it is also realistic to remember that many parts of a major transition are frequently cited as some of life’s most stressful events. We know that all parents worry to some extent about the impact their choices will have on their children.

The good news? We have found that by working actively with individuals who are experiencing transition we can co-plan and prepare for ‘healthy goodbyes’. Being informed about the impact of transition, and having support along the journey, goes a long way toward helping you and your family have a successful move.

At the end of the academic year we always have a significant number of families departing from UNIS. This provides us with an opportunity to reflect on how special our internationally mobile community is.

Even for the children who are staying at UNIS, change is inevitable because familiar faces, whether they be friends or teachers, will be gone when we return in August 2019.

When the ES Counselling team at UNIS Hanoi receives notification of a family in transition we look for opportunities to directly support our departing students. In negotiation with your child’s homeroom teacher, special transition sessions are scheduled (with either the whole class or in small groups, depending on the age of the children) that offer a series of lessons to promote positive thinking about transition, identify any problems that might arise, and provide coaching and practical strategies to make leaving as stress-free as possible.

Examples of the types of lessons your child will experience can be found on our ES Counselling blog. We share these examples so that parents might better understand the messages that the counsellors provide to our departing students, and also give you the opportunity to reinforce this message in your own family discussions.

Please access this LINK to read more, and we wish all families a very successful end of the school year.

Kris Bezzerides & Dylan Meikle

ES Counsellors