HS Varsity Tennis Season Starts

High School Varsity Tennis 2020/21 has had an excellent start to the season with 34 students coming to the first trial session. With no APAC event and travel cancelled this year due to the times we’re in, this season will look a bit different. With one eye on development this season the Team will be selected as normal with six boys and six girls who will train on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays will now be used for players who missed out on team selection this year and new for Saturdays will be “UNIS Tennis Ladder” -a set up which will involve all players (and Middle School students) to get in that all important match practice.
Through some links with local clubs we aim to set up some local competition with them and we look forward to the annual staff challenge that will be 3rd October this year.
Here’s to a good season!
Coaches Firth and Tate

Peter Goverde Tennis Tournament 2019

Sunday 24 November 2019 saw the 12th annual Peter Goverde Tennis Tournament. There was mass activity on the tennis courts with over 60 players participating over four age categories; 8 & Under, 12 & Under, 18 & Under and Adults.

The day started with 8 & Under age group. They were grouped in a round-robin format and played each other in singles format. Congratulations to the winners:

Champion – Kevin
2nd – Kojiro
3rd – Seoungwon

The next age group was 12 & Under age group. With quite a wide age range they were grouped into grade levels for some singles before all mixing together and playing doubles. They played with the mini orange ball which aided a great spectacle of high quality rallies and tennis. Congratulations to the winners:

Champions – Saleema & Henry
Runners – Up – Tobias & Ibtihaz
3rd – Emily & Dylan

Next up were the 18 & Under. Suddenly there was a real increase in pace and the ball was coming off the rackets like a rocket from these players! A mixture of singles and doubles was played in this age category and there was quite an age range as Grade 7’s were playing with and against Grade 11’s. Congratulations to the winners:

1st – Nathan & Hyeong
2nd – Taku & Mayu

It was the adults turn in the afternoon. The weather started to heat up and so did the tennis skills on offer. An excellent entry of 22 players included 7 players playing their first UNIS Tennis Event. They played doubles tie-break scoring for a 12 minute time limit and after 4 rounds of play the top 8 scorers moved through to play knockout semi-finals. Followed by final and 3rd/4th. Congratulations to the winners:

1st – Maeve O’Donovan & Haewoog Choi
2nd – Elina Caunite & Toby Jarman
3rd – Saori Shiwa & David Hoang

It was a wonderful day with lots of excellent tennis played. Well done and thank you to all participants.

If you would like to be involved in events like this or have interest in taking coaching classes at UNIS please contact Nick Firth – UNIS Tennis Academy Manager at tennisam@unishanoi.org