Peter Goverde Tennis Tournament 2019

Calling on All Tennis Players!!

The 12th Annual Peter Goverde Memorial Tennis Tournament – Sunday November 24, 2019

If you’re a tennis player, you don’t want to miss out!!  The UNIS Tennis Courts will be full of tennis enthusiasts on Sunday, November 24 as players from the UNIS community gather to remember a former staff member, Mr. Peter Goverde. Peter brought the passion of tennis to the students of UNIS Hanoi and loved to play the game of tennis with everyone and anyone!  He is missed by those who had the pleasure of knowing him and this event is held in his memory.

The 2019 Peter Goverde Memorial Tennis Tournament will be divided into 2 portions:

  • Morning Session (08:00–13:00) for students
  • Afternoon Session (14:00–17:00) for adults

All play will be doubles (subject to numbers).

If there are heavy rains on Sunday morning, the tournament will be rescheduled.

The format and further details will be given closer to the event.  Students will play in 3 separate divisions:

  • K.2 – GR.2 – 8:00 – 9:00
  • GR.3 – GR.6 – 8:30 – 10:30
  • GR.7 – Gr.12 – 11:00 – 13:00

All student and adult players will enter individually and be paired with a variety of different players throughout the day in doubles.

You can register by going to Peter Goverde Tournament Registration

There is no entry fee for this event. Closing date for registration is end of the day on Wednesday, November 20 2019.

This tournament is open for UNIS community and the wider Hanoi community.

We look forward to your participation and an enjoyable day of tennis!

UNIS Hanoi APAC Tennis Varsity

On Wednesday 23rd October 2019 the UNIS varsity tennis team headed to the hosts Seoul Foreign School, Seoul, Korea to compete in the 2019 APAC tournament. This year 6 schools participated: SFS, HKIS, SSPD, ISB and Brent. The matches were played at the school campus but at three different sites, making use of the British School there too.

The teams consisted of 5 boys, 5 girls. 2 of each gender played singles, a girls and boys doubles and finally a mixed doubles. The format began with team round-robin where every school played against one another. The scoring was first to 8 games with sudden death deuces (at deuce nextpoint wins).

UNIS Hanoi started with a match against HKIS (Hong Kong). With it being first match it was a battle against opponent and nerves! We lost 0-7, some close 6-8 loses meant we were unlucky to not pick up some wins. Next we played the hosts SFS (Korea). Their home advantage told and both on their boys and girls sides were very strong. We lost this one 0-7. Our remaining match on day one was against another tough school ISB (Bejing) matches were at times close and long; but ultimately a 0-7 loss in this one.

Day 2 was an early start with another packed day of matches. We started with a match against Brent (Philippines). We were just unable to pick up the team win on this one losing 2-5, wins came from Dao and our boys doubles. Last up was SASPX (Shanghai) . We lost this match 0-7. This match completed the six school round-robin and then depending on your placings the first two days was where you were seeded as we went into the individual competition.

Final day (3) and by now everyone is playing their respective individual event. Nguyen Dao had our highest individual placing just missing out on a medal coming 5th, with the singles 2 players joining the draw as well he finished 5th out of 12 . He was in fact very close to making the final had some key points gone better his way – he had match points against the runner-up. Big credit to Shern-Ern and ShinYoung who both managed to reverse loses against players in the knock-out rounds respectively. 

Ultimately the competition was extremely good and it’s good to be aware of the level and standards we wish to aspire too.

The finals produced excellent tennis to watch, girls event and boys event was won by  SFS. Overall fantastic event well organised by the host school SFS. Great experience for our players. We say thank you to our now ineligible Grade 12’s next year who move on with our best wishes. Nguyen Dao and ShinYoung Kim have competed in 4 APAC Tennis Championships for UNIS so fantastic credit to them. Big thanks to Taku Shiwa and Mayu Mori who also take their next steps from high school after this year.  Some of our players now have 2/3 yrs experience so that will hold us in good stead. We know we have to practice more often and play more matches so hopefully that’s something we can commit to all year round now.


Boys Singles 1 – Nguyen Dao                                 Girls Singles 1 – Shernern Wang

Boys Singles 2 – Sohan D’Silva                               Girls Singles 2 – ShinYoung Kim

Boys Doubles – Taku Shiwa/Min Yong An               Girls Doubles – Mayu Mori/Marigrace Bishop

Mixed Doubles – Miki Takeshi/Do Hun An

Should you be interested in trying out for the APAC team (Grade 9-12) or interested in playing/starting tennis please contact me. We have elementary, middle and high school tennis sessions running throughout the week with additionally an adult community programme.


Nick Firth 

(Tennis Academy Manager)

UNIS MUN- End of A Beginning

After 4 days in Phnom Penh, the ISPP traveling team have landed in Hanoi on Sunday, 27 October.

Learn more about the trip from Thanh An Nguyen, Ambassador & head of the UNIS MUN Russian Delegation in the article below.

When asked about their highlights from the trip, the delegates answered:

It was an amazing experience for me. My favorite part of the trip would be how we all gathered together to play games like pool and were able to even go and explore the busy city of Phnom Penh as a team. If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would be when we went to explore the scenery from the back of a Tuk Tuk.” -Ho Yeon

My highlight would actually be the conference itself. I have made many new friends and was introduced to many new perspectives and ideas. My knowledge and opinions were challenged during the conference by people that I didn’t know. This is an aspect that made the conference so thrilling and engaging!”- Trang Pham

When asked about his highlights from the trip, the ISPP traveling team’s chaperone, Mr. Stephan Anagnost said:

I was really impressed. We had sent a really interesting team to ISPP. Since the team is made up of 9th and 10th graders, this trip was a perfect opportunity for them to familiarize themselves with the dress code, the procedure and the interaction when it comes to lobbying and merging countries. They really understood the mission and spirit of what a MUN program is supposed to be. It is not about winning the debate or the resolution making it through the closing plenary, it is about the relationship that you build. Not just the personal ones, though they are important, but also the relationships that you forge to draft a resolution that meets the needs of your co-submitters, as well as the ultimate needs that we have on the planet. The delegates that we had, who are new to MUN, got a sense that this is more than just a co-curricular activity; instead, this is an activity that really has the potential to incrementally and evolutionary make the fundamental changes that we need to see happen.

If you see any of the delegates or chaperones, please congratulate them for their successful trip to Cambodia!

After months of hard work to prepare country research, opening speeches, policy statements, and resolutions, all delegates participated in the October Conference (Security Council Simulation) this Tuesday from 4:30 to 8:30pm.

The October Conference focused on The question of the security of crucial trade routes near conflict regions.

Jennette shared insights on her experience as the delegate of the October Conference:

“I thought this mock conference was really helpful. Since I am a new delegate, this conference really helped calm my nerves down for the UNIS February Conference. For me, this was the time where I could make mistakes and learn from it. Plus, I really liked the pizza for dinner. We also had really funny superlatives at the end!”

After a busy week, the MUN Leadership Team would like to thank all the delegates, admins, student officers and MUN directors for their hard work and unwavering enthusiastic spirit.

However, this week is merely marking the end of a beginning to our MUN journey.

Starting November 14, 2019, after 2 weeks of re-energizing, we will continue with our weekly MUN meeting every Thursday. During the break, the THIMUN delegates will continue to have meetings to prepare for the upcoming conference.

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

Binh Vu (Head of The MUN Publicity Team)

Posted in MUN


Our UNIS MUN delegations were expertly led & prepared by Ambassadors Thanh An Nguyen (Russian Federation), Duc Anh Nguyen (Somalia) & Traves Lee (Fiji) but we soon realized that clearly more research was needed (what was the capital of Somalia again? Who is the CURRENT UN Secretary General?) so we spread out waiting for our delayed flight to depart to do a little more background on the countries we are expected to faithfully represent.

We visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Memorial after we arrived.

At the Tuol Sleng Genocide Memorial we met & had the chance to speak with Bou Meng, an artist, & Chum Mey, a mechanic. They are two of only 179 known survivors of S-21 when it was liberated by the Vietnam. Their stories were also inspiring as we began to prepare our opening statements & consider our resolutions before the start of the conference. Bou Meng was quoted directly; many of us made connections to the genocides in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda & of the Rohingya; others considered ways in which we could strengthen existing UN capcities & laws like the Genocide & Refugee Conventions.

For many of us, ISPP Day 3 kept Bou Meng & Chum Mey’s call to action & civility as a central focus.

We began with what is perhaps the most valuable elements of MUN: Lobbying, Merging & Approval.

It is through the lobbying that we can reach out to other delegations, testing our own mastery of our country’s positions, international, legal & institutional frameworks as well as our ability to empathise, sympathise &, truth be told, manipulate & mislead.

While not much was ultimately past, the final day of ISPP brought out the best of our delegates in GA Plenary & Security Council.

We did engage in meaningful debate on the struggle between the right to privacy & the need for security; the future of Isreali-Palestinian relations; a lasting & universal convention recognising & protecting the rights of LGBTQ+; a strengthening of child protection & misery allievation; an amicable & sustainable solution to the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Our delegates were active & that activity received both recognition & commendation (as well as a less-than-perfectly-timed-in-committee-nap). More importantly, we learned & are motivated to reinvest these experiences in February’s UNIS MUN international conference & beyond.

Thanh An Nguyen


After long weeks of hard work and careful preparation, the ISPP MUN traveling delegates flew to Phnom Penh this Thursday. Stay tuned for insights on their experiences!

To prepare for the October conference next week, the non-traveling delegates are having a mock debate in their assigned committees on the topic of: the question of the political climate in Hong Kong.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

Community Programme Winter Session 2019

Make Winter your active season by joining the UNIS Hanoi Community Programme!

The Community Programme Winter Session 2019 (November 25 – February 29) is now available for viewing on the UNIS Hanoi Website.

In this session, we continue to offer a wide-range of classes, workshops and activity options designed for both adults and students of all ages. Please carefully read the highlight information about the Winter Session 2019 as below:


Classes for the Community by the Community! Offerings are open to wider Hanoi community and range from cooking classes to fun science and language classes! Available options for both adults and children.

Check out all the interesting and new courses in this session:

  • Skill Building: Kickboxing, Cardboard Challenge.…
  • Movement: Ballet Fit, Swing Dancing…
  • Tennis classes: We are committed to offer a diverse selection of tennis classes for both adults and children at different levels. You can view all tennis classes on offer on our website hereSign up: 09:00 October 21 – 17:00 October 28. If you would like private tennis lesson, please send an email to Mr Nick Firth at:
  • Swimming classes: We continue offering a wide range of swimming classes for adults and children. Please visit the websitefor more information. In this session, for Community Swim Lessons (School of Fish) and Community Swim Club (HSC), current participants will automatically retain their swimming level in their current class and that there is no need for reassessment. New participants joining the Winter Session must contact the Aquatics Manager, Mr Martin Hamilton at: for an individual assessment. Sign up: 09:00 October 21 – 17:00 October 28.
  • Saturday Youth Sports: In the Winter Season, Saturday Youth Sports will offer Soccer and Floor Hockey. (The Spring Season will offer Basketball and Tag-Rugby). For full details see the website.Sign up: 09:00 October 21 – 17:00 October 28.


Payment for Community Programmes is required online during the registration process. You can pay the registration fees using PayPal/Debit/Credit Cards. PAY AS YOU SIGN-UP.

  1. The PayPal Gateway allows for payment via PayPal or valid credit/debit card.
  2. Make sure billing address entered matches the address of the credit/debit card.
  3. Any issues with the PayPal payment gateway should be dealt directly with PayPal at:

IN ALL CASES payment deadlines must be respected to ensure your space. Final confirmation of your place in any activity will come only after the payment has been made and received by UNIS Hanoi.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Please note that once you have paid for an activity your spot is confirmed and your status will be marked as “Enrolled”. If you decide to cancel you will be refunded 50% and expect the refund within 10 working days. This refund will only be available if cancellation is informed and made within 24 hours of the first lesson. No refunds will be granted after this time. 


  • Please note that we use new sign-up system for the above programmes – now via VERACROSS system and you will be required to go through a login process.
  • For sign up instructions, click HERE.
  • Please read the Q&A carefully before registering and making payment:
  • COMMUNITY PROGRAMME CATALOGUE AND REGISTRATION. Sign-up will open at 09:00 October 21 – 17:00 October 28 and is on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

 Questions: Contact Ha Thien Ha:


We hope to welcome many of you in the Winter session!

UNIS MUN- A Busy Week

This Thursday is a very busy week for both delegates and student officers.

The ISPP delegates are preparing for their departure next week on October 24. They are finalizing their resolutions, opening speeches, and getting their game faces on.

As for non-traveling delegates, they are starting opening speeches and finishing resolutions to prepare for the October Conference on Tuesday, October 29.

The admins are also getting busy with preparing and organizing materials for the October conference.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

Middle and High School Winter Sports Season

The second sport season of the year kicks off in November.  High school basketball and swimming begin on Monday, November 4, and middle school soccer begins on Tuesday, November 19.

Students who are interested in HS or MS sports should make their way to the sign-up boards outside the UNIS Hanoi cafeteria and register as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for more detailed information from your respective coaches.

Middle school sports are a two-day a week commitment while high school is a three to four-day a week commitment. Our middle school programmes operate as a no-cut opportunity.  Everyone wishing to participate will have the opportunity to practice, improve, and play some competitions.

Good luck to all.  GO PHOENIX!


What’s your plan in October Break? Join the UNIS Tennis Camp!

The UNIS Tennis Academy is hosting a Tennis Camp on 7-9 October for two age groups K2-G2 and G3-6

This 3 day camp aims to help student athletes to learn and improve their tennis techniques and skills. Join this great opportunity to be active with friends while enjoying some fun games. There will be competition and prizes.

SIGN UP NOW! Places are limited on the first come first served basis.

UNIS Hanoi Students: USD$50
Non-UNIS Hanoi Student: USD$60
Registration opens till Friday 4 October 2019

October Tennis Camp- Sign up now!

The UNIS Tennis Academy is hosting a Tennis Camp on 7-9 October for two age groups K2-G2 and G3-6

This 3 day camp aims to help student athletes to learn and improve their tennis techniques and skills. Join this great opportunity to be active with friends while enjoying some fun games. There will be competition and prizes.

SIGN UP NOW! Places are limited on the first come first served basis.

UNIS Hanoi Students: USD$50
Non-UNIS Hanoi Student: USD$60
Registration opens till Friday 4 October 2019

Come and Try Tennis Day

Where:            UNIS Hanoi Tennis Courts
When:             Sunday 25 August 2019
Time:              9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Entry Cost:     FREE of charge
Register by:   Thursday 22 August 2019

Save the Date and invite your friends! UNIS Hanoi Tennis Academy is hosting a Come and Try Tennis Day on Sunday 25 August for adults and children.

Never played tennis? Played years ago? Experienced tennis player? Doesn’t matter! Everyone is welcome to come and meet our tennis pro, Nick to find out more about tennis lessons, social tennis and fun fitness activities like cardio tennis.

All equipment will be provided. Please e-mail Nick at for more information

Register NOW!  UNIS Hanoi Come & Try Tennis Day

Upcoming Co-Curricular Events

Do not miss out on the important Co-Curricular sign-up and audition dates happening in the next two weeks:

UNIS Tennis Academy (UTA) 

Offers Tennis instruction in a range of programmes. The catalogue linked here is for UNIS Hanoi students only. For adults and additional child options open to the Hanoi community, see the Community Programmes information below.

  • Sign up: 09:00 August 19 – 12:00 August 21
  • UTA Catalogue and Registration Sign-up will open during the above dates and is on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis

Questions? Contact Nick Firth:

UNIS Aquatics Academy (UAA)

Please visit the Aquatics Academy website for all the information about this wide ranging programme offering extensive options to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

All students must go through Swim Assessment (August 18-21) before being placed in a programme. See the website for dates and details.

Questions? Contact Martin Hamilton:

After School Activities (ASAs) and Youth Sports (Grades 4-5):

Team sports for our youngest athletes and a range of craft, technology and other interests – anything goes! Options for Kindergarten-G12 with a focus on the younger years.

For these programmes the system assigns places at the close of the registration period. You will receive confirmation by email.

Questions? Contact Adrian Hubbard:

Community Programmes

Classes for the Community by the Community! Offerings are also open to our wider Hanoi community and range from walking tours to cooking classes and from Saturday Sports to language classes! Adult and child options available.

  • Sign up: 14:00 August 21 – 17:00 August 24
  • ComProg Catalogue and Registration Sign-up will open during the above dates and is on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

Questions? Contact Ha Ha:



Aristocats Junior! (Grade 2-3 Production): Auditions : August 21, 22, 23, 26, 27 during ES lunchtime.

Rehearsals take place on Mondays and Fridays after school with some occasional Wednesdays as the performance dates approach. There is no sign up required. Students and families will be informed once the cast is finalised.

In The Arms of Angels (High School Play): Auditions: August 22, 27, 29 at 15.35-17.45

Rehearsals take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school with some additional time on weekends as the performance dates approach.

Questions? Ms TP:

APAC Orchestra (an international school festival opportunity for strings players)

  • Auditions: August 26 and 29 at 15.35-17.45
  • Rehearsal times to be confirmed.

Questions? Ms Dolman:

APAC Choir (international school festival of voices)

  • Auditions:  August 26 and 29 3:35-5:45:
  • Rehearsal times to be confirmed.

Questions? Ms A’Bear:


UNIS Hanoi Preseason Volleyball Camp

Sign ups are open for the UNIS Hanoi Preseason Volleyball Camp, August 17-18, 2019, open to all ages and abilities. USA Olympian, David Mckienzie and his team of professional coaches and players will help you tune up your volleyball skills and technique. Show up to school volleyball tryouts feeling confident and prepared!


Early bird sign up (before May 31) is $200 USD per player, after June 15 is $250.

If you have any questions please contact the team via whatsapp +60163700001 or email

2018-19 Phoenix Booster Banquet

This past week, UNIS Hanoi student-athletes, their coaches and parents attended the 4th Annual Phoenix Booster Sports Banquet. The event was a wonderful opportunity to recall the highlights of what has been another successful year of UNIS Hanoi sports. Our programme continues to evolve and improve each year.  As we highlight the wonderful opportunities from this year, we also look to a bright future for Phoenix Sports.

During the banquet, the captains of each team had the opportunity to reflect on the season and share highlights and anecdotes. The coaches then presented and MVP Award and a Player’s Choice Award to members of their team. Major awards were also presented at the banquet including JV Athlete Of The Year, Varsity Athlete Of The Year, and Ambassador Sports Awards.  

Most Valuable Player Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball – Co May Nguyen Hoai
JV Girls Volleyball – Mai Linh Neefjes
Varsity Boys Volleyball – Rohan Gowda
JV Boys Volleyball – Long Nguyen
Varsity Tennis – Nguyen Dao
Varsity Girls Swimming – Flora Hamilton
Varsity Boys Swimming – Jacob Biros
Varsity Girls Basketball – Uyen Trinh
JV Girls Basketball – Mia Kritenbrink
Varsity Boys Basketball – Malick Sy
JV Boys Basketball – Jinha Hwang
Varsity Boys Badminton – Do Yoon Kwon
Varsity Girls Badminton – Serena Mohanty
Varsity Girls Soccer – Uyen Trinh
JV Girls Soccer – Gabi Chanen
Varsity Boys Soccer – Charlie Wood
JV Boys Soccer – Oscar Forsberg

Player’s Choice Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball – Mikaela Fenn
JV Girls Volleyball – Mai An Nguyen
Varsity Boys Volleyball – Oliver Hanson
JV Boys Volleyball – Jiseong Park
Varsity Tennis – Nguyen Dao
Varsity Girls Swimming – Annika Moore
Varsity Boys Swimming – Gai Ogasawara
Varsity Girls Basketball – Co May Nguyen Hoai
JV Girls Basketball – Mia Kritenbrink
Varsity Boys Basketball – Kevin (Anthony) Gibney
JV Boys Basketball – Ji Seong Park
Varsity Boys Badminton – Enus Fina
Varsity Girls Badminton – Mo Bui
Varsity Girls Soccer – Thanh Le
JV Girls Soccer – Navya Kala
Varsity Boys Soccer – Oliver Hanson
JV Boys Soccer – Eddie Lee

HS Ambassador Sports Award Winners

Male – Charles Wood
Female – Uyen Trinh

Athletes Of The Year Award Winners

JV Male – Iestyn Rusinow
JV Female – Audrey Hanson
Varsity Male – Oliver Hanson
Varsity Female – Co May Nguyen

Congratulations to all of our high school student-athletes on their accomplishments while representing UNIS Hanoi in the competitive sports arena this year.

For more photos, please click here.

The Activities Team would like to express our gratitude to all members of the community who supported our programme and made this year a success.  Have a great summer.