Talented Students Recognized at Virtual Co-curricular Awards Ceremony

Yesterday, UNIS Hanoi came online together to celebrate the remarkable achievements of its secondary school sports stars, artistes and student leaders. The Virtual Co-curricular Awards Ceremony was an opportunity for the community to honor all co-curricular groups as well as recognize some stand-out individual accomplishments.  

Director of Activities, Tarique Al-Iesa said, “Our students’ talents are as diverse as our student body. Every individual who’s signed up and participated in an activity, committed to the necessary training, practice and prep work and gone out on the field, court or stage to perform deserves a round of applause.”

As is tradition, coaches and directors nominated individuals that had shown exceptional dedication, commitment and success to their chosen sport or activity throughout the school year. 

Watch the Ceremony again!

If you missed the premiere of the Awards Ceremony, don’t worry! You can watch it again here.

High School Sports Awards

The winners are: 

Male Junior Varsity Athlete of the Year: Iestyn Rusinow

Female Junior Varsity Athlete of the Year: Mia Kritenbrink

Male Varsity Athlete of the Year: Shay Smith

Female Varsity Athlete of the Year: Co May Nguyen

Male High School Ambassador: Richard Dang

Female High School Ambassador: Josefine Schmitz


High School Arts Awards

The winners are: 

Thespian of the Year: Bailey Shelley

Musical Artist of the Year: Bao Chau Nguyen

Commitment to the Arts: Merel van Tienen

Excellence in Arts: My Anh Truong


Middle School Sports Awards

The winners are: 

Middle School Male Athlete of the Year: Segdae Lucardie

Middle School Female Athlete of the Year:Jada Al-Iesa

Male Middle School Ambassador: Oliver Pollack

Female Middle School Ambassador: Sophia Chagas



Most Valuable Player Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball: Frances Phan

JV Girls Volleyball: Tey (Tue Chan) Le

Varsity Boys Volleyball: Richard Dang

JV Boys Volleyball: Lam Nguyen

Varsity Tennis: Nguyen Dao

Varsity Girls Swimming: Flora Hamilton

Varsity Boys Swimming: Jan (Honza) Krubner

Varsity Girls Basketball: Co May Nguyen

JV Girls Basketball: Audrey Hanson

Varsity Boys Basketball: Malik Sy

JV Boys Basketball: Iestyn Rusinow


Player’s Choice Award Winners

Varsity Girls Volleyball: Co May Nguyen

JV Girls Volleyball: Mia Kritenbrink

Varsity Boys Volleyball: Richard Dang

JV Boys Volleyball: Gia Khang Vo


Varsity Girls Swimming: Flora Hamilton

Varsity Boys Swimming: Jan (Honza) Krubner


Varsity Girls Basketball: Co May Nguyen

JV Girls Basketball: Trang Pham

Varsity Boys Basketball: Zaid Zeidan

JV Boys Basketball: Junho Hwang


MS Coach’s Choice Medal Winners

Girls Basketball: 

Jada AL-Iesa, Victoria Kim, Mikkeline Lundsby, Giulia Landini, Svea Schmidt, Melissa Teo

Boys Basketball: 

Segdae Lucardie, Clemens Schmitz, Duc Vinh Nghiem, Sai Radu

Girls Soccer: 

Sophia Chagas, Nathalie Rowe, Polly Ward, Harley Dore, Robin van Tienen, Emily Dinh

Boys Soccer:

Ségdae Lucardie, Will Francis, Thoma Bigot, Alinghi Song, Duc Vinh Nghiem, Clemens Schmitz


MUN Recognition

Recognition of MUN Leadership team:

Da Hyun Yu: In recognition of your leadership including your presence as a reliable guiding force throughout 2019-2020.

Ji U Jeong: In recognition of your organisational skills, specifically your management of the administration & hospitality for our two UNIS MUN conferences.

Harrison Wallace: In recognition of your embodiment of UNIS MUN core principles including your role as Secretary General for UNIS MUN 2020.

Seokhee (John) Yoon: In recognition of your affability & team building specifically with regard to the development of UNIS MUN Delegates.

Bao Chau Nguyen: In recognition of your dedication including your role as President of the Security Council at THIMUN 2019.

Binh Vu: In recognition of your commitment to raising the profile of UNIS MUN including your design of the UNIS MUN homepage & weekly TinTuc articles throughout 2019-2020.  

Ho Lun (Felix) Shum: In recognition of human resource management skills including your training & development of UNIS MUN Presidents & Chairs.  

Long Tran: In recognition of your interpersonal skills towards the development of a professional team of UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassadors.    


Recognition of Ambassadors and Special Delegate 

Duc Anh Nguyen Phu: In recognition of your leadership & professionalism as a UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassador at ISPP MUN.

Thanh An Nguyen: In recognition of your leadership & professionalism as a UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassador at ISPP MUN.

Heedong Cho: In recognition of your outstanding lobbying & debating skills as a UNIS MUN Delegate at ISPP MUN.

Jeongha Kim: In recognition of your leadership & professionalism as a UNIS MUN Delegation Ambassador at THIMUN.


Performing Arts Recognition

Concert Band 

To the seniors – Yoo Chan Ko, Roy Lee, Jiyoon Kang, and Hye Min Lim In recognition of their dedication to leaving the Band Program at UNIS better than how they found it.

Harry Chowdhry, Ben Knaggs, and Ambrose Phelps In recognition of their stellar attendance, being dependable members of the Band, and always being ready to contribute at a high level. 


APAC Band 

Sophie KimIn recognition of her ability to lead by example with consistently strong and excellent playing that makes the whole group better

Thanh Nguyen In recognition of his drive and dedication to make himself a better musician


HS Mekong Delta 

Jinha OhIn recognition of her focus and attention to detail in rehearsal and performance 


APAC Choir

Chinh Mai In recognition for his dedication, expertise and leadership in his role as a Tenor in APAC choir. 

Da Hyun Yu In recognition of your dedication to APAC choir and your leadership in the Soprano and Alto sections.

Sung EunIn recognition for your resilience and commitment to the group as a reliable support for your peers. 



Jeremy Smith In recognition for his tireless work on the technical aspects of production, training other students and keeping it all running smoothly.

Gaby Chanen In recognition of her outstanding commitment to role and consistent demonstration of creative process.

Elena McCullough In recognition of her outstanding commitment to role and consistent demonstration of creative process.

Matthew Wood In recognition of his outstanding commitment to physical characterisation.

Solene Shelley In recognition of her focus and reactions when not having a lot to say. And her innate comic timing.

Frances Phan In recognition of her focus and reactions when not having a lot to say. And her innate comic timing.


Senate Recognition

To the HS Senate Officers – Hye Min Lim, Dao Nguyen, Harrison Wallace, Jeremy Smith and Eileen Kang – you are recognized and gratefully thanked for your leadership, initiative, organization and work in improving the HS Senate throughout the year and your ongoing efforts to engage with students and maintain Senate operations during Distance Learning. 

To the HS Senate Events Committee – Shaivee Sharma, Jae Hee Jung, Huy Nguyen, Woochang Jung, Bao Chau Nguyen, Daniel Jung, Lenard El-Hage and Minh Thien Mai – thank you for your efforts in organizing and running exciting student-centered activities that help raise school spirit throughout the year.

To the HS Senate Student Representatives Committee – Oskar Stenman, Sarah Anthony, Binh Vu, Eddie Lee, Hong Hai Tran, Long Tran, Johnny Ngo and Holly Seo – thank you for your efforts in creating opportunities for all students to have their voices heard through town hall meetings, HS assemblies and other outreach programmes.




APAC Basketball Coming to UNIS Hanoi

On February 6-8, UNIS Hanoi will be hosting the 2020 APAC Basketball Tournament. Our community will be welcoming athletes and coaches from Brent International School-Manila, Hong Kong International School-Hong Kong, International School Beijing, Seoul Foreign School-Korea, and Shanghai American School PX, to join our UNIS Hanoi Phoenix in a high-level interscholastic competition.

These athletic events offer an outstanding opportunity to bring our community together as we show our spirit, school pride and unity.

Our girls team plays at 10:00 and 14:30 on Thursday; 12:00 noon and 16:30 on Friday; and 10:00 on Saturday. 

Our boys team plays at 11:30 and 14:30 on Thursday; 9:00 and 13:30 on Friday; and 8:30 on Saturday.

The rest of the tournament schedule will depend on the results from the first five games and will be available on the tournament site at: https://apacsports.unishanoi.org/

Bring the family out and join us for the highest level of boys’ high school basketball in the region and enjoy the community atmosphere.  Go Phoenix!

Varsity Girls Volleyball 2019

We hustle into our huddle, arms around one another. As each second passes, the clock nears zero and we exchange looks of unease, but words of strength and confidence. The timer goes off, our hands reach to the center of our bunch. Frances and Co May, our team captains wink at each other and chant, “Phoenix on three”, and in unison, we shout, “One, two, three Phoenix”. This marks the beginning of each of our games this season. 

The volleyball team this year started off shaky. Comparing our first game against a university team, to the games we were able to play out during the APAC tournament, you see evident progress. As the season went by, our team chemistry augmented, our sense of unity was built with every practice, every game, every team dinner, every win, every let down. We started off as individuals each playing our own game, and ended the season knowing to play our game as a team.

This noticeable change from the start to finish wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and support of Coach Schneider and Coach Thompson. Each game, they noted what we needed to improve on, recording data on the accuracy of our serves, serve receive, our sets. They made time for each of us to mark our progress and set goals for ourselves and the team. They designed workouts and made practice an environment where we were comfortable to make mistakes. Their effort throughout the season, contributed immensely to the development of our skills. 

We also had our team captains who made significant effort throughout the entirety of the season. Co May and Frances motivated our team, made practice plans, and spoke like true leaders. Both captains worked tirelessly to support our team both on and off the court.  

Throughout the season, we waited anxiously for APAC. Before we knew it, the four day tournament we had been training for all season, abruptly appeared at our feet. We were ready. Pool play brought a variety of challenges, and the team figured out how to play together at a new level.  We finished 2-3 in pool play, notably taking the only set from Shanghai American School. In the playoffs, our team took a respectable 5th place, beating Hong Kong International School, a serious rival from the previous year.

Varsity Girls Volleyball finished our regular season 8-7 overall, 5-0 in the HAC conference and 3-7 against university teams.  We are once again the HAC champions, and incredibly proud of the season. Congratulations to our team: Co May Nguyen, Ha Nguyen, Frances Phan, Caitlyn Francis, Josefine Schmitz, Navya Kala, Bella Roulbet, Mai Linh Neefjes, Audrey Hanson, Natalie Krubnerova, Mai An Nguyen, and Naomi Judge. 

Varsity Boys Volleyball

This year’s team had a compact season, cramming in the HAC regular season, the HAC cup, the UNIS invitational, as well as our main event, APAC Volleyball Tournament at Shanghai American School – Puxi. The team is proud of their work throughout the entire season improving throughout, winning the HAC championship, winning the HAC Cup, holding our own against strong university teams at the UNIS Invitational and finally competing at APAC.

The team had many ups and downs, with problems like injuries, the miserable SAT or other commitments, the team had to battle through not having all members available during many training which impacted our progress. However, dealing with adversity made us a stronger team both on and off the court. Perhaps this brother-like bond is reflected upon our attitude towards one another on the court and everybody’s readiness to fight for each other.

The result of 5th place achieved at APAC was disappointing to all, and definitely does not show our true capabilities. However, when looking back, most of us can say we played hard, smart and together. This attitude is what all 12 of us hopes reflects upon the programme and how together we are helping to build our legacy.

To the seniors, thanks, you all have contributed greatly to this program and we all hope you continue playing volleyball wherever you are. To the rest of the team, continue to be passionate about the sport, work hard and carry on the pride imprinted in the Phoenix.

By Richard Dang, Team Captain

UNIS Hanoi APAC Tennis Varsity

On Wednesday 23rd October 2019 the UNIS varsity tennis team headed to the hosts Seoul Foreign School, Seoul, Korea to compete in the 2019 APAC tournament. This year 6 schools participated: SFS, HKIS, SSPD, ISB and Brent. The matches were played at the school campus but at three different sites, making use of the British School there too.

The teams consisted of 5 boys, 5 girls. 2 of each gender played singles, a girls and boys doubles and finally a mixed doubles. The format began with team round-robin where every school played against one another. The scoring was first to 8 games with sudden death deuces (at deuce nextpoint wins).

UNIS Hanoi started with a match against HKIS (Hong Kong). With it being first match it was a battle against opponent and nerves! We lost 0-7, some close 6-8 loses meant we were unlucky to not pick up some wins. Next we played the hosts SFS (Korea). Their home advantage told and both on their boys and girls sides were very strong. We lost this one 0-7. Our remaining match on day one was against another tough school ISB (Bejing) matches were at times close and long; but ultimately a 0-7 loss in this one.

Day 2 was an early start with another packed day of matches. We started with a match against Brent (Philippines). We were just unable to pick up the team win on this one losing 2-5, wins came from Dao and our boys doubles. Last up was SASPX (Shanghai) . We lost this match 0-7. This match completed the six school round-robin and then depending on your placings the first two days was where you were seeded as we went into the individual competition.

Final day (3) and by now everyone is playing their respective individual event. Nguyen Dao had our highest individual placing just missing out on a medal coming 5th, with the singles 2 players joining the draw as well he finished 5th out of 12 . He was in fact very close to making the final had some key points gone better his way – he had match points against the runner-up. Big credit to Shern-Ern and ShinYoung who both managed to reverse loses against players in the knock-out rounds respectively. 

Ultimately the competition was extremely good and it’s good to be aware of the level and standards we wish to aspire too.

The finals produced excellent tennis to watch, girls event and boys event was won by  SFS. Overall fantastic event well organised by the host school SFS. Great experience for our players. We say thank you to our now ineligible Grade 12’s next year who move on with our best wishes. Nguyen Dao and ShinYoung Kim have competed in 4 APAC Tennis Championships for UNIS so fantastic credit to them. Big thanks to Taku Shiwa and Mayu Mori who also take their next steps from high school after this year.  Some of our players now have 2/3 yrs experience so that will hold us in good stead. We know we have to practice more often and play more matches so hopefully that’s something we can commit to all year round now.


Boys Singles 1 – Nguyen Dao                                 Girls Singles 1 – Shernern Wang

Boys Singles 2 – Sohan D’Silva                               Girls Singles 2 – ShinYoung Kim

Boys Doubles – Taku Shiwa/Min Yong An               Girls Doubles – Mayu Mori/Marigrace Bishop

Mixed Doubles – Miki Takeshi/Do Hun An

Should you be interested in trying out for the APAC team (Grade 9-12) or interested in playing/starting tennis please contact me. We have elementary, middle and high school tennis sessions running throughout the week with additionally an adult community programme.


Nick Firth 

(Tennis Academy Manager)

Varsity Badminton at Super APAC

During the season the team competed in our local HAC tournament where both boys and girls teams came home with the 1st place plaques. At our UNIS Hanoi invitational our teams faced some very tough opponents from local club teams and universities preparing them for the APAC event.

As a culminating event on 14 April, the Varsity Badminton team traveled to Beijing (WAB) for the first-ever Super APAC Badminton Tournament. With 192 student-athletes from 12 APAC schools, the tournament was so exciting, challenging and really tough competition for all our team members. Super APAC is a great test which challenged all players physically and mentality with 5 or 6 matches per day for each player. The girls team had one of the hardest tournaments, however they were fighting hard and gaining new experiences that will continue to shape their future in this sport. The highlights of tournament for the girls was the “Never Give Up” attitude, no matter what situation they were in. The #1 Girls doubles team of Trang Bui and Mo Bui played well during the round robin and qualified for the top 16 playoff. The girls team finished 10th. For the boys side their goal was to continue their winning streak from last year and stay near the top of the field. The Boys team finished 4th overall, missing a bronze medal by only a few points. As individuals, the # 1 Doubles team of Alex Kwon & Jae Chan Lee achieved the first ever bronze medal for UNIS in any Super APAC. But the whole team had a great showing in the tournament. Earning valuable points and finishing 4th were the # 2 doubles team of Kevin Ryan and Ji Seong Park. Honorable mention should go to all boys team players who played many tough matches with commendable character and resolve in close pressure situations. Our Mixed doubles teams of Honza Krubner and Serena Mohanty and Alex Kim and Rachael Cherian performed very well during the round robin portion both qualifying for the top 16 playoffs. Hopefully the team will continue to build for next year as UNIS is hosting APAC Badminton for the first time in 2020.

Singles Players:
Jiyoon Kang  (21st)
Jaewon Choi  (22nd)
Enus Fina  (14th)
Kevin (Jeongyun) Bae  (18th)

Doubles Teams:
Jae Chan Lee & Alex (Do Yoon) Kwon (3rd)
Kevin Ryan  & Ji Seong Park  (4th)
Trang Bui & Mo Bui  (11th)
Hyo Rim Yoo & Yu Jin Cho (24th)

Mixed Doubles Teams:
Jan Krubner & Serena Mohanty  (8th)
Alex (Do Gyun) Kim & Rachael Cherian (16th)

Thank you to all the players who made it a great trip. It was wonderful to see you supporting your teammates, surrounding their courts and cheering them on.

Coach: Mr. Pho Nguyen
Coach: Anne Thompson-Wambua
Chaperone: Lily

The Historic APAC Girls Soccer Team

The best performances on the field never actually start when a team steps on to the field. They start long before that moment. They start the instant that a team decides who it wants to become. For this year’s historic Varsity Girls Soccer team, that moment came two years ago. The  team was having a team meeting. They sat in a room strung with posters. Each poster had statements written on them such as, “We can compete for a championship” and “Other APAC teams take us seriously.” On each paper the players placed different colored sticky notes depending on how much they agreed with the statement. Red was for “disagree,” yellow was for “kind of disagree” and green was for “definitely agree.” The posters were full of yellow and red stickers.  Just two years earlier the team had finished playing in an APAC tournament where they not only didn’t win a game but they didn’t score a single goal. Other teams didn’t take UNIS Hanoi seriously. Why would they? UNIS Hanoi themselves didn’t think they could compete at APAC.

But in that moment, in that meeting the girls looked around the room and decided they wanted to change all that.  They no longer wanted to play in scoreless APAC tournaments where no one feared them. They wanted to compete. So they began the long hard process of reaching their goals. The girls committed to training all off season, improving their skills, mentoring younger players, watching game film, eating healthy and staying fit. During the season they continued their hard work and dedication giving up Saturdays for runs in Soc Son, evenings to study game tape, afternoons and spring break for extra practices. By April 11, when the girls arrived in Hong Kong for the APAC tournament, they were ready.

The first game was against Seoul Foreign School. UNIS Hanoi got off to a good start by playing to their strengths. They played possession style football looking for triangles and passing opportunities from the defense through the midfield. Then maintaining possession by putting relentless high pressure on the opposing defense to create scoring opportunities. UNIS Hanoi scored their first and second goals on such pressure. The first was off a cross from Natalie that Josefine raced to and struck into the goal. The second was after the strikers pressured a defender into desperately trying to clear the ball only to find Uyen racing in to head the ball into the back of the net.

The second game of the day against Hong Kong International School proved a difficult one for UNIS Hanoi.  Just before halftime, starting center back Phoebe broke her arm and Phuong the other starting center back injured her ankle. Without the heart of it’s defense UNIS Hanoi quickly found themselves down 3-0. But through pure team play and determination, they came back to score two goals one by Natalie and the other by a combined play from Irma and Ines. The game ended 3-2.

The next day UNIS Hanoi needed a win against Canadian Academy and Shanghai American School if they wanted to keep their chances of going to the championship alive. It wouldn’t be easy without their two starting center backs. Co May and Sian stepped up and took over as center backs for the day and they played magnificently. Through brilliant team defense, UNIS Hanoi held both teams scoreless and got two 1-0 wins off of scores from So Eun and Uyen.

On the final day of competition UNIS Hanoi found themselves in a position to make the final if they could get either a tie or a win in their game against Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). Phuong was now healthy enough to play. UNIS Hanoi was warned by other teams that they might get muscled off the ball.  But UNIS Hanoi would have none of that. They matched the physical toughness and speed of WAB by playing tough and fast on their own. The game got off to a scary start when WAB scored an early goal and went up 1-0. But UNIS Hanoi didn’t stop believing in themselves and just before the half, Irma found the ball on the edge of the box and shot it past the goalkeeper to tie the game at 1-1. UNIS Hanoi held strong for the next 35 minutes and pulled out the tie that they needed to guarantee their spot in the championship game.  As the final whistle blew the players swarmed the field hugging each other in recognition of what they had just accomplished. They had just become the first ever women’s team of any sport at UNIS Hanoi to make an APAC championship game.

The final pittited UNIS vs. the host school HKIS, who most teams had said was unbeatable.  But if there was one team at the tournament not afraid of HKIS, it was UNIS Hanoi. That was because UNIS Hanoi knew just how good their own team was.  The game was a hard fought, physical battle with neither team giving any balls away easily. HKIS scored off an impressive shot before halftime to go up 1-0. UNIS Hanoi played strong and physical and had their chances but ultimately was not able to score an equalizer. They lost 1-0.

In the end the UNIS Hanoi girls did not win the championship but they accomplished the goals that they set out for themselves that day two years ago. They became the team that everyone took seriously and the team proved to themselves just how much they are capable of.

Amazing job girls. You are legends.

A special congratulations to the seniors: Phoebe, Ines Vi, Irma, Phuong, Uyen and Thanh.  What a legacy you have created.

Coach Mindy and Coach Wiggins

The Power of Music

With no exaggeration, I would be willing to say that this was the best APAC experience I’ve ever had. Referring to the fact that it was the first time we had such a large travelling group, the APAC festival was beyond what anyone could’ve expected.

Being surrounded by high school students who had the same interests and was serious when approaching music, being taught by school teachers who have expertise for specific instruments, and being conducted by an amazing conductor, it provided everyone an unforgettable experience.

Playing songs from either a Japanese composer or from a Japanese theme allowed me to sink into the Japanese culture. However, also, playing a variation of a Korean folk song was very meaningful as it was a variation from my own nation.

On the first day, everyone started introducing themselves to their stand peers by what their names were and how many years they have played their instrument for. The special thing about this APAC event was that everyone was friendly and talented. By lunch, everyone had become friends and knew what they were doing. It felt amazing to be around high school musicians, who came from different parts of the world, who would come together and play the same song we all had practiced in our individual schools. At the end of the day, everyone was exhausted from all the playing, that once we got to our homestays, we directly fell asleep.

On the second day, everyone started to have sore and fatigued lips and was physically tired. To this, the conductor was very considerate and allowed us to take longer and more frequent breaks. Those breaks were meaningfully spent with some people having the chance to rest their mouths from all the playing, whilst some people used the time to either practice challenging parts in their music or match up their duet. After the practice, we had a group trip to Dotonbori. Through a 1 hour bus trip, all the APAC students were given the opportunity to walk around and enjoy themselves for 2 hours. During this time, everyone took numerous photos with the “Running man”, ate a lot of Japanese street food, and had a chance to shop. Everyone were carrying large bags filled with presents for their friends and family along with foods to enjoy once they went back to their home countries.

No one couldn’t believe that it was already the third day and our very final day of APAC Band. Our day was filled with practices making last minute changes to our playing till perfection.

Then, finally, the time for our final performance came.

The lights went on, there was a large audience, and everyone was sitting in their seats with their instruments wearing each of their unique school concert dresses. All the hard work paid off during our last performance. Challenging parts of the piece were played with perfection, and everyone was able to just enjoy the time playing together as one.

Once the concert was over, no one wanted to leave the auditorium. It was filled with hugs, people taking pictures, and especially students exchanging social media accounts! Everyone was talking about how they wanted the APAC Band event to be extended just a few more weeks and expressed how they wanted to stay longer. It was fascinating on how a single event could make strong bonds between people. It was amazing how music allowed me to become friends with people I’ve never met, or become closer friends with people I’ve met in past APAC Band experiences or other events.

Through this experience, I was able to realize how meaningful these experiences can be. Individually, I feel like this opportunity was more special as I was given the opportunity to play the solo for “Loch Lomond”. Playing as a solo within a large group was frightening but the sense of achievement that came afterwards was immense. The APAC event not only taught me how to play music with numerous people as one whole large group, but more importantly, it allowed me to realize how music could act as a bridge in creating strong bonds with people you have never met before.

“APAC band this year was a fantastic experience. We all had so much fun meeting new people and learning valuable skills on our instruments. I feel that I have improved immensely!” Hana Fuji Bennet, Grade 12

I am really looking forward for APAC Band next year, as much as it will be a “Super APAC” where all 12 schools will be attending. I can’t imagine the sound that will be created with all those musicians around me playing one song together as one.

I want to give a special thank you to Mr. DallaGrana for giving his time and effort in guiding us towards the APAC event. I also congratulate my fellow peers, especially if this is your first APAC, but mostly to the seniors! I will miss you all very much and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to fill in your shoes.

Thank you all for making this such an unforgettable experience.

Jinny SHIN, Grade 11

UNIS Varsity Girls Basketball Take on APAC

After winning 90% of their games in season, scoring an average of 42 points per game, and bringing home the HAC championship trophy, the APAC Girls Basketball team travelled to Shanghai on January 21 for their final, culminating tournament. This year, Coach Cortney and Coach Jackson selected several snazzy seniors – Thanh Le (co-captain), Uyen Trinh (co-captain), Linh Vu, Gia Han Le, Eliza Tu Thi Stelmach -, a couple jazzy juniors – Sian Rusinow, Co May Nguyen, Jinny Shin, Sophie Shroeder -, and two spazzy sophomores – Frances Phan, Josephine Schmitz.

Apart from the occasional delicious brownie treats that Coach Cortney baked for us, we committed to providing our bodies with good food, our minds with good energy, and our muscles with physical torture. The 6 returning players made sure everyone knew the standards they needed to uphold and expectations they needed to meet not only for themselves but for the team. Eat well, sleep more, train hard, play together.

Knowing the level of basketball we would encounter at APAC, we worked hard all season to not be surprised or intimidated by the big post players, the fast break layups, the full-court press, and the questionable referee calls.




Our first game was greeted with some angst, some anticipation, but mostly the desire to win. Last year, we won against SFS by a slight 3-point lead to come in 5th overall. This year, we won again in overtime. Although we were unable to beat HKIS, the opponent of our next game, we stilled worked hard to take home a win against ISB and WAB in the following days.

Throughout the 3-day tournament, we competed together, showed sportsmanship, and never gave up. Like a sine curve, we had our ups, downs and inflexions points. The only constant is that Frances can always be found rolling, stretching, and massaging an injured body part.

I want to give a special thank you to both my coaches for giving their time and effort for teaching us not only how to play the beautiful game of basketball but more importantly how to be a team. To my sophomores who inspire the team with youthful energy and so much talent. To my juniors who continue to show me what grit, hustle, and hard work looks like. And lastly, to my seniors, who made the final 33 seconds on court the most fun ever.

Uyen Trinh

2018-19 APAC Basketball Season

Our season started with a core of returning players from last year’s squad, so right out of the jump we had experience and talent going into the season. With the addition of new players It was a little difficult at first for them to adjust to our system and team expectations but after hard work in practice and 3534 line drills they were integrated into our system and we became well rounded team.

What was really special about our team was that we were all friends off the court which made it easier for us to play on the court which boosted our chemistry. What mattered most was not our basketball talent but the effort that every player put in and how everyone was willing to give their all  for the team on the court.

The second week of the season is when we started our league games against the other international schools competing for the HAC Cup and Championship. We were in cruise control the whole time and ended up being undefeated and lifting the HAC Cup and winning the Championship.

During the month of November our invitational approached. Our Bangkok invitational was our biggest test of the season at the time because it was our first time against high level competition. This tournament showed us where we were as a team, we surprised other schools and played a close game against the reigning IASAS champs ISB (International School of Bangkok). We showed that we can compete with top schools by placing 5th out of the 8 schools and finishing 2-2 at the tournament.

Our culminating APAC event put us in difficult pools of play with the previous APAC champions from the last 4 years. Starting out 0-3 was a challenge, but our team did not hang our heads and we finished strong with three straight wins, finishing the tournament with a 3-3 record. We were the first UNIS Hanoi team ever to win 3 games at a APAC Super event which is a milestone.

As the captain of this team I will forever be grateful for being part of this team, this is so far my favorite year playing basketball because of the coaches and players I am surrounded with. On behalf of the team we would like to thank our coaches Mr. Tarique and Mr. Taggart for their guidance throughout the whole season and showing us that the little things matter and that being part of a team comes with sacrifices and commitment. You guys pushed us to the very end and made it uncomfortable for us every practice, we might’ve not enjoyed it but deep down we know it was for our own good, we wouldn’t be the people we are to this day if it was not for both of you.  Next year our team aims to come back stronger and hungrier than ever and hopefully lift gold at APAC.

Malick Sy
Varsity Basketball Team Captain

Super APAC Championship Meet

Last weekend the UNIS Varsity Swim Team traveled to International School of Beijing for the Super APAC Championship Meet.  In an extremely successful weekend, both the UNIS Boys and Girls teams placed 7th for the highest finishes ever.

The meet started out brilliantly as our first two swimmers, 9th graders Hotchy and Alexandra, achieved their best times ever in the girls 200 freestyle. The 200 freestyle boys also saw lifetime best times from Honza and another Grade 9 swimmer Dylan. The first event set the tone for the rest of the competition.

Over the three day competition UNIS Hanoi swimmers set 10 team records and achieved over 30 lifetime best times. UNIS Hanoi broke 8 individual team records and two relay records.  Jacob set new team records in all his events, the 50m butterfly, 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle and the 100m freestyle.  Gai set new records in the 50m and 100m backstroke.  For the girls, Flora set new team records for the 50m backstroke and 50m butterfly.

The girls 200 medley relay with Flora, Sonya, Ezell and Mina broke their own record from last year with a gigantic 5 second improvement. The boys relay team, Gai, Matthew, Honza and Jacob broke the 200 freestyle relay record by .04 seconds in the final event of the competition.  What a great way to end an exciting swim meet!

The full APAC Girls Varsity Team included in addition to those already mentioned, Grade 12:  Annika, Marcelle, Jeyne, Grade 10 Linh Trang, and Gaby.  Jeongha also represented the APAC Boys Varsity Team with some very strong swims.

At first we were all dismayed to find our return flight was scheduled for very late in the day on Sunday. To our surprise and excitement, ISB had arranged a trip to The Great Wall for our team. The event ended with a super enjoyable day.

During APAC, our team was very cohesive, with swimmers continually cheering each other on and offering plenty of high fives and hugs for team members. Congratulations to all APAC Varsity Swimmers on a fantastic performance!

Andy Myers
Aquatics Academy Manager

APAC Choir Coming to UNIS Hanoi

On November 15-17 UNIS Hanoi will be hosting the 2018 APAC Choir Festival.  Our community will be welcoming students and directors from Canadian Academy (CA), Seoul Foreign School (SFS), Shanghai American School (SAS-PD), Hong Kong International School (HKIS), and Western Academy Beijing (WAB) to join our UNIS Hanoi performers in this wonderful event. The goal of this festival is to nurture students’ talents, skills and self-confidence as well as develop their interest and appreciation of the arts. The festival will encourage social interaction as students work collaboratively to prepare a culminating performance. Special guest director Patrick Romano will lead the festival to enhance the learning experience.

These types of events offer an outstanding opportunity to bring our community together in support of the arts. The culminating event of the festival will be a concert on Saturday, November 17 at 18:45. in the UNIS Hanoi Centre for the Arts. Tickets for the final event are free of charge and will be available from the Co-Curricular Activities Office (B8B-102) on a first come first served basis starting Monday, November 12.

Join us for a high caliber concert you will not soon forget.

APAC Tennis Varsity Team 2018

On Wednesday 17 October 2018 the UNIS Hanoi varsity tennis team headed to the hosts Canadian Academy School, Kobe, Japan to compete in the APAC tournament. This year 6 schools participated: HKIS, SFS, SSPD, CA and WAB. The matches were played off the school site and an outdoor venue with Savannah grass courts.

The teams consisted of 5 boys, 5 girls. 2 of each gender played singles, a girls and boys doubles and finally a mixed doubles. The format began with round-robin where every school played against one another. The scoring was first to 8 games with sudden death deuces (at deuce next point wins)

Boys Singles 1 – Nguyen Dao
Boys Singles 2 – Gai Osasawara
Boys Doubles – Kevin Rayan/ Jacob Ybarra
Girls Singles 1 – Serena Mohanty
Girls Singles 2 – Shenern Wang
Girls Doubles – Mayu Mori/ShinYoung Kim
Mixed Doubles – Miki Takeshi/Taku Shiwa

UNIS Hanoi started with a match against SFS (Korea). With it being first match it was a battle against opponent and nerves! We lost 1-6, our win coming from our boys doubles. We lost our remaining matches on day one 2-5 vrs SASPD (very creditable wins for Serena and Dao) and 1-6 against WAB.

Day 2 was an early start with another packed day of matches. We started with a match against the strongest school HKIS. Despite some valiant efforts we were unable to pick up any wins and lost 0-7. Next up was the hosts CA. We won this match 5-2. Wins coming from; Dao, Gai, Jacob & Kevin, Serena and Miki and Taku. This match completed the six school round-robin and then depending on your placings the first two days was where you were seeded as we went into the individual competition.

Final day (3) and by now everyone is playing their respective individual event. Nguyen Dao had our highest individual placing just missing out on a medal coming 4th. He was in fact very close to making the final had some key points gone better his way. Ultimately the competition was extremely good and it’s good to be aware of the level and standards we wish to aspire too.

The finals produced excellent tennis to watch, girls event was won by WAB and boys event HKIS. Overall fantastic event well organized by the host school CA. Great experience for our players with Jacob being our only senior and therefore ineligiable next year. Some of our players now have 2/3 yrs experience so that will hold us in good stead. We know we have to practice more often and play more matches so hopefully that’s something we can commit to all year round now.

Should you be interested in trying out for the APAC team (Grade 9-12) or interested in playing/starting tennis please contact me. We have high school tennis sessions running throughout the week with a choice of coaching or matchplay sessions

See you on court,

Nick Firth
UNIS Tennis Academy Manager