Junior Team Challenge Tennis Tournament

Last Saturday 29th September saw UNIS Hanoi’s first Junior Team Challenge Tennis Tournament. We had 8 & Under playing indoors in the Sports Centre and 11 & Under playing outside on the courts. Both age groups played this great format where players were split into ‘Team Federer’ or ‘Team Nadal’. Everybody had 5 singles matches and two doubles matches. The UNIS Varsity Team were on hand to assist with scoring which meant players could really concentrate on their game.












Big congratulations to all 18 players involved who are already looking forward to the next major UNIS Tennis Academy event, the Peter Goverde memorial tournament on 25th November 2018. Further details and registration will be released soon for this event.

If you are interested in joining these fun events and UNIS Tennis Academy please contact UNIS Tennis Academy Manager – Nick Firth at Tennisam@unishanoi.org

UNIS Varsity Tennis Trip to Patana School

On Saturday 15 September 2018 UNIS Varsity Tennis Team travelled on their now annual event trip to Patana School, Bangkok. The idea was was to get some challenging match practice towards APAC 2018. That we did as we played a tri-angular challenge matches against Patana and St Andrews School Bangkok.

Most pleasingly UNIS Hanoi players showed vast improvement from last year with many superb performances resulting in many more match wins. Gai Ogasawara finished the weekend unbeaten in his singles matches. Lots of belief for the team to take forward as we continuing preparations for the APAC Tennis event which is in Japan this year beginning 18 October 2018.

Nick Firth
Tennis Academy Manager

New Basketball Academy Starting at UNIS Hanoi

TLW BASKETBALL ACADEMY – Asia’s Premier Basketball Academy is NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION! 🏀    

**The Academy is offering UNIS Hanoi students a special discounted rate!  

On October 15, the TLW Basketball Academy’s first quarter sessions officially begin at UNIS Hanoi. For beginners, we emphasize active participation in a safe and fun environment and the development of a fundamental base. While for more serious players, we have designed programming to help each athlete discover a new level of skills and to help optimize peak performance.

The students will receive instruction from professional international coaches and players. The Coaching Staff includes Head Coach Predrag Lukic (Head Coach of Thang Long Warriors), Coach Jason Benadretti (NBA Trainer) and players from the Thang Long Warriors.

The Academy is open to boys and girls 18 and under with great player to coach ratio.

Register by October 1 to receive the Early Bird Special:
30% discount (after UNIS Hanoi discounted rate)
Free TLW Jersey
Free TLW T-shirt
Free Basketball (for the first 100 students) 


Junior Team Challenge Tennis Tournament

Please see REGISTER HERE  to join UNIS Tennis Academy up coming Junior Tennis Event. Entry will be closed at 21.00 on Thursday, September 27.

Look forward to your child(s) entry. We will have the high school varsity team on hand to help with scoring in this event.

Some further details are available on the registration form. If you have any questions please contact me at tennisam@unishanoi.org . I look forward to your child’s entry and a successful event.

Nicholas Firth
Tennis Academy Manager

UNIS Varsity Team Geared up for Tennis APAC

Saturday September 15 saw 11 tennis players invited from St Paul’s American School to challenge the UNIS Hanoi Varsity School team. In hot temperatures both teams performed well in a nice friendly, yet competitive atmosphere. As UNIS Hanoi Varsity team prepares for their trips to Patana school and APAC in October, this was a great chance to put their training this season into match action.


UNIS Hanoi came out on top winning losing only 4 of 30 matches played. Players have been asked to reflect on their performances identifying strengths and weaknesses, this will help as we now prepare for the tough-test of going up against players from Patana School in Bangkok next weekend.

If you are interested in playing tennis please contact our Tennis Academy Manager – Nick Firth at tennisam@unishanoi.org

Nick Firth

Junior Team Challenge Tennis Tournament

Please see REGISTER HERE  to join UNIS Tennis Academy up coming Junior Tennis Event. Entry will be closed at 21.00 on Thursday, September 27.

Look forward to your child(s) entry. We will have the high school varsity team on hand to help with scoring in this event.

Some further details are available on the registration form. If you have any questions please contact me at tennisam@unishanoi.org . I look forward to your child’s entry and a successful event.

Nicholas Firth
Tennis Academy Manager

UNIS Hanoi is partnering with the TLW basketball Academy providing a first-class learning experience using dedicated and enthusiastic coaches.
WHEN: October 7-10, 2018
             (October 7-9, 9:30 am- 2:30pm & October 10, 9:30am- 12:30pm)
WHERE: at UNIS Hanoi, G9 Ciputra
October Break Basketball Camp is open to all girls and boys Grades 4-12. Campers will receive expert instruction from members of the 2017 VBA Champion, Thang Long Warriors. Special guests include the TLW Head Coach Predrag Lukic, and TLW Academy Director, Jason Benadretti, whose experiences include working as an NBA Trainer & Scout as well as an NCAA D1 College Coach! Camp programming focuses on individual skill development, which players are then able to apply, in game competition and contests all week long. Each camper will receive a free t-shirt if registered by September 23.


Don’t miss out on special giveaways and the opportunity to learn from the pros! Elevate your game with the TLW Academy!Any questions or inquiries please contact Cortney at cortaliesa@gmail.com

Phoenix Sports Under Way

We are all looking forward to the 2018-19 sports year in which we are slotted to host the APAC Soccer Tournament and the MRISA Junior Volleyball Tournament in addition to several local and regional tournaments/meets throughout the year. Our High School Volleyball and Tennis teams, as well as our Middle School Basketball teams are currently in season and will be working hard to achieve their goals over the next 9 weeks. Please be on the lookout for ways to be part of our sports programme and support what we hope will be a strong and longstanding tradition of excellence.

As we continue to develop our programme to the high standards we expect at UNIS Hanoi, please keep the following guidelines in mind.

What is the role of a parent of a UNIS Hanoi athlete?

  • Get involved by attending competitions, serving as a host family, volunteering to help at tournaments/meets, etc.
  • Support the players (include all members of the team)
  • Support the coach and respect the coach’s authority to make decisions regarding playing time, team selection, discipline, etc.
  • Set a good example for our athletes regarding positive support for our athletes, their opponents and game officials
  • If attending practice, attend as an observer; and respect a coach’s decision to hold a closed practice
  • Contact the coach with player or parent concerns (communication is the key)
  • Enjoy the wonderful opportunities your child has available through interscholastic sports programmes.

What is the role of the coach?

  • Communicate philosophy
  • Contribute to compliance of the school’s mission statement through interscholastic sport
  • Positively promote emotional, physical, and psychological development
  • Teach the technical applications of the specific sport to the best of their abilities
  • Take care of relevant management tasks
  • Promote development of self-discipline
  • Teach good sportsmanship
  • Be a positive influence on the players with regard to ethics, work habits, and interpersonal relationships.

What is the role of the player?

  • Participate to the best of their abilities
  • Respect and cooperate with all coaches
  • Attend all practices and be on time
  • Be a good citizen
  • Maintain the levels and course load required by UNIS Hanoi
  • Create, maintain, and promote good sportsmanship toward opponents and game officials
  • Set a good example in school, practice sessions, and games by demonstrating sportsmanship and good citizenship
  • Recognise that, as an athlete, you are in a position of leadership
  • Represent your programme, school, and community with pride
  • Enjoy interscholastic athletics.



Tarique AL-Iesa
UNIS Hanoi Director of Activities

Middle and High School Fall Sports Season

The first athletic season of the year is here! 

High School volleyball and tennis begin on Friday, August 17, 2018, and Middle School basketball begins on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.  In addition, the UNIS Aquatics Academy offers Phoenix Swim Club for those interested in competing on a swim team.

Students who are interested in HS or MS sports should make their way to the bulletin boards outside the UNIS Hanoi Hanoi Canteen and sign-up as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for more detailed information from your respective coaches.  For those interested in participating in the Phoenix Swim Club please contact Mr. Andy Meyers at aacoach@unishanoi.org.

Middle School sports are a two-day a week commitment while High School is a three to four-day a week commitment.  Our Middle School programmes operate as a no-cut opportunity. Everyone wishing to participate will have the opportunity to practice, improve, and play some competitions.

Good luck to all. GO PHOENIX!

UNIS Hanoi Community Programme Autumn Session 2018


UNIS Hanoi Community Programme is a programme of activities in variety areas of cooking, movement, language, arts and culture, skill building, sports… that UNIS Hanoi offers to the wider local Hanoi community. UNIS Hanoi Community Programme has three (3) sessions in a school year:

  1. Autumn Session (September – November)
  2. Winter Session (November – February)
  3. Spring Session (February – May).

Our aim is to provide opportunities for learning and enrichment as well as foster a greater sense of community.

The Community Programmes Autumn Session 2018 (4 September – 17 November 2018) is now available for viewing on UNIS Hanoi Website.

All classes and workshops offered to all members of the Hanoi Community in this session include:

  • Cooking: Explore Green Kitchen…
  • Skill Building: Empower the leader within you: Change your thinking, transform your life…
  • Arts and Culture: Coffee Tasting Experience, Street Food Tour…
  • Children Activities: Book creator club, Exam stress releasing workshop…
  • Swimming classes: We continue offering a wide range of swimming classes for adults and children.
  • Community Adult Tennis Programme: We are committed to continue the tennis classes for adults and children. Registration is through the online registration form here. Private tennis lesson enquiries can be directed to Mr Nick Firth at: tennisam@unishanoi.org



We will open the link for registration on the UNIS Hanoi website from 08:30 on Monday, August 20, 2018 and close the registration at 17:00 on Thursday, August 23, 2018. Please click the COMMUNITY PROGRAMMES REGISTRATION FORM to register.

We look forward to your participation.

Ha Thien Ha
Community Programmes Officer

UNIS Tennis Academy Racquet Camp Week

Hope everyone had a great summer break! Some players have already got back into their tennis and were involved in a fantastic UNIS Tennis Academy Racquets Camp week.
The UNIS Hanoi Tennis courts have being re-surfaced and painted, are looking and playing great (see attached pic). Remember we have classes no matter what your tennis needs are so no excuses not to give it a go!
Registration for this season’s classes starts on August 20 and please visit UNIS Tennis Academy for further infomation. Additionally it’s the varsity tennis season this block so they’ll be training hard in preparation for their APAC main competition event in mid-October.
Our next event is on Saturday August 25, 15.00-17.00. This is a Come and Try Tennis Day. This is an ideal time to have a go at tennis no matter how much or little you have played.
See you on court,

Nicholas Firth
Tennis Academy Manager