Update from APAC

UNIS Hanoi is a proud member of APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference). We are one of twelve schools in the region actively working together to offer our students a range of exciting tournaments and concerts that give them the chance to perform their chosen talent at the highest levels.

As many in our community know, COVID-19 has disrupted planned events for most of this year. Here we provide you with the latest update from APAC:

“It is with great disappointment that the APAC Heads of School have been forced to temporarily suspend all student travel for APAC events across all APAC schools, until at least February 28th, 2021. Given the current travel situation for all APAC schools, this decision was unanimously made to protect the health and safety of our students and communities. Our students and families have endured much hardship this year, and we hope that the global pandemic development and travel complications will improve in the following months. We hope to resume events for season 3 and will announce a decision by January 15th, 2021.”

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