Co-Curricular Programme 2020-21

The Co-Curricular Activities Department is looking forward to delivering an inclusive and engaging set of offerings in the coming academic year. Our plan is to maintain core programmes, while simultaneously ensuring we are responsive to any impact of COVID-19.  

Our plan is based on the following levels: 

  • LEVEL 1 – Campus closed. Virtual options may be provided (Based on Government regulations)
  • LEVEL 2 – Campus open to UNIS Hanoi students only (Based on Government regulations)
  • LEVEL 3 – Campus open: Local travel – Hanoi only  (No Domestic or International travel)
  • LEVEL 4 – Campus open: Travel and exchanges within Vietnam (No International travel)
  • LEVEL 5 – Campus open: Normal travel (e.g. APAC/MRISA) (International travel permitted) 


Co-Curricular Activity Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 – 5
ASAs Online programme
(Differs from on-campus

Regular programme.

Sport Teams, Performing Arts Groups, Academic Competitions, Festivals, MUN

(Sports and Arts on offer will follow our regular programme)

Some programmes may continue virtually depending on feasibility, availability of a virtual culminating event and/or change in focus on process over product.  Run internally with UNIS students only. For Example: Intramural league. 

Regular programme with culminating events adjusted according to level. 

LEVEL 3 – Event/tournament with local Hanoi schools.  

LEVEL 4 – Event/tournament with schools in Vietnam. 


UNIS Music Academy (UMA)

Lessons continued via Zoom sessions.

Regular programme

UNIS Aquatics Academy (UAA) and UNIS Tennis Academy (UTA) Campus closed – No programme Regular programme and run internally with UNIS students only. Swim meets and tennis tournaments will follow the same process as “sports teams” above. 
External Partner Academies (BFS Football, TLW Basketball) Campus closed – No programme.

Regular programme

 Be ready to get involved in an exciting co-curricular programme and pursue your passions outside of the school day. To kick off the year there will be opportunities in: Visual and Performing Arts, Academic Pursuits, Technology, Sports and Movement, and Social/Cultural interests. Be on the lookout for more details coming in August.

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