Varsity Boys Volleyball

This year’s team had a compact season, cramming in the HAC regular season, the HAC cup, the UNIS invitational, as well as our main event, APAC Volleyball Tournament at Shanghai American School – Puxi. The team is proud of their work throughout the entire season improving throughout,¬†winning the HAC championship, winning the HAC Cup, holding our own against strong university teams at the UNIS Invitational and finally competing at APAC.

The team had many ups and downs, with problems like injuries, the miserable SAT or other commitments, the team had to battle through not having all members available during many training which impacted our progress. However, dealing with adversity made us a stronger team both on and off the court. Perhaps this brother-like bond is reflected upon our attitude towards one another on the court and everybody’s readiness to fight for each other.

The result of 5th place achieved at APAC was disappointing to all, and definitely does not show our true capabilities. However, when looking back, most of us can say we played hard, smart and together. This attitude is what all 12 of us hopes reflects upon the programme and how together we are helping to build our legacy.

To the seniors, thanks, you all have contributed greatly to this program and we all hope you continue playing volleyball wherever you are. To the rest of the team, continue to be passionate about the sport, work hard and carry on the pride imprinted in the Phoenix.

By Richard Dang, Team Captain

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