2018-19 Middle School Sports Awards Ceremony

This past week, UNIS Hanoi student-athletes, their coaches and parents attended the year-end MS Sports Awards Ceremony sponsored by SCO Phoenix Booster Committee. The event was a wonderful opportunity to recall the highlights of what has been another successful year of UNIS Hanoi sports. Thanks to the support of the UNIS Phoenix Booster Committee, the experience continues to improve. Our programme continues to evolve and improve each year.  As we highlight the wonderful opportunities from this year, we also look to a bright future for Phoenix Sports.

During the Awards Ceremony, each coach presented “Coach’s Choice Awards” to members of their team who they felt were worthy of special recognition.  In some cases athletes were identified as being the Most Valuable or perhaps the Most Improved, but the final criteria for the selection of the award was left to individual coaches. The following athletes were presented with medals by their coaches:

Coach’s Choice Award Winners:

Girls Basketball – Jada Al-Iesa, Ririko Noda, Elione Goncalves, Isabella Brazil, Shaivee Sharma

Boys Basketball – Harald Hogberg, Min Yong An, Dylan Fairbairn, Oliver Pollack, Nicolas Lyon, Aoi Ito

Girls Soccer – Sophia Chagas, Misaki Iseri, Luna Sevilla Manso de Zuniga, Trang Pham, Natsuki Mori, Shaivee Sharma

Boys Soccer – Segdae Lucardie, Aoi Ito, Ankit Walia, Toby Fujii Bennet, Heedong Cho, GiHyeon Baek

Girls Volleyball – Jada AL-Iesa, Kiara Fenn, Natsuki Mori, Melissa Teo, Ha  Chi Nguyen

Boys Volleyball – Segdae Lucardie , Min Yong An, Hieu Trinh, Adrian Smith

2018-19 Middle School Athletes of the Year:

Middle School Girl – Jada AL-Iesa
Middle School Boys – Segdae Luicardie

2018-19 Middle School Ambassador Sports Award:

Middle School Girl – Sophia Chagas
Middle School Boy – Min Yong An

Congratulations to all of our middle school student-athletes on their accomplishments while representing UNIS Hanoi in the competitive sports arena this year.

The Activities Team would like to express our gratitude to all members of the community who supported our programme and made this year a success.  Have a great summer!

Enjoy the photo special!

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