MRISA Junior Volleyball Girls

On the fifth of May, 2019 the UNIS Hanoi girls got ready to play SSIS to get into the championship game. As we walked onto the court, we knew we would play hard until the end, no matter the score.

The season began with some uncertainty. We had two returning players Isabella and Jada. Only one was on the MRISA travel team. The rest of the team: Sophia, Michelle, Abi, Beeke, Kiara, Trang, Lily, Elione, Ngoc, Saki, Carolina, Sarah were either completely new or have been playing for just one or two years. At the beginning of the season, we were all individual players. We lost our first game against BVIS in three sets and our second game to HIS in three sets. But losing wasn’t all a bad thing. It encouraged our team to improve and bring ourselves together as a team. As practices and games passed and we neared the MRISA tournaments, we continued to improve.

Throughout the season, our team continued to grow with the help of our amazing Coach Cortney, who worked us hard, up until we left every practice more conditioned than the last. Our team benefited from all the extra sessions we put in over weekends, holidays, and even before school.

Our entire team shakes their heads when we think about our first couple of games and how poorly we played. Luckily, thanks to our wonderful coach and our team’s dedication, we grew individually and as a team and gave everyone at MRISA a run for their money. As we look back and think about our SSIS game, we couldn’t be prouder of how hard and intense our team played against this championship team!

Jada AL-Iesa and Sophia Chagas

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