UNIS Hanoi Cross Country Team Celebrates a Brilliant Season

The UNIS Hanoi Cross Country Team concluded the first part of their 2018/19 year this week. So far it has been a fantastic season! Since UNIS Hanoi hosted the first Cross Country race the team has competed in further two races. The Concordia International School 5km (77 runners) and 3km races was held on 1 December and the UNIS race results were as follows:

Name: Distance Time Place
Iestyn Rusinow 5km 0:18:57 1
Graham Abrams 5km 0:21:19 4
Jakub Trent 5km 0:21:27 5
Basile Villars 5km 0:23:40 13
Dafydd Rusinow 5km 0:24:33 17
Nikolai Inoue 5km 0:26:19 25
Takao Sato 5km 0:26:32 28
Lily Noda 3km Not timed
Saki Sato 3km Not timed

The Hanoi Half Marathon was held on the 9 December. The UNIS Cross Country Team results were as follows:

Name: Distance Time Place
Iestyn Rusinow 10km 38.33 8
Gabriela Chanen 10km 0:52:56
Harrison Wallace 10km 0:53:01
Jan Krubner 5km 0:21:41 4
Graham Abrams 5km 0:23:42 7
Natalie Krubnerova 5km 0:23:48 3rd (Female)
Lily Noda 5km 0:24:14
Lucas Lyon 5km 0:27:58
Amelie Ogasawara 5km 0:28:52
Isabel Zaring 5m 0:28:03
Nicolas Lyon 5km 24:40(provisional)
Kitty Tran 5km 28:52 (provisional)

Iestyn Rusinow was also the overall 10km winner in the 2018 Halong Bay 10km race. Congratulations Iestyn! This brilliant and dedicated team of runners then celebrated their success by having breakfast together on Tuesday. See you all again on 5 March!

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