Youth Sports Soccer – A Season of Joy

Grades 4-5 students who were part of the Youth Sports Soccer Season at UNIS Hanoi  had been training hard for 5-6 weeks before the final event – the Soccer Festival on 13 November.

Our coaches, Mr Imran, Mr Gibbons, Mr Phi, Mr Geoff and Mrs Mindy were amazing. They helped us not only to train hard during the season but also to have fun and learn to work with others. At the end of the season we had a tournament where we come together with other schools in Hanoi to have a fun afternoon of soccer.

All the weeks of training led to a great festival. The girls teams won a few, tied a few and lost a few and the boys teams were the same. Overall the Youth Sports Soccer Season was such a great time filled with joy and hard working.

Thank you to the great coaches that helped us from day one.

Written by Emily Dinh (Grade 5)

“In youth sports, I learned lots of skills and strategies, such as formations and dribbling skills. When we were in the teams I made lots of friends with kids in the fourth and fifth grade while bonding on a sport we like. I always looked forward to Tuesdays and Thursday because practices were fun, especially when we did practice games. The coaches were nice and I improved greatly. I think the highlight of soccer was the tournament. It was really fun testing our skills against other schools. In all, I really enjoyed it and so did my sister who also attended.” Grant Carroll (Grade 5)

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