Varsity Volleyball Teams’ Victory at APAC 2018

Congratulations Boys Varsity Volleyball who are the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Champions 2018! What a great WIN and it’s the first one in UNIS Hanoi history!

Watch their winning moment: (

The Girls team finished 5th place after playing great Volleyball but losing some tough games! Girls took every team they played to the 3rd or 5th set losing by only 2 or 3 points. We are super proud of how hard they fought!

Thank you to all the players and coaches for your hard work and great matches.

Boys Team: Jacob Biros, Red Chiles, Viet Dang, Richard Dang, Lenard El-Hage, Anthony (Kevin) Gibney, Rohan Gowda, Oliver Hanson, Jinha Hwang, Do Yoon Kwan, Yoo Chan Ko, Mohammed Sy, Charles Wood
Coaches: Tarique AL-Iesa & Boy Hei Hei

Girls Team:  Frances Phan, Caitlyn Francis, Ha Nguyen, Trang Bui,So Eun An, Josefine Schmitz, Mikaela Fenn, Athitiya Thaminrach, Irma Hogberg, Hoai Co May Nguyen, Uyen Trinh,
Krisha Valle.
Coaches: Anne Thompson-Wambua & Sarah Schneider

Watch this space for more stories coming next week from the teams’ captains.

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