14 December

K2B visited the Maker space to finish their Sniffles houses. You will see your child’s structure on Seesaw.

Happy Birthday to Andy!! He turned 6 on Monday, 10th of December.

Also, Suria will be turning 6 on the 18th of December. We were lucky to be able to celebrate with her today.

We are VERY sad to say goodbye to Marha! She is moving back to Brunei. We wish her and her family all the best!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday! We look forward to seeing you in the new year! Safe travels!


7 December 2018

We have had a very busy week in K2B!

On Monday, Isis’ mum came to talk to us about being an architect. She showed us different ways to draw the design of structures. Then K2B designed their own mouse houses.

After listening to the story Snuffles’ House and being inspired by our expert visit, we designed and built houses for Snuffles using recycled materials. Snuffles is a hedgehog who lost his house in a fire. Ask your child at home to tell you the story of Snuffles ūüôā

How tall are you? We have been wondering how tall we are. The children spent the morning exploring different ways to measure each other.

Thank you to Yaara and her parents for sharing with us about Chanukah today!

23 November 2018

This week we started our ‘K2B Kindness Garden’. We talked about things that happen in our class that make us feel sad/unsafe and drew it on paper bricks. We then put all of these pictures up to create a wall. Every day we take a brick or two down and discuss how we can change our behaviour to make everybody in our class feel happy and safe. It is our responsibility to break down this wall by changing our behaviour so that our kindness garden can start to grow.

We have been focusing on solving math problems and making our thinking visible. We are learning from each other to use different strategies like using our fingers, using unifix cubes, drawing pictures, etc.

K2B looking for shapes in our environment…

SDG Week and UN Day

In the lead up to UN day we are once again putting the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals front and centre in our thinking and our learning. K2 will be focusing on waste in our classroom. We will be talking about school lunch and food packaging in snack boxes as well as teaching other classes in the ECC about composting. Our primary focus will be SDG #12 Responsible Consumption and Production. However through our action next week we will also be touching on:

  • SDG #3 Good health and well being.
  • SDG #11 Sustainable cities and communities.
  • SDG #13 Climate action.
  • SDG #14 Life below water.
  • SDG #15 Life on land.

Nude Food K2 Picnic

We continue to encourage students to bring snacks without wrapping to reduce waste at school but also to build the students’ understanding of waste in our society. We will be having a nude food snack time picnic with our K2 friends on Thursday, 29 November. Please could you help your child bring food without packaging to eat on that day. I am attaching again a parent information sheet about¬†nude food.

UN Day Shared Lunch

Continuing on this theme we will be talking to the students about not wasting food at the shared lunch and being mindful of waste. Please refer to the emails from Lindsey (our class rep) for details and logistics of the shared lunch.

16 November 2018

Happy Birthday to Simon!! Simon turned 6 on Monday, 12 November.

This week, we revisited the central idea of our ‘Structures’ unit to see how much we have learned so far. K2B already have such a good understanding of these concepts.

We have also been exploring different environments and the available resources.

Thank you all for joining us for Open Classrooms on Thursday and Friday. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you, and we hope you enjoyed it too!

Family Show and Tell – Ms. Corlia’s family came to visit on Thursday ūüôā This is their first visit to Vietnam and UNIS. They were so excited to meet K2B!


  • K2 Ninja Warriors: Friday, 23 November from 2:30-3:00¬†parents are welcome to compete in a K2 created Ninja Warrior Course. More info here.
  • UN Day: Friday, 30 November. For more info click here.

9 November 2018

On Thursday we celebrated International Outdoor Classroom Day. International¬†Outdoor¬†Classroom¬†Day is a “global campaign to celebrate and inspire¬†outdoor¬†learning and play.” Last school year the Lower Elementary School participated in International¬†Outdoor¬†Learning Day in May – this year¬†the entire ES took part. Click HERE¬†if you want to find out more.

We started the day with our morning meeting outside. Then K2B paired up with their Grade 4 buddies for a morning of fun.


Open Classrooms: Thursday, November 15 and Friday, November 16.


A message from Ms. Kris…
Dear Parents of K2 Students,
Over the past few weeks our D-2 School Counselor, Kris Bezzerides, has delivered a series of lessons about Being Body Smart. One of the main goals for these lessons is to provide our children with knowledge and teach protective behaviors in regards to their bodies and their right to be safe.
These lessons are age-appropriate and non-threatening. They are designed to empower students.
In this series of lessons students were taught:
  • How to judge a safe and unsafe experience
  • Warning signs our bodies use to tell us if a situation is unsafe
  • No Means No – we are the boss of our own bodies and have a right to say no if someone is making us uncomfortable
  • Creating a list of trusted adults we can talk with
  • Learning the correct names for our ‘private parts’

2 November 2018

We had a wonderful trip to the Museum of Ethnology on Tuesday. Thank you so much to all our parent volunteers! Jens, Konrad, Maria, Kevin, Lindsey, Marie and Liat, we would not have been able to do it without you.

Here is what K2B had to say about the field trip…

Andy: “I learned about houses. I saw a big house. I learned about bamboo.”

Julian: “I saw a house with a long roof. The house was made of bamboo.”

Simon: “The biggest house had a different ladder (stairs) than normal houses.”

Freddy: “I learn about long houses and tall houses. I saw a boat.”

Luna: “I learn about structures. I saw lots of towers and one small tower. They had strings and some wood.”

Suria: “I saw a tall building. I learn to tie bamboo together with string.

Sung Ah: “I see a structure made with stick.”

Jimmy: ” I learned that structures are not just made from concrete and bricks. Some are made from wood.”

Hugo: “I learned why the houses were tall…so that the floods don’t go inside.”

Quang Tung: “I see the giant spoons and I see the house.”

Calliope: “We had an adventure. We saw structures.”

Maddi: “I learned that it’s not scary to go up the tall building.”

Katie: “I saw many structures and they were very tall. Some of them were long.”

Isis and Marha: “We saw a tall structure.”

Yaara: “I saw the floors that had X on it to tie it. So when people go on it they won’t fall.”

Elena:¬†“I saw a house made of wood. I saw a house with leaves inside for the roof.”

26 October 2018

We have added some more games to our Math choices. Ask your child to tell you about ‘Treasure Hunt’ and ‘Teddy Bear Race’. You will also be able to see how we play these games at the ES Open Classrooms which will be on the 15th and 16th of November.

This week, we have been focusing on bridges. The children used the available resources in our classroom to build bridges that can hold a toy car. We also did an experiment to find out what shape is the strongest and best for building structures.

UNIS has a new Maker Space. Please see the message below.


  • Snack Sale: Monday, 29 October.
  • Museum of Ethnology Field Trip: Tuesday, 30 October. In order to be prepared for the trip your child needs to bring with them a¬†small backpack (so they can carry their own water bottle and snack), a¬†hat and suitable walking shoes.
  • Dress Up Day: Wednesday, 31 October. More information is posted in the ES Tin Tuc.
  • Faculty/Staff Professional Development:¬†No school on Thursday, 1 November and Friday, 2 November.

19 October 2018

This week we read ‘Iggy Peck Architect’ and started drawing like architects.

We are focusing on looking closely at pictures of structures to find shapes, then draw the shapes we see.

We continue to work with our Grade 4 buddies on the SDG superheroes. This week, the groups started making videos to introduce their superheroes.

Field trip to the Museum of Ethnology

You will find this consent form in your child’s bag this afternoon. Please fill it in and return to school by the 26th of October. Once we have the number of seats on the bus confirmed, I will send an email to ask for parent volunteers.

Please note that swimming will end next week. Our last swimming class will be on Friday, 26 October.

5 October

This week we have been thinking about ways to be kind, safe and responsible when we play on the playground. This is what K2B came up with.

Our compost bin is up and running. We have been talking more about what food can go in the compost bin and what not. Check your child’s Seesaw to find out.

Lots of K2B friends have been bringing recyclable items from home for our class to reuse. Today, our box was so full that we had to think of another way to collect these items. K2B came up with the idea to sort the items and label different boxes. We now have a recycle station. Recyclable items from home are very welcome!

Ms. Kris continues to work with us on recognising different feelings and the Zones of Regulations.

We have two birthdays during the Autumn Break. Freddy will be turning 6 on October 6th and Ms. Hang’s birthday is on the 8th.

Have a wonderful holiday! Travel safely and we look forward to seeing all our K2B friends back at school on the 15th of October!