A Week to Remember

Wow, what a week. I know I say that every week, but after all the learning that has taken place this week- it is time to catch our breath. We took a onsite field trip to the Technology Office to learn what this thing we are all glued to is- THE INTERNET. We learned thanks to a cool website: Submarine Cable Map where you can see all the internet cables around the world. Very cool. Check it out. We also sent our first emails- yes, my inbox is flooded, and we learned about what “Netiquette” is- having good manners online. We also got a few old computers that we got to take apart and now have to figure out how to put back together! Oh my.

Thank you to all the parents who came to support and learn more on our G2 Math Morning. It was great to see brain muscles growing by our parents. It is always good to see and experience a fraction of what we ask our kids to do everyday. Thank you again!

Here is a link to some pictures from the week- please enjoy. And if you’re reading this could you please give me a sign? I am not sure if anyone reads the blogs!

Don’t forget No School on Monday for our Children, but parents and teachers will be having conferences.

Thanks and see you on Monday.

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7 thoughts on “A Week to Remember

  1. Hi Mrs. Christy. I am Alison’s mom. Thank you for sharing weekly updates on your blog. I have enjoyed reading them because it has provided much information about thier learning and current classroom activities. Without your blog, I would have not known what she has been learning. This also helps me ask many school related questions and talk about them with my daughter. Thank you

    • Thank you for the feedback. I’ll aim to give information about what is coming up so that you can have those conversations at home as well as reflections.

  2. Thank you Mrs Christy. I feel the same as Alison’s mom. I really hope Hannah will be able to fully understand and participate in all those interesting activities in near future.

  3. Hi Christy, thank you so much for sending us these blogs. I enjoy reading it and it gives me a good idea of what the kids are exploring and discovering with you at UNIS every week.

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