The Final Friday

Hi Parents,

This is it, the final Friday post. And while I will probably post next week on Wednesday, you won’t get an email about it.

What an amazing year it has been. Thank you so much. You have raised some wonderful human beings who are a joy to come and work alongside and learn with- I am sad to see it end. Today was move up morning and it seems to have gone really well. I haven’t heard any complaints and I didn’t see any tears. Students came back from their new classes happy and saying how nice their new teacher is. Class placements are always a tricky thing with so many factors to consider and many variations of a successful classroom. We hope that everyone is happy.

This summer UNIS would love for you and your family to participate in the 1000 minutes reading challenge. Check it out on the library blog page. All we need to do is read for 5 minutes each day over the summer. What a fun way to keep up with reading.

Wednesday, June 12 is our last day. The school will be dismissed at 12:00 noon, however, there will be NO lunch served. Please do send your child with a snack as that can be a long day with no food. Another reminder- please make sure with this heat that your child is bringing a water bottle to school, while we have drinking fountains around, they need more water available.

Thank you!

The Countdown is Official

Hi Parents,

I haven’t wanted the countdown to begin, but I am afraid that since we wake up tomorrow to June 1st that it is time to count it down. Starting Monday, 8 official days left of school. Next week is an exciting week culminating in Move Up Day on Friday, June 7 in the morning, and our Whole Grade 2 Party in the afternoon!

We will celebrate the end of the year party on June 7 from 1:45-3:00. What we need from parents at this point is a snack we can share amongst grade 2 students at 1:45pm. Activities will start around 2pm but we are finalizing those early in the week. An email will follow with details and your children will also inform you.

Snacks should be ‘nude food’. We’d like to keep thinking sustainably which means little or no plastic and rubbish. Name a plate or any container so we can get them back to you.

Parents are welcome to the snack if you are keen.


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3 Weeks and Still So Much

Dear Parents,

As we begin to wrap up the year (even though we still have three weeks left), there is some important information to keep in mind and that we still need help with:

  1. Please send in any tissue rolls or paper towel rolls for our final G2 Totem Pole- we need as many as possible.
  2. Next week (May 27-30) only PE has a change of schedule due to Graduation- please note that: Monday PE – Trampolining (socks, tights and long sleeves please), Wednesday PE Swimming, Thursday PE – Swimming.
  3. Our grade 2 end of year celebration has yet to be finalized with plans but we do know that it will be on June 10- more details to follow but for now just know we will need your support with snacks- preferably nude food, and no single-use plastic. We’d like to send a consistent message regarding sustainability and the SDG’s they have been learning so much about.
  4. Swim Gala- G2&G3 Wednesday 05 June 09.30-11.00 (Period 2&3)
  5. Summer Reading- on the blog if you pull down the resource menu there is a long list of books for students to read over the summer- there are so many lists out there but here is one from Reading Rockets to check out.
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  6. Summer Math Games- parents are always asking what they can do with their child over the summer to keep up their math skills- here is a fantastic resource to use with only a deck of cards:
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Where Has The Time Gone?

Oh my, oh my where has the time gone? One day it was August and the next it was May! This week we finish up our Sharing the Planet unit where students have been inquiring into Clean Water and Sanitation. We have learned a lot, we have gone on tours of the campus, and learned how people around the world have limited access to water, and clean places to go to the bathroom. This week we were tasked with coming up with an action plan to support SDG #6- Mrs. Megan came in to hear our plans today and the kids were buzzed. Be sure to check back with us early next week after our reflections on Seesaw.

The heat has been pretty intense so please be sure to be sending your child with their water bottle and hats (though today we didn’t play outside at all!) And please have chats with your children about transitions and how to best deal with them- transitions include any time something is changing which is all the time. Our thoughts start wandering to what happens when my friends leave, what happens when I go away for the summer will we still be friends next year, what if I don’t like grade three, what if I don’t have any friends in grade three? The list goes on and on, and for each one of our children those worries or wonderings manifest themselves in different ways- could be tears, anger, silence, hyperactivity, lack of focus, can’t eat, can’t sleep- what is important is that we talk about it. We talk about our own transitions and we talk about our feelings, we let our children know it is normal. And remember, you and I haven’t gone through these transitions or had these wonderings for many, many, many moons- what seems small to us is a lot bigger for them.

*Important dates to remember or items to remember:

  • Please send in any empty paper towel rolls you may have- we need them for an Express Yourself project.
  • June 5 is a Swim Gala
  • June 7 is move up day
  • June 10 will be the Grade 2 End of Year Celebration

A Full Five Days

It seems like a long time since we have had a full five day week of school. This time of year, while hectic is one of my favorites. The classroom community has completely gelled, throughout the day it looks like a group of 20 friends interacting and learning alongside each other and helping others to be their best self. The independence the students demonstrate is another magical thing. They know the routines and the expectations and just get on with things. It is this time of year that I wish the class could just move on as a unit to grade three.

As you know the ES has asked you for your suggestions about your child for next year- those hints and tips are really crucial so if you haven’t done it please do so. We will begin the art of class placements next week.

Monday is a bake sale so please send your child with some VND to purchase something. There is nothing sadder than a student without any money. 🙁

We will also be wrapping up our unit on SDG #6 Clean Water and Sanitation with our goal of creating an action plan for how we can conserve and protect this limited resource. Could be a good idea for a conversation over the weekend.

We began investigating arrays, so check out our Seesaw for our initial thinking.

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Water, Water Everywhere

This week we hit the ground running with a tour of the UNIS water supply. We took apart one of the schools water filters, we went under the school  to look at the borehole and the water pumps that provide the school with all its water- facinating stuff! This morning we noticed that the water faucets in B9 were all on without anyone using them which prompted our immediate wonderings of WHY?! Then we noticed the water was all brown, which led to a discussion of how much water is used in one flush of the toilet. Oh the things we learn!

The operations department has been super helpful answering all of our wonderings: A pipe broke this morning and water had to be shut off to repair it, then the whole systerm has to be reactivated and cleaned to make sure any contamination is out of the systerm. And did you know it takes 3.5 to 4 liters of water for every flush of the toilet!?

When we return on May 2 we will start off our morning with a Book Character Celebration- dress up as your favorite book character. We will then have a book character parade, and a whole school read in with our buddies. On Friday, May 3 our class 2C will go to the Book Sale so please send money. The book sale is a great community event- please support!


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A Week of Perspective, Unfairness and Conflict

Hi Parents,

This week we have been exploring the concepts of perspective, unfairness, and conflict. We have participated in 4 different activities throughout the week that has given us a glimpse of what it might be like for others. For our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry, we have been looking 4 different SDGs so that we can choose which one to inquire deeper into. Ask your children to explain what happened with Quality Education, Good Health and Well Being, Climate Action and Clean Water and Sanitation- might be an interesting perspective. Our class has voted and the results are in, we have chosen to dig deeper into SDG number 6, Clean Water and Sanitation. If any of you out there have some ideas, or knowledge that you would like to share with us please let me know. We want to make this an action-focused inquiry, so any ideas or knowledge is appreciated.

In math, we have been focusing on regrouping, and really getting our facts down. We have reviewed our strategies and are also trying to think of some new ones that might help us to solve problems in multiple ways so we remain flexible thinkers. We have been playing a fun game that requires us to regroup as we build to 100, and then back to 0. Some of us are wanting to move on to 200, so watch out!

In writing, we have begun our new focus on persuasive writing. We are using an OREO graphic organizer to help identify our opinions and then have examples to back it up. Get ready to be persuaded.

Some upcoming reminders:

  • 8-24 April:  SCO’s Used Book Drive – donations welcome!
  • Saturday, 13 Apr:  come cheer on UNIS Varsity Boys for APAC soccer at 10:00
  • Monday, 15 Apr:  no school
  • Thursday, 18 Apr:  Community Blood Drive 8:30-5:30, B7-1-104 Community Room
  • Student-led conferences, Friday, 19 Apr (please sign up on Veracross)
  • Shrek the Musical, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th at 6.30pm and Saturday 20th at 4pm. The show will run for approximately 2hrs and 20 min inc, 20 min interval and is suitable for all ages. Tickets are 150,000 VND each and are available from the Arts Office during class time. Come along and enjoy this big, bright, beautiful show!!
  • 29 April to 1 May:  no school
  • 3-4 May:  SCO Book Sale
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Science Expo Success

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you who were able to come and join us for the Science Expo. We realize that not everyone will be able to come to these events, and we thank you for your support. Check out these pictures and please have a look at your child’s Seesaw as there is a great explanation of their experiment.

We hope to see you at the Spring Fair on Sunday, it is another great opportunity to support our school and the community.

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Science Expo and Open Classrooms

Dear Parents,

Last week we published some information regarding the Open Classroom opportunities and the Science Expo– we have had to change some of that information due to the music rehearsal on Friday. Please see the schedule below for opportunities to join us in the classroom. Our main event is the Science Expo where students will have a chance to share their learning with you, and where you can ask questions regarding their scientific thinking.

Science Expo- How the World Works- Thursday, March 14th from 2pm -3pm.

Students will present their learning through an experiment and sharing their scientific method. The session will be broken into two parts. During one part your child will present their learning through a demonstration and discussion. During the other part, your child will be an inquirer and observe and learn through observing and discussing other experiments. If you plan on attending this session it would be great if you could shadow your child during both parts. Some parents might not be able to attend and it is nice for all our students to have an audience and share their learning. Thank you in advance. We will also have an open classroom opportunity on Friday after recess at 10:30am.



And if you have any questions or concerns please email:


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Get Ready!

Dear Parents,

You are invited to share your child’s learning during open classrooms on the following dates:

Thursday, March 14- Science Expo

Exploring how different chemicals react with fire. This is how fireworks are made!

12.05 PE

12.50 ART

13.45 – 14.30 Unit of Inquiry

How the World Works – Matter/Science

Your child will present their learning through an experiment and the scientific method.

The session will be broken into two parts.

During one part your child will present their learning through a demonstration and discussion.

During the other part, your child will be an inquiry and observe and learn through observing and discussing other experiments.

If you are attending this session please shadow your child in both parts of the session.
Friday, March 15th

8.40-9.20 Math
We look forward to your participation.

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