Here comes the Moon Festival

Wow, what a week!

This week we touched upon our year-long unit of inquiry about how cultures express creativity. We looked at our host country Vietnam and the Moon Festival celebration. We also compared this to other festivals around the world- some of us chose one of our own celebrations and others of us learned about new celebrations. This next week on Thursday our school will celebrate the Moon Festival with a special assembly, children will wear their Ao Dai to school for the celebration (please make sure to send in their PE uniform as well to change into). In the afternoon we will have a local artist come and make clay puppets with us.

In math, we worked on structuring numbers and what a number is made up of- so how many hundreds, tens and ones. Building those numbers using counters, base-ten blocks, and blocks. We also reviewed even and odd numbers and how we can tell the difference. One interesting thing that popped up this week was when I asked what the difference between two numbers was- in my mind, it was clear I was asking a subtraction problem, but the students identified all the ways the two numbers were different. Students also began to talk about efficient ways to use math tools- is it efficient to count long gigantic strands of blocks or is there a quicker way to keep track of them so we don’t keep losing the number. Some interesting conversations were had.

We continue to build on our reading skills, and our guided reading groups are well underway which is a great thing. I am excited to share this next week all that I learned from a workshop I attended this last week about word inquiry- some fun things about words and how they are structured.

Important things to remember for the week ahead:

  • Students need an Ao Dai for Thursday 20
  • Healthy snack sale on Monday the 17th

Thanks and have a happy, healthy and safe weekend!

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