Our First Week Back

Wow! It is such a great feeling to be back at school. Our campus looks beautiful and green again. We have our new football pitch and a shiny new canteen. We have spent the last 3 days really getting to know each other, building a learning community and will continue to work on it through the next several weeks in our first unit of inquiry-Who We Are.

Who We Are is all about how our values shape our community. We are investigating the following three topics throughout the next several weeks:

What is a community?

How our behaviors are influenced by our values.

Tools we can use to navigate communities.

The first homework assignment is to bring three items that fit into a small bag to school to share. These items should be things that would show what is important to you as a person. For instance: I put in my bag some sand, a stone with a turtle, the trolley from Mr. Rogers and some of Chewie Chow Chows hair. Ask your child why those things are important to me, or what they represent.

Through various conversations, and activities we are learning a lot about each other, and it is fun. Building a strong trusting learning community is the most important thing we can do to help our students be the best they can be.

Next week we will continue to add more each day, like today we learned a new math game. Next week we will begin to look at what books we can be bringing home to help us be better readers. Be on the lookout.

Please help your child to bring their hat, water bottle, snack and an extra snack each day. Also, their take-home folders need to come back to school every day, this helps set up a routine and supports responsibility.

Thank you and remember if you have any questions please email me at cheitmiller@unishanoi.org



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