This week in Grade 1C…

Wax Museum Success!!

Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting all the children in our Grade 1 community during Friday’s Wax Museum. We think you will agree that each child did a tremendous job showcasing their research and communication skills with you all.


World Happiness Day and World Poetry Day all in one week!

On Wednesday, we celebrated world happiness day and inquired into the meaning of the word happiness. We brainstormed words related in meaning and generated a word family including happy, unhappy and happily!

On Thursday, we were joined by our Grade 5 Buddies to celebrate World Poetry Day. We wrote poems using an I wish… repetitive pattern connected to the Sustainable Development Goals.

New Unit Information


  • Swimming starts on Monday (March 25th) and will take place every Monday and Wednesday until the end of the school year. Please ensure your child has suitable swimming attire, a cap and goggles for each lesson.
  • Save the Date: Student-Led Conferences will take place on Friday, April 19th. (8am-4pm Grade 1 Conference Times Only)
  • Sports Day (Morning): Friday March 29th from 8:20-11:20, lunch will be served at 11:40am.  Location: Large field, behind the sports centre. Please ensure your child has the following items on the day…
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This week in Grade 1C…

Walkathon Success

During assembly on Thursday we welcomed back Mr.Tom of Blue Dragon to present him with a cheque for 20,326USD. What an amazing commitment and achievement from our school community. Mr.Tom thanks everyone for their amazing contributions and shared with us that this year’s money will go towards educating 60 children here in Vietnam. Thank you to everyone for your support.

On a Quest for Information

This week, as part of our inquiry into significant people we have been looking at the importance of questioning and conducting interviews to find out information. We interviewed each other to find out why each of our chosen people are/were significant and we hope to do the same with other classes next week.


Celebrating Women’s Day 

To celebrate Women’s Day, March 8th, we created cinquain poems connected to SDG #5 Gender Equality. Part of our celebration of women is recognizing that women and men, boys and girls should be treated as equals and afforded the same opportunities.


  • No School on Monday, March 11th.
  • Join us for the Spring Fair on Sunday March 17th.
  • Save the Date: Student-Led Conferences will take place on Friday, April 19th. (8am-4pm Grade 1 Conference Times Only)
  • Please see the timetable below for times to visit during open classrooms. Please note that instead of open classrooms on Friday you are invited to join us for the Grade 1 Wax Museum Exhibition from 14:15-15:00.








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This week in Grade 1C…

Where We Are in Place and Time

We have spent a considerable amount of time researching our significant people and learning about the contributions that they have made to the world. This week we focussed on the concept of time and created a timeline of the periods during which our chosen people affected the world.

To connect to our unit How We Express Ourselves we also created List Poems using key vocabulary related to our significant people.


Thank you Abigail!

A big thank you goes to Abigail for taking the initiative to teach us how to write our names in braille. Abigail has chosen Helen Keller as her significant person and was inspired by her ability to read using the raised dot system that we know as braille.


  • Significant Person Costumes: Please ensure that your child brings in their costume by Monday as we will begin recording green screen performances next week in the run up to the event on March 15th.
  • Aquathlon: Sunday March 3rd
  • Open Classrooms will take place on Thursday and Friday (March 14th & 15th). More information will be shared regarding the open classroom schedule on Thursday.  Please note that student presentations of their significant person will take the place of open classrooms on Friday March 15th (14:30-15:15).
  • Join us for the Spring Fair on Sunday March 17th. 
  • Save the Date: Student-Led Conferences will take place on Friday, April 19th.
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This Week in Grade 1C…

Celebrating UNESCO International Mother Language Day

Well done to all the children in the ECC as well as Trisha and Aviv from 1C who represented their native language during Thursday’s Mother Language assembly celebration.

Costume Time!

Thank you for supporting your child with choosing their significant person. Next week we will begin practicing our scripts and ask that each child bring in a costume and/or props connected to their chosen significant person. If there is an item of your child’s costume that you need help with please let us know and we will do our best to help out. Please note that your child will also have a copy of their script in their blue folder if they wish to practice it as part of their daily reading practice.


  • Please not that ASAs for this session come to an end next Friday, March 1st.
  • Join our school community for the Aquathlon: Sunday, March 3rd & The Spring Fair: Sunday March 17th.


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This week in Grade 1…

Sign up for this year’s Aquathlon!

Mr Hamilton is calling upon all swimmers and runners to participate in this years Aquathlon. It promises to be a fantastic community event and takes place on Sunday March 3rd. If you wish to participate please register here.

Welcome Era!

This week we welcomed Era into our class community. Era is from Korea and has had a wonderful first week getting to know all her new friends both in our class and throughout our Grade 1 community.

100th Day Celebration

Thank you to all our homeroom parents for supporting our 100th day celebration by baking 25 cupcakes for each class. We engaged in lots of counting and math activities and before enjoying a delicious cupcake together.


  • The Snack Sale will take place on next Monday (February 18th) if you wish for your child to support please ensure that they bring along 20,000VND to purchase two healthy treats.
  • Blue Dragon Donations: THANK YOU to everyone who has already contributed so generously to this great cause. If you have not yet returned your form please do so next week.
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