Operation Healthy Heart Art Auction – December 2-12, 2019

The Operation Healthy Heart service group is organising an art auction consisting of ECC to High school student’s artworks. All proceeds raised from the art auction will go to funding the heart surgeries of local Vietnamese children. This is a silent auction held in the UNIS Hanoi art foyer from December 2 to 12, opened for biding during school hours.

Come participate and support Operation Healthy Heart!

OHH Service group

Operation Healthy Heart Doing Small Changes

On Friday, November 15 some members of the service group Operation Healthy Heart (OHH) along with Ms Amie Pollack representing Heart Vietnam, visited the 6 year old Lo Van Quyen at the Hanoi Heart Hospital. 

Quyen was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect in his heart in 2018. In May 2019, he was reconfirmed about his heart defect at a rural hospital in the Son La region and recommended to be admitted in a hospital for surgery as soon as possible because his life was threatened. 

Thanks to OHH and Heart Vietnam, the surgery could happen and was a success. Quyen was released from the hospital on Monday, November 18. Now, he will be able to have a fully happy life back in his village.

OHH group is formed by young inspiring members in different grades, committed to helping sick and vulnerable children and families.This service group started by the graduated Linnea Niklasson, obtains the funds to sponsor the medical interventions with fundraising in different schools events and the Art Auction starting on December 2 is one of them.

OHH goal at the beginning of the school year was to sponsor the heart or pulmonar surgeries of three kids and so far we save one life. 

We are very thankful for the support of the UNIS Hanoi community and we hope hope the community will keep supporting this group. OHH will keep working hard towards, the good health and well being of the most needed ones. 

Operation Healthy Heart (OHH)