Message from the Head of School

Dear Families,

As an educational institution and more importantly a UN School, the events in the United States this week (and which have spread around the world) catalysed by the wrongful death of George Floyd, provide our community with an important opportunity to learn and act in solidarity in the ongoing fight for the most fundamental of human rights.

Across all cultures, the history of violence around the world against minorities and the disenfranchised highlights the importance of our ongoing commitment to our Mission statement and Core Values. 

As a community, we are committed to the UN Principle to: “Encourage respect for fundamental freedoms and equality for all, without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.”

Our values of responsibility and community ensure that written into the School’s DNA is  respect and appreciation of diverse cultures, beliefs and languages to deepen our understanding of local and global issues, taking ownership and being accountable for our thoughts, actions and their consequences.

These Values and Beliefs speak to how we as a community embrace our diversity and are not only accountable for ourselves but take action to make a difference. Our hope is that through experiences at UNIS Hanoi, our students will develop empathy, understanding and respect for others regardless of differences and take action to uphold these beliefs. 

As a diverse, international community, it is easy to read these words, but much harder to truly understand them in the context of the sheltered and unique microcosm that we experience each and every day on our campus and within Hanoi.  

Last week, in my message to our graduates, I stressed the concept of “privilege”. Whether it is “white privilege”, “socio-economic privilege” or “access to education privilege”, it is important that we as educators and you as parents, dialogue with your children around what this means and how it is not only different for others in the world but gives us the tools and opportunity to make a difference. 

If we are to truly honor diversity and inclusion as a community, we will need to understand our own personal context and work together to proactively educate for anti-bias, anti-discrimination and take action to create a more equitable society. 

At School this week students have been engaged in classroom discussions, reading lists have been shared and resources have been made available to teachers to ensure they feel equipped to nurture our young learners during this global fight for equality. Our High School student-led assembly also focussed on the Black Lives Matter movement with this moving film tribute and call for solidarity.  

I am looking forward to deepening our commitment to living our Mission and Values in the upcoming year. For those of you who are having discussions with your children at home, you may find the resources from the UN’s Let’s Fight Racism website a useful place to start.

Jane McGee
Head of School

From the Head of School

Dear Families,

What an incredible week on campus. Our students, faculty and staff are excited to be back on campus, spending time with faculty, staff, their peers and friends.

Today, you should have received information about our free month-long summer programme for students in Discovery-Grade 12.

Mentors will be working with MS and HS students to ensure they review the offerings and sign up for the sessions in which they are interested. As we have mentioned in other communications, please ensure your child is aware of any family summer travel plans that will impact their participation in the programme.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Activities Office is you have any questions.

Today marks a very special day for us as a UN Community as we celebrate the International Day of Families. As I reflect on the past three months, I know that for many of us, our families have been our “rock” during this unprecedented time. I also know that for many of us, COVID-19 has kept families apart in a way that has added and will continue to add anxiety and stress. I hope that your families are healthy and safe wherever they may be.

Enjoy your weekend.


What is Physical Distancing?

Physical distancing, also called “social distancing,” means keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home. To practice social or physical distancing:

  • Stay at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other people
  • Do not gather in groups
  • Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings

Why practice physical distancing?

COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period. 

Spread happens when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, and droplets from their mouth or nose are launched into the air and land in the mouths or noses of people nearby. The droplets can also be inhaled into the lungs. 

Physical distancing helps limit contact with infected people and contaminated surfaces.

Prepare your child for physical distancing on campus

As we prepare to return to campus, we ask you to practice physical distancing in your own home with your child so they are ready when campus is open for this new change in their environment. Classrooms will look different, lunch and recess will also need to change due to physical distancing, but these new practices are put in place to protect your child, other students, staff, faculty and YOU!.  We can only do this as a UNITED COMMUNITY!

You can practice with your child by;

  •  Having your child spreading their arms out and not being able to touch anyone around them.
  • Measuring and marking a 2 meter space on the floor and have them stand and visually see the distance between you and them.
  • When sitting at the table measure out a 2 meter space from the next family member sitting.
  • Practice air hugs/fist pumps/high fives from a 2 meter distance.

Please continue to practice the following hygiene actions with your child.

Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, before and after you eat, or using the toilet. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your bent elbow.
  • Do not share drink bottles, crockery or cutlery.
  • Wear a mask at all times when out in public.

Jo Connolly – School Health Centre Coordinator

Marites (Tess) Campilan – Nurse

Lan Anh Nguyen – Nurse

Useful Resources

From the Head of School

Dear Families

This week, I had the privilege of joining my colleagues from around the world in a number of conversations focussed on the current situation we are all facing. AAIE (Association for the Advancement of International Education), AISH (Academy for International School Heads) and EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) are three of many organizations offering robust professional dialogue with panels of experts on topics ranging from crisis response in the educational context, “online” or distance learning best practice, student and community health and wellness, short and long term financial planning in uncertainty and communication strategies. These sessions are attended by over 125 Heads of School from around the world, including many of my colleagues from within Vietnam and SE Asia. 

One of the key messages that has not only been our approach here at UNIS Hanoi for the past two months but was reiterated throughout many of the sessions was the need to plan for multiple scenarios. This applies to all aspects of our organization and will allow us to be agile and responsive to the ongoing and future impact on our School and community of COVID-19. Here are a few of the many ways you will see this in practice:

  • Events calendar planning for the remainder of 2019-20
  • Reforecasting the Budget for 2019-20
  • Planning for 2020-21

As we continue to collect information and make decisions, we are committed to keeping the community informed. 

A second key message was to be true to your mission and values. I have selected a few lines from values that have guided our decisions to date and will continue to do so:

  • Take action to create a safe, caring, and sustainable environment;
  • Respect and appreciate diverse cultures, beliefs and languages to deepen our understanding of local and global issues.
  • Act with integrity to make and defend reasoned decisions based on respect, compassion and fairness;
  • Take ownership and are accountable for our thoughts, actions and their consequences;
  • Face challenges with courage, resilience and an independent spirit, whilst remaining responsive and adaptable to change.

Our Mission and Values are and will continue to be considered in our decision making process as we navigate the impact of COVID-19 on our School and the community we serve. 

And lastly, the final message shared by a number of panelists was to ensure that we were taking the time to be grateful and to celebrate. At UNIS Hanoi, we have an incredible community of parents, students, faculty and staff who are healthy and safe. In the next few weeks, we will take time to celebrate the incredible learning journey of our community during what has been and will continue to be a historical year. Most importantly, we will have the opportunity to celebrate our students – your children.

Enjoy your weekend.


From the Head of School: School closure – daily update #5

Dear Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and caregivers who have worked with students to make distance learning a positive and successful learning experience.  We would also like to acknowledge and thank our teachers who have endeavoured to provide meaningful and engaging distance learning opportunities for your children.

As you know, schools in HCMC have been directed to extend the current closure and universities in Hanoi have received a similar notice.
At this time of sending, the Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee has not yet made an announcement for Hanoi. We are ready for both the possibility of continued distance learning on Monday and for the possibility of reopening.

Please check your email over the weekend and we will inform you of UNIS Hanoi’s decision in time for school on Monday.

Thank you again for continued patience and understanding.

Yours sincerely
Jane McGee

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

Dear Families,

Chúc mừng năm mới! Best wishes to our students, faculty and staff, and families for the new year.

For those of you experiencing Tet for the first time, I encourage you to engage with members of our Vietnamese community to deepen your understanding of the wonderful traditions practiced at this time of year – it is truly a time of reflection, celebration and hope for the new year.

This year, Tet will celebrate the outgoing Year of the Pig and welcome in The Year of the Rat.

According to the Vietnamese zodiac, for those of you born in the year of the rat, you are believed to be very industrious and thrifty, diligent and positive. You love to collect, have a keen intuition and can predict danger. You are lucky financially and manage money well.

Before we all sign off to enjoy Tet, please check out our most recent Annual Report Data Drip. This week, we share highlights from our Co-curricular programme.

UNIS Hanoi’s co-curricular programme is dynamic and ever-evolving. It aims to inspire students to actively engage in purposeful activities beyond the classroom. But as a School that’s committed to nurturing a community of lifelong learning, we also organize activities for adults too. Here is a highlight of what took place in 2018-2019.

Co-Curricular Highlights

Have a safe and relaxing holiday with friends and family. See you in February.

Head of School
Jane McGee

Happy Holidays!

On behalf of our leadership team I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a wonderful Winter Break filled with health, peace and happiness.

I hope that you will all enjoy time with your family and friends, celebrating the end of a successful year and resting and rejuvenating for the start of a new one.

It has been a busy season of festivals and fun at School and I hope you enjoy some of these highlights from our Winter Service Festival with students from all Divisions working hard to help make a better world – the best gift anyone can give!

Warm regards
Jane McGee
Head of School

Important Updates from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for joining us this week for our wonderful UN Day celebrations and for making this community event so special.

More than 800 students are involved in the Parade of Nations and the musical performances making this a truly inclusive celebration of all that we can achieve working together!

While we celebrate the end of a successful Quarter One in our School year, our vision is firmly fixed already on next year and I would like to take this opportunity to inform our community of planning that is already in action.


Many of you have already attended community meetings, which in addition to important updates for the current school year, were also designed to help us with our strategic planning for the future. More opportunities for parents to get involved will be announced in the coming weeks and we hope that the unity in diversity that our UN Day celebrations demonstrated, will weave its way into our planning as we look to the future.

Please read the minutes from these sessions (the week before the Autumn Break) and thank you to the 116 parents who attended, with a special thank you to our parents who coordinated translation. 


   CALENDAR 2020-2021

To support our families in their planning for the upcoming School year, we would like to share the following information:

  • August 12, 2020: First Day of School
  • December 19, 2020 – January 11, 2021: Winter Break
  • February 11, 2021 – February 21, 2021: Tet (Lunar New Year) Holiday
  • June 11, 2021: Last Day of School

Further information, including dates for Autumn and Spring Breaks will be shared in the coming weeks. The early start provides an additional week of study to our students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme prior to their final exams at the end of the School year and we believe this to be an important consideration in the annual calendar. We have also worked closely with other schools in Hanoi for alignment to support our co curricular programmes and to support our families with children in those schools.



This year, UNIS Hanoi will be recruiting 19 faculty members and four administrators to join our team for the 2020 – 2021 school year. This is a typical year for faculty recruitment in our international school context and we are delighted more than 135 faculty members (88%) choose to remain with us for another year! 

Openings are in the process of being posted on our website and through various search agencies that provide a service to the international school recruitment market. 

We will have many opportunities towards the end of the school year to celebrate departing faculty and their years of service to UNIS Hanoi, commitment to both student learning and our larger school community. 

The following teachers and staff will be leaving UNIS Hanoi in June of 2020:

Adrian Hubbard, Charla Marshall, Laura Moore, Kristin McAuliffe, Deborah Vermeire, Daniel Lucardie, Christine Boulden, David Carter, Aga Schaffner, Nicole Moodie, Kristi Belete, Kristen Twynam-Perkins, Michael Luciani, Tom Ryan, Carlo Palusci, Sandra Schneiderman, Sarah Schneider, Brenda Manfredi, Lee Cassidy, Scott Schaffner, Glenda Baker, Marc Vermeire and Stephen Lush.



As I mentioned we have four administrators who will leave at the end of the year. 

We have already announced that our High School Principal, Scott Shaffner, will be moving to be closer to family in Europe and USA.

Our Middle School Principal, Marc Vermiere has accepted an offer to join the leadership team at the American School in Japan. Marc has been teaching and leading at UNIS Hanoi for the past seven years. For the past three years, he has been responsible for establishing a Middle School culture at UNIS Hanoi that addresses the unique developmental needs of children in Grades 6 – 8 and developing systems and structures to support this area. He has also worked extensively on our all-school child safeguarding processes. We wish Marc, Deb and their family all the best in their next adventure. 

Our High School Deputy Principal, Glenda Baker will be leaving UNIS Hanoi at the end of the year to explore new opportunities and our Upper Elementary School Deputy Principal Stephen Lush will be joining Gyeonggi Suwon International School in Korea as their new Head of School. 

Next year, JJ Akin will assume the full-time position of Middle School Deputy Principal Secondary School. JJ has been the Middle School Deputy Principal (part-time) for the past two years. He has the background, experiences and expertise to provide not only continuity to this division throughout the upcoming transition but also the leadership and interpersonal skills necessary for our School to continue to flourish as we move into Strategy 2023 – our next strategic plan. 



Our current structure in the Middle School and High School strongly supports student well-being by allowing for developmentally appropriate programmes, approaches to teaching and learning, and systems and structures that are aligned with what is best for children during various stages of adolescence.  

However, the same structure does not easily support curriculum alignment within the framework of the MYP and in some areas fosters duplication of efforts and possible barriers for transition for our students.

So, can it be better? We believe that, yes, it can. The goal of the new structure is to preserve all that is positive about our current situation while simultaneously, addressing areas that could be improved. Our Concept is one of  Schools within a School.

A new Secondary School divided into two distinct divisions – Middle School and High School – independent and autonomous when appropriate, and operating under the cohesion of one Secondary School for seamless student transition and planning.

This new structure will be familiar to our Elementary School families who already experience Lower and Upper ES Schools, within our Elementary School.

And for those families that have been with us for several years, it is worth noting that this is not reverting to our former combined Middle and High School model which had only two leadership roles for the entire Division with minimal separation or distinction.

I would like to share with you some of the details of our thinking andThe Why?” behind this move; Why would we do this?

Primarily it is a better use of personnel resources to best support student learning and well-being. The roles and responsibilities of the members of the Secondary School Leadership Team will be focused and will allow there to be a strong commitment to both teaching and learning and supporting student well-being (the whole-child).

  • Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning
    • Focus on Teaching and Learning
    • Supports curriculum alignment as an IB continuum school 
    • Will shift the way we think about the transition process between Grades 8 and 9 and support more authentic transitions either academically or developmentally when appropriate
    • Will allow for the alignment of systems and structures
    • Will support cross over teachers that currently teach in both divisions, for example, languages, arts and counselling
    • Will strengthen the sense of community, while maintaining strong Middle School and High School cultures
    • Support the work of the MYP (Middle Years Programme) and DP (Diploma Programme) Coordinator
  • MS Deputy Principal (Grades 6-8) and High School Deputy Principal (Grades 9-12))
    • Focus on Schools within a School
    • Maintain a strong sense of community and identity in each division
    • Provides a continued focus on the importance of relationships between students and staff.
    • Continue to ensure that programs, systems and structures are appropriate for each developmental age group.



UNIS Hanoi is a Non Profit school which endeavours to be as inclusive as possible and to provide the best possible service for a highly transient community.

In addition to reviewing structures to better support teaching and learning (outlined above), we have also been reviewing enrollment deadlines and fee payment structures, both of which are central to managing the school’s finances in a responsible way for our community.

Streamlining the admissions process, re-enrollment dates and fee payment structures is central to delivering  our educational programmes and for future planning. In addition we know that increasingly families who wish to join our school are experiencing unnecessary distress from delays and wait times in School admission timelines which were originally designed to support families!

The budget is based almost entirely on the revenue stream from students enrolled in the school and therefore managing this process more effectively will ensure the success of our programming and delivery of our Mission is dependent upon sound financial planning and timelines.  

What does this mean for you?

  1. We are moving from the option of an annual or quarterly fee payment to the option of an  annual or semester fee payment. The additional fee will remain at 4% for those who choose the semester option.
  2. The re-enrollment deadline will be February 1, 2020.
  3. The payment for Annual/1st semester fees and the capital fees will be July 10, 2020.
  4. The payment for 2nd semester fees will be December 1, 2020.

These changes are aligned with other International Schools and will allow the Enrollment Management Team to offer places to prospective families in a timely manner, ensuring a more consistent enrollment. 

For Example:

(Please note these numbers are for illustration only. Fees for the 2020 – 2021 year will be shared at the November Community Meeting): 

Current Fee Structure New Fee Structure
Annual Quarterly Annual Semester
20000 7280 20000 10400
5200 10400
20000 20800 20000 20800

The Finance Committee (comprised of UNIS Hanoi parents) and the Board of Directors have been consulted throughout this process and concur with the direction the School is taking. 

As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have or to discuss your individual fee payment contract with the School as we transition to this new structure. We are here to support you through this process. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr Manu Trivedi in the Business Office: or telephone (84 24) 7300 4500

Head of School Update

Dear Families,

In the International School World, recruitment for teachers and leaders happens on an annual cycle in the upcoming months, and so although it is only the beginning of the year, it is at this time that many of our community plan for next year!

Our High School Principal, Mr Scott Schaffner has decided with his family that this will be their last year in Hanoi and that he will not be returning for the 2020-2021 School year.

Mr Schaffner joined our team three years ago and has been responsible for developing the High School division as the School transitioned from two divisions (Elementary and Secondary) to three divisions (Elementary, Middle and High).

His leadership in this area has been outstanding and has led to a strong High School culture with a focus on programme development appropriate for this age group. The implementation of online learning opportunities for students, the STEAM programme, online grading and reporting, “bring your own device” programme and a deep focus on pedagogy and curriculum are just some of his many achievements.

Mr Schaffner’s leadership, dedication to the mission and open personality will be missed.

We look forward to his ongoing leadership throughout the year and will find the time to say thank you and good-bye later in the year. I know you will all join me in wishing him and his family all the very best.

Next week, I will send out more information regarding the search process for his replacement which will seek to engage members of our community.

Jane McGee

First Days of School

We have had a fantastic start to the School year. For the past four days we have seen our Values of Learning, Community and Responsibility in action.

On Tuesday, we welcomed over 140 new families and their children to our community. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our parent cultural representatives and volunteers, the SCO, our Middle and High School student ambassadors and of course our UNIS Hanoi faculty and staff. Thank you!

Over the next three days, the energy and enthusiasm to be back at School and focused on learning was palpable throughout the campus. Whether students were learning about their classmates, developing new routines or diving into the curriculum, activities were designed to create a culture that will support a productive learning environment for the year. The commitment and preparation of our teaching staff ensured a very smooth start to the year. Thank you!

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank our support staff – these teams worked diligently over the summer to ensure that we could open on time with a safe, secure and beautiful campus.

Have a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to seeing all of your children on Monday!

Jane McGee
Head of School

From the Head of School…

This is the time of year when our entire community is in transition. Members of our school community are either leaving, entering a new place, or being left behind.

Many of our teachers and staff are also in transition. We are grateful to the following individuals who have been a part of our school community, actively contributing to our school values of Learning, Community and Responsibility. We know that they have touched the lives of many students and their families during their time at UNIS Hanoi.

Edward Gilbreath
Tech Director
Carl Strefford
Senior Manager Operations
Bronagh Lucardie
Senior Manager Admissions
Susan McComic
Health Centre Coordinator
Liana Bianchi
Senior Manager – Marketing & Enrollment
Thango Vu
Senior Manager Business Administration
Andy Myers
Aquatics Academy Manager
Francis Beeckmans
ES Mother Tongue
Nao Akagawa
MSHS Mother Tongue

Please join me in wishing them well for their new adventures ahead.

Jane McGee
Head of School


From the Head of School

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that in a very short period of time, we will be gathering together to “Bang the Drum” to close down the School year. The end of the year brings an excitement and energy through many celebrations while simultaneously creating the opportunity for reflection as we process another year of Learning, Community and Responsibility.

Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating the journey of our students, their academic progress and achievements, their commitment to service, their pursuit of athletics and activities, and a number of rites of passage as our students move from one division of the School to another or from UNIS Hanoi to post-secondary experiences.

We are very excited to be celebrating the achievements of the Class of 2019 next week with our students and their families at the annual Tree Planting Celebration, the Grand Walk and our Graduation Ceremony.

Additional celebrations over the next few weeks include Farewell Assemblies, Grade 8 Promotion and Grade 5 Celebration Assembly as well as events to celebrate our leaving faculty and staff and to honor the years of service of those who are staying.

As we head into the final three weeks of school, our community – students, parents, faculty and staff – are going through the highly emotional process of transition. In the next few weeks, I urge families that are both staying and going to dive into the research on “leaving well” so they can find ways to support their children through this period of transition. If you feel your child needs additional support, please reach out to our counselling team.

As the faculty and staff work to ensure a smooth, effective and well communicated close to the school year, the leadership team is no exception. In the final Tin Tucs of the school year, we will be communicating with you regarding some end of year developments from our annual action plan priorities, including developments with the canteen, summer campus projects and our new fundraising initiative for 2019-2020.

We will also give you a taste of what is to come and some of the planning already underway for next year.

I look forward to seeing many of you at our end of year events!

Yours sincerely,
Jane McGee

From the Head of School

Dear parents,
You are cordially invited to the final Head of School Community Meeting of the year on April 23 at 8.15 in the Ly Thai To Learning Centre (B8b/115).​
We look forward to sharing this year’s institutional celebrations with you as we head into the final weeks of school. I will also present on key areas we have been focusing on this year, progress of the CIS self-study and some new changes planned for next year. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion together with our School’s Senior Leadership Team who will respond to any questions you may have. Included in the panel are: ES Principal, MS Principal, HS Principal, Director of Activities, Director of Advancement and Director of Technology. Our Director of Finance and Operations will unfortunately be out of town during this time.
In addition, Board of Directors Parent Elect candidates will be invited to present themselves and explain why they have chosen to seek election.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Sincerely yours,
Jane McGee

From the Head of School

Dear parents,
You are cordially invited to the final Head of School Community Meeting of the year on April 23 at 8.15 in the Ly Thai To Learning Centre (B8b/115).​
We look forward to sharing this year’s institutional celebrations with you as we head into the final weeks of school. I will also present on key areas we have been focusing on this year, progress of the CIS self-study and some new changes planned for next year. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion together with our School’s Senior Leadership Team who will respond to any questions you may have. Included in the panel are: ES Principal, MS Principal, HS Principal, Director of Activities, Director of Advancement and Director of Technology. Our Director of Finance and Operations will unfortunately be out of town during this time.
Looking forward to seeing you there.
Sincerely yours,
Jane McGee

From the Head of School

Dear Parents,

At my recent  Head of School Community Meeting I highlighted the work of the Leadership Team in revising and updating the UNIS Hanoi Air Quality Index (AQI) Response Chart.

The updated chart is linked here.

Please note, the “Health Implications” and “Health Advisory” at the different levels of AQI are derived from the US Government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines and the third column details the UNIS Hanoi response.  

The AQI is monitored hourly through the UNIS Hanoi AQI station, a second AQI reader located at ground level and the Hanoi AQI data found on this website. Based on these readings, the staff is informed of the level of the AQI and responds according to the UNIS Hanoi AQI response chart.

The Sports Center and Ly Thai To Learning Center (B8b – canteen building) both have air filtering systems. Stand alone air purifiers are in all other learning spaces to ensure our students have filtered clean air. The staff is regularly updated on appropriate use of the purifiers and our operations team regularly visits classrooms to ensure the air quality in classrooms is safe. Sample measurements are taken with a handheld machine.

I have also included some feedback from our PE department which provides a sense of modifications that are made to ensure a high quality educational experience in spite of the AQI reading. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Principals, PE department or me if you have any questions.

Head of School
Jane Mc Gee


Examples of Modifications:

101 – 150 (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups)

Examples: Recess/break times limited to 20 minutes.

ES PE example: When doing a high intensity activity it would be adapted for sensitive groups. High intensity lessons/games or running for long periods of time would take place indoors.

MS/HS PE example:

  • No vigorous activity or intense game play. Activities that require students to spend an extended period of time with their heart rates above 130 bpm/ex-football, waterpolo, athletics running events would be modified decrease level of exertion. Modifications would include decreasing field size, changing position rules so that movement is restricted to zones, changing longer running events into relay races.
  • Sensitive students will have modified activities to minimize heavy exertion ( ex. design a modified fitness workout that allows them to focus on muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility while minimizing cardiovascular fitness)

151 – 200 (Unhealthy)

Example: Recess/break times limited to 20 minutes, no “running” activities (field and soccer pitch closed)

ES PE example: All high intensity activities are done inside. PE that is done outside is modified to low/medium intensity activities. Volleyball is an example of a low/medium intensity activity which would still happen outside. However the warm-up game (which is high intensity) would take place inside.

MS/HS PE example:  

  • Activities will be moved to an indoor space when possible (ex- Warmup and cardiovascular fitness portions of a lesson could be moved to the movement room or fitness room (yoga, aerobics, dance and circuit training can all be integrated into a unit and facilitated in these spaces as students explore ways to maintain the health related fitness components)
  • All activities that require heavy exertion will be modified.  (Ex. A Track & Field lesson would focus on throwing & Jumping events and would not participate in running events on unhealthy days.)
  • Sensitive students would have a modified role in class that does not include physical activity (ex- referee, coach, warmup specialist, team manager).

201 – 300 (Very Unhealthy)

MS/HS PE example:

  • When indoor facilities are not available lessons would be  structured to accommodate classroom work (when applicable) from the current unit. This also helps to  increase outdoor activity time on healthy days.
  • Facility schedules would be altered when possible to maximize indoor activity space.  An example would would be splitting the sportscenter in to four instruction spaces when normally it is two.