From the Head of School

Thank you to everyone who attended the Head of School Community Meeting and shared your thoughts about the Community Survey data that was shared. For those of you who were unable to attend, you can find the presentation and notes here including the Air Map of Hanoi link mentioned at the meeting.

For those of you running in the Family FUNd Run, I’ll see you there to kick it off! Have a great weekend.

Jane McGee
Head of School

From the Head of School

As we celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Pig in Vietnam I would like to take this opportunity to wish your family a new year filled with good health, happiness and success.

We are committed to your children’s success and working in partnership with you and all our parents is important to us. You chose UNIS Hanoi for your children and we take the trust you place in us very seriously.

To that end, and as we start the year of the Pig I would like to make three important requests of you:

  1. Give us your opinion in our Parent Community Survey (if you have not already completed it). You have already received information about this and I can only encourage you to make the time to help us, help your children. It is available in many languages and is anonymous.

  2. Join me on Tuesday February 19 at 8.15 for a Community Meeting at which we will share some of the results of this survey and involve you in making sense of the data for our school planning. We will also share important updates on a number of areas, including our Air Quality Index monitoring and action plan.

  3. Read UNIS UNfolded, our annual report for 2017-2018 in which we share the results of other surveys and important data demonstrating our Mission in action through our values of Learning, Community and Responsibility. Some of the numbers are impressive, some are reassuring and some we are confident we can improve.

You might be interested to know how our IB Diploma results compare to the world? How many students earn a Bi-lingual IB Diploma? How do our standardised test results in Grade 3-9 compare to other international schools? How many students take part in our co-curricular programmes? How many programmes do we offer to the Hanoi community? How many alumni remain connected to UNIS Hanoi as a network for your children? How many volunteer hours do parents give? What is the impact of the school community’s philanthropy?

I hope you enjoy finding the answers in UNIS UNfolded and I look forward to seeing you after the break at my Community Meeting.

Please note that campus will be fully closed over the Tet break from February 2 – February 10. Campus will reopen on Monday, February 11. 

Chúc mừng năm mới!

Jane McGee

Head of School

Artwork by Hong Kiey Anh (Alumni Class of 2020)

Emergency Contacts in Hanoi

While UNIS Hanoi is considered to ba a safe and vibrant city, it is however always important to be prepared in case of an emergency. We have distributed Emergency Cards to our community members upon enrollment at the school. Digital copies are available on the School Health Centre website. Hard copies are available for pickup in the School Health Centre.

The Emergency Cards are designed for each family member to complete the personal emergency information and keep the card easily accessible (ie. keep a copy on your motorbike or in your child’s bag).

It is also advisable to programme the contacts in your phone to enhance preparedness in case of an emergency.


Questions? Contact the School Health Centre at


Tech Hacks to Simplify your Life!

Do you have problems syncing the school calendar to your personal device? Are you struggling to figure out how to publish your personal information in the Community Directory? Then this session is for you!

Join this session to learn about time-saving tech shortcuts to better organise your life! Get tips from our school tech pros and an opportunity to get answers to tech-related questions from the experts themselves!

Questions? Contact Nathalie Grun at

Amazing Arts Auction – WE NEED YOU!

Our annual Amazing Arts Auction is just around the corner… and our students are filling the wallspace with beautiful artworks, but we still have many blank spaces for community artists to fill!

  • Are you an expert or budding artist?
  • Do you know an artist who would donate a work of art?
  • Do you have a piece of artwork at home that you would like to donate?

Every year this UNIS Hanoi community fundraising event featuring artwork from students, faculty, parents and alumni raises thousands of dollars for our Service Learning programmes.

Without your art donations, our Service Learning programmes cannot deliver their full potential helping members of our Hanoi community! The Tet Holiday is the perfect time to explore your creative side! Anything creative (large or small) welcome: Painting, sketching, lacquer, embroidery, photograph, ceramics etc

And if you don’t have anything to join the exhibit… please come and join the bidding and take a unique original artwork home (or as a gift!). Save the date in your calendar now!

  • Opening evening: 18:00 on Friday, February 15
  • Exhibition: February 15 – March 1 (12.00 noon last bids!)
  • Location: Foyer – Centre for the Arts

The concept is simple: Visit the exhibition and make your bids in a silent, secret auction to take home an artwork of your choice. We will email all the ‘winners’ on Friday March 1.

Thanks to our amazing community, we have raised more than $10,000 USD from art auctions in the last two years. We look forward to a flood of artistic offerings this year. Don’t be shy! Your art will look fabulous in someone else’s home!

Please drop off your piece of art by Monday, February 11 at the Advancement Office (B7 Rm 102) so that we can create a wonderful exhibition.

Please complete our Art Auction INFORMATION FORM to let us know a little about you and your work to help us plan our display. We will find room for everyone’s art!


Questions? Contact  Ms Ha Dinh ( in the Advancement Office (room 102 – B7).

Impact Philanthropy – Your donations making a difference!

Are you a new parent? These events are for you!

Welcome to UNIS Hanoi our newest members of the community. We hope that you had an informative Orientation session, the campus is becoming to feel like your second home and the students are ready for school on Monday!

In your welcome bag you will have received a Welcome Tin Tuc with a lot of information to give you an overview of what’s available at the school and who to contact for what. On page 4 we have highlighted some key events you are encouraged to attend to learn the most about the school.

On Monday, January 21 from 8.00 – 9.00 (Canteen) drop-off the kids at school and join us for a coffee in the canteen. You will meet our parents in the School Community Organisation and find out about what they do and how you can get involved in your child’s education.

The ES Tech Session will follow the Coffee Morning from 9.00 – 10.00 in the Healthroom in the Sports Centre. You will be guided through the school information systems used in the Elementary School and become familiar with Veracross, CHQ (after school activity sign-up) etc.

On Tuesday, parents with students in grades 6 to 10 are invited to learn about the Middle Years Programme offered at UNIS Hanoi. This is a two-part series led by the MYP Coordinator. To register sign-up here.

Lastly, for the Grade 10 parents that are new this is an important session to attend to prepare for the IB Coursed for next year.

Please let us know if you have any questions at all, our Community Liaison Officer, Nathalie Grun, is here to support!




Take Us Home!

We certainly hope you enjoyed the UN Day Community Lunch and we would like to THANK YOU again for all your delicious food contributions! Now we have some lonely left-over plates, dishes and containers that are wanting to return home.

Please stop by the Advancement Office (Building 7 Room 102 upstairs) to be reunited with your long lost dishes! We will keep your dishes in the Community Room until Friday 18 January, before they will be donated to a new home for charity.

Questions? Contact Huong at .

UN Day – Important information!

We look forward to welcoming our parents to join us for our school assembly celebrating UN Day on Friday November 30 at 10.30am.

CAMPUS ENTRY: In addition to the main gate, Gate 5 will be open until 10.30am for campus access for parents with badges. Any parents without badges must sign in at the main gate. If you do not have a campus ID badge order it to day online and it will be delivered home with your child before Friday November 30. Find out how to order your badge online.

PARKING: Parking is extremely limited so please plan to come to school in a taxi or have your driver drop you and come back later to collect you.

SEATING: Please arrive promptly by 10.20 take your seats in the Sports Centre. The doors will closed at 10.30 and will not re-open until after the Parade of Nations. Parent seating will be in the central blocks downstairs or for a better view, plan to take your place on the upstairs balcony.

UN Day is a special day of thousand photos! and this year we will have double the photo booths and double the fun!

But please also read down to our photo etiquette guidelines for the UN Day assembly to be sure that capturing your memories is not upsetting others. Thank you!

This year we will continue on with our popular photo booth activity with even more options! We know how much you love posing with your friends, family and flags so we have organised an additional photo booth to capture those precious UN Day moments.

Photo booth 1: 
Time: 9.00 – 13.30
Location: In front of the canteen
Type: Photo booth with photographer. Photo printing/email service available.
Background: Colorful poles (to minimize plastic a backdrop will not be printed)

Photo booth 2: 
Time: 12.00 – 13.30
Location: Between all-weather pitch and playground
Type: Flag waving photo booth with photographer.
Background: UN Day Community Flags

This year the photo booths will be self-managed. Please queue and place flags back into the labeled slots. As usual, all photos will be available in Tin Tuc.

Flaunt your UN Day photos using #UNISHanoi #UNDay !

Questions? Contact our Community Liaison Officer, Nathalie Grun, at


Our UN Day Assembly is a very photogenic event and we all want photos of our kids on this special day… but please be aware of photo etiquette.

A team of photo professionals will be capturing the day to share with our community and the entire Assembly will be live streamed and published on the UNIS Hanoi You Tube channel. Watch for the link in our final reminders email on Monday.

Please don’t be ‘that person’ who is blocking the view of everyone behind you because you are watching the ceremony while filming on your iPad! We understand, especially when most of us are living so far from family and friends, that sharing the moment can only be done digitally, but please be mindful that your actions could be spoiling the special moment for many others! We cannot (and do not aim to) stop you from taking photos, all we ask is that you become more aware of those surrounding you by following some basic photo etiquette:

1. Be here, be now:
Enjoy the ceremony in THE PRESENT. Experience it LIVE happening in front of you, don’t distance yourself by watching the ceremony through a digital device.

2. Please mind the view:
Be aware of people behind you when taking a photo, don’t block the view from others around you. It’s a crowded event already and we all want to see the ceremony. Leave aisles clear for the Flag Parade and be careful around the Elementary students seated on the floor!

3. Leave the iPads at home:
iPads and even iPad-Mini’s are notorious for obstructing the view (even their covers block the view). If possible, please take photos or recordings on a smartphone or a small digital camera.

Questions? Please contact the Advancement Office:

Small Actions x Lots of People = Big Change

How can you and your child/ren change the world?

UNIS Hanoi is excited to host d’Arcy Lunn, a global citizenship educator and founder of the Teaspoons of Change movement, which makes the SDGs fun, accessible, and attainable. Some of our Elementary and Middle School students have been adopting this simple model to take action to achieve the SDGs. UNIS Hanoi has invited d’Arcy to work with our students, teachers, and parents to help make us all more effective change agents through two days of workshops and classroom visits.

For families there will be a fun, interactive workshop for both parents and children (5+) after school on Tuesday, 4 December from 15:30-17:30 in the Ly Thai To Learning Centre (B8b). Register for the family workshop HERE.

For parents interested in empowering your family as change agents, an evening talk will be held on Wednesday, 5 December in the Community Room (B7 Admin Building) from 18:00-19:00. Register for the parent talk HERE.

d’Arcy is the youngest of 6 children from rural South Australia but for the last 18 years he has travelled to more than 90 countries as a global citizen educator, keynote speaker, communications specialist and youth leadership facilitator with the likes of UNICEF, Gates Foundation, WHO, World’s Largest Lesson, JUMP Foundation, Global Citizen and many others. d’Arcy has given almost 850 presentations to more than 75,000 people in the past 8 years and built two self-sufficient tiny houses. His favourite Global Goal is Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production.

Watch the Teaspoons of Change video to find out more:

Questions? Contact Kate Dore at