From the Head of School

Dear Families, 

The United Nations was established on October 24, 1945 following the ratification of the founding UN Charter and ever since, the world commemorates this date as UN Day. This year marks the 75th anniversary and we’re delighted to be collaborating with UN agencies in Viet Nam on a series of events to celebrate this phenomenal milestone. Please read the latest on our UN Day preparations and SDG Week in today’s edition of Tin Tuc. 

To honour Global UN Day, our students will be at booths in various locations around To Ngoc Van tomorrow (October 24), keen to share with the community what they are doing to serve others across our host country. 

Thank you also to everyone who has signed up for the Clean Up Event that will take place tomorrow near Ciputra, in partnership with Keep Hanoi Clean. 

In today’s Tin Tuc, we have shared with the community slight amendments to our COVID-19 health and safety regulations starting from Monday October 26. Please take time to read the information and discuss the changes with your child. 

We are also currently in the process of finalizing Winter Break for our current school year.

As COVID-19 cases rise worldwide, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the majority of our community will be unable to travel outside of Vietnam over Winter Break. We are also acutely aware of the ongoing anxiety of our faculty, staff and families being unable to connect in person with friends and family over an extended period of time. 

We would like your input on the proposal to shorten the Winter Break by one week, which we would then use to increase the summer holiday by one week. Our final decision will consider your feedback in addition to our own internal assessment on the impact this change may have on faculty and staff morale, retention and the impact on student learning.

If this were to be adopted, the calendar would be as follows:

  • Winter Break – December 19 – January 3 (Students back to school on January 4)
  • Summer Break – Last day of School would be Friday June 4. (We are currently planning to return for 2021-2022 on August 18 but this date is to be confirmed.)

Please use this form to give us your feedback before the end of the day on Wednesday, October 28.

Thank you for your input. We will take the community’s feedback into consideration in our decision making and will announce the final decision for the Breaks next week.

Enjoy your weekend.

Jane McGee
Head of School

MUST READ: Updated COVID-19 Operating Regulations

Dear Community,

As a result of the first quarter review of our COVID-19 Campus Regulations by our Health and Safety Committee, the following revisions will come into effect on Monday, October 26.

These updates are approved in order to support our programmes whilst keeping our students and community as safe as possible in the current Vietnam context.

Please note that although there is a relaxing of mask regulations in classrooms, students, faculty and staff must continue to wear masks in transition times and in shared spaces.

Restricted Parent Entry to Campus
Unfortunately, the restriction regarding parent access to campus during the school day remains in place. Therefore, we are considering ways to create face-to-face opportunities with our parent community, either off-campus or if on-campus, before or after school hours in carefully managed groups. For example, we are offering parents whose children are participating in the play, a chance to watch the performance on the weekend. We will also host Grade 10 parents on campus for a Diploma Programme (DP) meeting in November. Please check the Tin Tuc regularly to stay up-to-date with events. 

In all other respects the Campus Regulations remain as published at the start of the school year which you can find on the Parent Portal and are linked here for your convenience.

Kind Regards,
Misty Shipley
Director of Operations of Finance

Students Promote their Projects at Saturday Service Pop Ups

UNIS Hanoi is partnering with cafes in Tay Ho to give an opportunity for our students to advocate in the community for their Service projects and partners.

This Saturday October 24, take a stroll down To Ngoc Van and visit a series of booths and tables set up by our student led groups to inform the community of the issues they are tackling with their projects.

The service groups and their pairing cafes for our Community Connections Service Trail will be as followed:

  • Swim For Life: Students will promote drown prevention with video and leaflets at Joma Bakery Cafe 43 To Ngoc Van. 10:30 – 12:30

  • Legacy Vietnam: Students will promote a flood disaster relief campaign at Joma Bakery Cafe 43 To Ngoc Van. 09:00 – 15:00

  • Bamboo Music School: Students will play music and sell cookies to raise funds for Blossom House Orphanage at Doppio Coffee 94 To Ngoc Van. 09:00 – 10:00

  • Habitat for Humanity: Students will set up a mobile thrift store to sell used clothes and have open donations to raise funds at Essie Tearoom & Bistro 86 To Ngoc Van. 11:00 – 13:00.

  • UNIS Sustainability Group: Students will be encouraging people to donate used 500ML bottles and old clean plastic bags to help make eco bricks as part of the UNIS target of 300 Bricks – Gelato Italia 31 To Ngoc Van. 10:00 – 12:00.

Join Our Clean Up Efforts Tomorrow!

We are  partnering again with a local volunteer organisation Keep Hanoi Clean to organize a Community Clean-Up event.


MORNING SESSION (8.00 -11:45)
8:00 – 8:15 Welcome volunteers & briefing
8:15 – 9:30 Cleanup activity
(9:30 – 10:00 Break time – optional)
10:00 – 11:30 Continue Cleanup activity
11:30 – 11:45 Group photos

SPONSORED LUNCH (12.00 – 13.30)
Lunch will be sponsored by UNIS Hanoi for everyone who joins us in the morning and for everyone who joins in the afternoon. Please bring your own water bottles.

AFTERNOON SESSION (14.00 – 17.30)
13:30 – 14:15 Setup, Welcome volunteers
14:15 – 14:30 Briefing plans and procedures
14:30 – 16:00 Cleanup activity
(16:00 – 16:30 Break time – optional)
16:30 – 17:30 Continue cleanup
17:30 Group photos

It’s important for UNIS Hanoi to make sure all of you stay safe during the event. We will provide all the safety equipment including: gloves, tongs and bags as well as first aid kits.
*Please wear your UNIS T-Shirt, pants and closed shoes/boots and bring a mask.

The meet up and parking will be located in front of the K-Market and next to E4 Ciputra. Please check the google map link to familiarize yourself with the area.
📍347 Đường Nguyễn Hoàng Tôn 👉

Please note this activity is not advisable for children under 10 years old. Parents must take responsibility for younger children and all children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Congrats to Saleema for Tennis Tournament Win!

Congratulations to UNIS Hanoi student, Saleema, for being named the U10 Women’s Singles Champion at the recently held VTF Junior Tour 3 – Hai Dang Cup 2020 Tennis Tournament! It was the first big win for the Grade 5 tennis supremo, who traveled down to Ho Chi Minh City with her parents, for the competition. Saleema’s success was covered by media outlets Thanh Nien News and The Thao. This weekend, Saleema competes again.

We wish her the best of luck!

Meet the Student Success Team – D12 Parent Session!

Counselling and student support services are available for students at UNIS Hanoi and are overseen by the Student Success Team and the Student Intervention Team.

The Student Success Team is committed to helping our students be academically and socially successful. The Team consists of the Principals, Deputy Principals, Counsellors, Learning Support Teachers, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Psychologist, and the School Nurses.

Next Thursday (October 29) at 08:30-09:30 at JAFA restaurant, the Team is hosting a special get-to-know-them meeting for parents who are new to UNIS Hanoi or those with children who receive Learning Support, language support or Enrichment and Extension services. There will be presentations about the Student Success structure at UNIS Hanoi, giving parents an overview of the assistance currently available for neuro-diverse learners and language learners.

If you’d like to attend, please register here. Alternatively, sign up via the Parent Portal. Details of the venue (online/offline) will be confirmed nearer the date.

Message from the Head of School

Dear Families,

As we head into our Autumn Break and marking the end of eight full weeks on campus, it is a time to celebrate, reflect and truly be grateful as a community.

Our students, your children have engaged meaningfully in all aspects of school life. They have participated fully in their own personal learning experience. They have developed new relationships with classmates, peers and teachers or reconnected with returning community members. They have demonstrated our values of community and responsibility by taking action and or speaking out on world issues or by following health and safety guidelines to protect our community. It has been a fantastic start to the school year. 

Each week in the TinTuc, our communications team has reported on the range of learning experiences of our students, the outreach to support our local community and the way in which our students have had the opportunity to engage in a robust co-curricular programme. We know we will have much more to share when we return following the holiday, but first we’d like to share our plans regarding UN Day and our planned lockdown drill:

UN Day Plans Unveiled
Although, we won’t be able to celebrate the event in the way we’ve been accustomed to, we will certainly celebrate it! A cross-divisional team has reviewed how our UNiquely UNIS identity can be commemorated on this special day and how we can amplify the work of the United Nations. Please read our detailed plans in today’s edition of Tin Tuc

Planned Lockdown Drill – October 23
Health and Safety is one of our highest priorities at UNIS Hanoi. On Friday, October 23, at 13:30, the school will be conducting a lockdown drill on campus. This is an announced drill and all staff and students have been informed and trained on what to expect during a lockdown drill. Please take time to read the full details in today’s edition of Tin Tuc

Enjoy the break!
Jane McGee


Planned Lockdown Drill – October 23

Dear Parents,

Health and Safety is one of our highest priorities at UNIS Hanoi. On Friday, October 23, at 13:30, the school will be conducting a lockdown drill on campus. This is an announced drill and all staff and students have been informed and trained on what to expect during a lockdown drill. A lockdown drill is one of the emergency preparedness standards required for our Council of International School (CIS) accreditation. The drill will be conducted in the same manner as our regular evacuation drills. Our hope is that we never have an actual need to go into lockdown mode. However, if this unlikely event occurs, please be assured that UNIS Hanoi is prepared to deal with it appropriately. Your child may come home with questions or concerns about this drill. 

Some key messages that you may wish to reinforce with your child are:

  • That we should always listen to an authority figure for safety information
  • Practice means being prepared – knowing what to do keeps us as safe as possible
  • This is a ‘just-in-case’ plan – it’s like wearing a helmet when we ride our bikes. We wear helmets and knee pads when we skateboard. We don’t expect to fall, but if we do, we’ll be protected. Then we don’t have to worry. We can just ride our bikes and boards and not even think about falling, because we have the situation covered.

Warm Regards,

Health Tips for Travel

As some families prepare to travel during the holidays, we would like to send you off with some travel health tips:

  • Choose the window seat to minimize contact with others. You’re more likely to get sick if you sit within one or two rows of a sick traveler, but you can’t predict this in advance. In general, no matter where you end up, you’ll want to avoid as much contact with other people as you can.
  • Wipe down your tray table, armrest, and seat: Airlines do not clean your accommodations nearly as often as they should. Researchers have found that the seat pocket and armrests are some of the spots on planes with the most germs, though the in-flight entertainment screen, tray table, and other areas of your seat follow not far behind.
  • Wear a Surgical Mask: This will help protect you from large droplet particles.

Personal Health Precautions

Hand Washing is your number 1 defense!

  • Stay hydrated
  • Use hand sanitizer if water and soap is not available
  • Rest well
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

After you land, don’t let down your guard. Remember, while your actual flight may make up the bulk of your travel, you’re also in close proximity to other travellers in the airport, taxis, and other parts of your day. So don’t get complacent once you’re off the plane.

Returning from the holidays

Please DO NOT send your child to School if they are sick. Doing so, puts other students and staff at risk! If your child is sick or you are concerned, please contact the School Health Centre for further instructions.

Remember what to do if you have symptoms of COVID-19

  1. Self-quarantine in a separate, well ventilated (ideally with open windows) room at home. Self-monitor very closely the symptoms. Wearing a face mask and avoiding close contacts with other people. Keep a minimum 2m distance. Practice other personal hygiene measures such as frequent and proper hand washing.
  2. Call the hotline of MOH (19009095) for medical consultation. Do exactly as the doctor advises. If you experience breathing difficulties, seek medical consultation immediately and visit closest medical facilities as per advice of designated doctors.  

Beware the Rove Beetle

Vietnam has seen an infestation of Rove Beetle.

The Rove Beetle presents with different colors and is small, (7mm to 1.2cm in length 2-3 mm wide). It has a black head with an orange thorax (immediately behind the head). The body is mostly black with a shiny metallic black area that conceals its folded wings and a distinct broad orange band towards the tapered tail. Also may appear as iridescent blue color.

The Rove beetle can be found at the edges of fields around grassed areas, near water and vegetable fields. They have also been found in homes in and around Hanoi.  Favorable conditions can lead to localized populations explosions for short periods. During daytime, the beetle will be seen crawling around the ground swiftly with hidden wings, resembling ants. At night the beetles are attracted to light sources and will fly and land on objects near the lights.

The beetle contains a poisonous animal contact toxin that is released when crushed. If you crush the beetle the toxin is released and absorbed by your skin. The beetle can be crushed if you swat it like a mosquito or if it collides with you at speed (such as bare skin or on a motorbike) and can cause conjunctivitis, severe dermatitis and serious skin irritation.

Initial symptoms include reddening of the skin and a ‘burning sensation’, this is followed by painful irritation and itching with extensive pustules and blisters on the skin. The affected areas may remain irritated, blistered and sore for 10 days. Toxin on the hands can spread toxin to other areas of the body and other people.


Do not touch the beetles. Blow or wash beetles off your skin. Minimize lighting in infested areas at night. Wear long sleeved and long legged clothing to minimize exposed skin. Have bottles of soapy water handy for first aid and then use cold compresses, antihistamines or Aloe Vera to alleviate symptoms. Avoid secondary infections in blistered areas.

Seek medical attention for severe skin reactions to the toxin.

School Health Centre

Submit Social Justice Ideas by October 15

Thinking about Social Justice? The Human Rights Club’s “Between the Lines” wants your thoughts!

“Between the Lines” is a journal published by UNIS’ Human Rights Club (HRC). We are new to UNIS Hanoi this year. The journal is intended to be a compilation of literary (poems, essays, reflections, think-pieces) and visual works (photos, artwork) in response to social issues, such as systemic racism, gender inequality, LGBTQ+ rights, self-determination and other related topics. 

The purpose of the journal is to give the UNIS Hanoi community (staff, students, and parents) who are engaged in social issues a place to share their thoughts in the form of their choice. 

Ultimately, we’d like to encourage everyone to reflect upon what social justice means to them. The HRC would like submissions from anyone in the community! The journal will be available online, and limited in print, on 11 November 2020, an international day of peace and armistice.  

If you would like your response to be featured in our first “Between the Lines”, send or share your work with Bella ( The deadline for the submissions is October 15. 

What should you write about or need inspiration for a photo collage or painting?

Here are a number of prompts you can consider:
What is social justice?
What does social justice mean to you?
In what ways could you be more socially just?
What does the absence of social justice look like?
What might a socially just world look like?
What can you (we) do to make the world more socially just?

Below is the poem ‘These barriers we create’ written by Pooja Banglorewala, a UNIS alumni, and a visual response created by Tuan in Grade 12. 

LOVE: This artwork reflects the idea that love knows no race or sex. Love is unconditional and undying, and that love will always win.

Donate Plastic to Build a School

Want to help build a school and rid your home or neighbourhood of plastic? UNIS Hanoi will be collecting plastics to donate to the Eco-Brick Project, which is a collaboration between Build a School Foundation (BASF), and Wholistik Permaculture. The goal is to build the first ever eco-brick school in Vietnam. The construction plan is based on the model developed by Hug it Forward, an organization working in Guatemala that has built dozens of schools using eco-bricks. In short, the eco-bricks form the filler for the walls of the school, which will sequester over one ton of plastic. 

The High School Sustainability Club has set a goal to donate 500 bottles by the end of October. We will have a collection point for plastics on campus  so students can drop off. Students and families have two options. They can:

Option A: Drop off a completed ECO brick which is a 500ML bottle (A clean La Vie, Fuse tea etc packed full of clean plastic bags. (Make sure the brick passes the strength test by stepping on it)

Option B: Drop off plastic bottles (has to be 500ML size) and clean plastic bags and student volunteers will pack the bottles to make ECO-BRICKS.

Ben (G11) and Thanh (G11) finishing UNIS ECOBRICK #1

Please see the video below for more on the project we are connecting to with instructions on how to create an Eco- brick. 

To assist with greater plastics collection, the school will place a bin outside of the main gate where families can drop off plastics or pre-stuffed bottles. We ask that you start by searching your home. Do you have plastic that can be donated? We are not asking for you to go out and purchase more water bottles or plastics to contribute. 

From the Head of School

Dear Families,

This week, we have a number of updates to share with you that reflect Vietnam’s ongoing success in their response to COVID-19 and the situation in the region:

Hot Lunch Service Starts
We’re delighted to share that next week, we will begin serving lunches in the canteen. Thank you to the School’s Operations team for designing a solution that will enable our student population to eat in the canteen while ensuring appropriate COVID-19 related health and safety guidelines are adhered to. We know the students are excited for the return to a hot lunch. You can read more about our approach in this edition of Tin Tuc

APAC Extends Travel Suspension
Recently, I met with my colleagues in the region to discuss the viability of the second season of APAC for our HS students. The decision and communication from APAC is included in the CoCurricular section of today’s Tin Tuc. In short, there will be no international tournaments for the second season which is typically scheduled in February. 

AQI Measures
This past week, we began to see an increase in the AQI throughout Hanoi and on campus. Our response to elevated AQI can be viewed here. This past summer, additional filtration systems were added to all classrooms to keep our indoor spaces safe for our students and staff and these are monitored daily. 

Enjoy your weekend,

New Canteen Guidelines Unveiled

We are delighted to share with the community that our food services plan has received the green light from local authorities.

Starting Monday, October 5, 2020, we will offer a hot lunch service in the canteen. Extensive modifications have been made to the canteen to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff. Partitions have been introduced to help safeguard students while eating. These partitions will be disinfected between each use. 

Please encourage your child to follow these precautionary measures put in place for their protection:

  • Wash or disinfect hands when both entering/ leaving canteen
  • Use the grade specific serving line and seating area
  • Observe social distancing rules during the serving line
  • Return to the same seat after refills.

It is also important to note, the following:

  • Discovery, K1 and K2 students will still eat in their classrooms
  • The Middle and High School students will eat at separate times
  • The salad bar is not available to students currently
  • Microwaves will be available for use and cleaned regularly
  • Additional cleaning staff will be on duty in the canteen
  • Students will need their ID’s in order to purchase lunch. Please remember to add money to their accounts.

To view next week’s menu, please visit the Canteen page on the Parent Portal. 

Help Us Help Others! Donate Food and Clothes

Service Learning activities are in full swing at UNIS Hanoi! Led by students in the Secondary School, UNIS Hanoi’s Service Learning projects are geared towards making a difference to communities in meaningful ways. This week, two Service Learning groups launched drives.

Can you help?

The Huong La Food Drive

 Huong La is an orphanage a few hours away from UNIS Hanoi. Many of the children  in the orphanage struggle with physical and mental disabilities, primarily cerebral palsy. The children are cared for by a group of nuns, who live with them in the orphanage. During this pandemic, it has been incredibly difficult to care for the children, and they are experiencing a food shortage. As a result, the Huong La Service Group will be hosting a food drive to help the children of this orphanage from October 5!

The food drive will be a continuous event throughout next week. We will be accepting non-perishables such as rice, beans, nuts, etc. There will be a drop-off point outside Mr. Campbell’s office, B5 – G18, and one in the elementary office. We would greatly appreciate any donations of food, and we hope the UNIS community can come together to help people in need. Thank you in advance for your generosity. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact

From the Huong La Leadership Team


The Helping Hands Clothes Drive

The Helping Hands Service Learning Group has launched a Clothes Drive for Sapa Students. As the weather gets colder, these students must have warm clothes to bear the winter.

Please donate clothes (B5 G18 Service Learning Office) in good condition for the children following the guidelines below:

  1. Please donate clothes for children aged 5-10
  2. Please try to donate winter clothes
  3. Please do not donate any shoes, underwear or socks.
  4. Please classify the clothes into types – pants, shirts, boy clothes, girl clothes etc…
  5. Please donate clothes that are in GOOD CONDITION.

Thank you!