Submit Social Justice Ideas by October 15

Thinking about Social Justice? The Human Rights Club’s “Between the Lines” wants your thoughts!

“Between the Lines” is a journal published by UNIS’ Human Rights Club (HRC). We are new to UNIS Hanoi this year. The journal is intended to be a compilation of literary (poems, essays, reflections, think-pieces) and visual works (photos, artwork) in response to social issues, such as systemic racism, gender inequality, LGBTQ+ rights, self-determination and other related topics. 

The purpose of the journal is to give the UNIS Hanoi community (staff, students, and parents) who are engaged in social issues a place to share their thoughts in the form of their choice. 

Ultimately, we’d like to encourage everyone to reflect upon what social justice means to them. The HRC would like submissions from anyone in the community! The journal will be available online, and limited in print, on 11 November 2020, an international day of peace and armistice.  

If you would like your response to be featured in our first “Between the Lines”, send or share your work with Bella ( The deadline for the submissions is October 15. 

What should you write about or need inspiration for a photo collage or painting?

Here are a number of prompts you can consider:
What is social justice?
What does social justice mean to you?
In what ways could you be more socially just?
What does the absence of social justice look like?
What might a socially just world look like?
What can you (we) do to make the world more socially just?

Below is the poem ‘These barriers we create’ written by Pooja Banglorewala, a UNIS alumni, and a visual response created by Tuan in Grade 12. 

LOVE: This artwork reflects the idea that love knows no race or sex. Love is unconditional and undying, and that love will always win.

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