UNIS Hanoi Observes UN International Day of Peace

Faculty, students and staff wore blue and white on Monday as the school observed the United Nations International Day of Peace. Every year, September 21 is set aside by the UN General Assembly to call for a strengthening of peace among nations. At UNIS Hanoi, students in ECC practiced mindfulness through yoga sessions, while students in the Elementary School retold the tale of a Japanese girl called Sadako and discovered the meaning behind the 1000 origami peace cranes.

Our students cranes were installed in the library, and will remain an everyday reminder to the community about the UN’s work towards attaining world peace.

At the Diploma Level, the Global Politics class seized the opportunity to learn more about the United Nations and hold careful and critical conversations concerning the work of the UN, including a look at current UN Peacekeeping Operations. Guiding questions included:

  1. What is the value of the UN?
  2. What are the limitations, strengths & weaknesses of the UN?
  3. If we did not have the UN would we still need it?
  4. What is at stake with regards to addressing and answering these questions?
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