Join UNIS Hanoi’s Sustainability Committee

Want to help make UNIS Hanoi a more sustainable school? Now you can by joining our Sustainability Committee to help us on our journey.

What’s a Sustainable School?
A sustainable school practices and models sustainability in all aspects of its mission, governance, operation, its engagement and relationship with the outside community, and of course, its curriculum, teaching and learning processes. 

How can schools do this?
As places of learning, schools can help students understand our impact on the planet and how to effectively address the challenges we face. Solutions to the world’s current and future challenges may be found in our classrooms and schools. Already at UNIS Hanoi we have introduced recycled rainwater in some bathrooms, solar power panels in the Ly Thai To Building, reduction of single use plastic and many more energy efficient initiatives on campus.

The 2018-19 Sustainability Committee brainstorm ideas

In fact over the last two years, the UNIS Sustainability Committee has addressed all areas of school operations and worked to include sustainable solutions and improvements in our working environments, our physical well being, our professional development and our service learning groups. 

And the journey continues…

The sustainability committee is now developing realistic action plans for this year. If you are motivated to help us achieve our goals please register HERE. You will be contacted shortly before our next committee meeting.  

UNIS Hanoi lives our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring a balanced consideration of nature, economy, society, and wellbeing guides our choices and actions.

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